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The Growing Trend of Open Source in eLearning

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Open source technologies are spreading their way through learning communities to deliver products that are superior, more secure, and less costly. From textbooks, to tutoring services, to open-learning university models, more people are gaining access to high-quality learning and talent development opportunities. In this webinar we hone in on why leading organizations like Google, McDonalds and the US Department of Defense are choosing open source technologies to meet, and even exceed, their business objectives.

Watch this webinar for a keen understanding of how open source learning technologies will strengthen your organization, and more specifically, your learning and talent development departments.
Watch the webinar to learn more about:

• The growing trend of open source in learning technologies
• The top 5 benefits of open source technologies used in eLearning today
• The benefits of using an open source learning management system
• Case studies of leading organizations who use an open source LMS
• The ROI of an Open Source LMS

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The Growing Trend of Open Source in eLearning

  1. 1. Presenters: Brent Harvey & Sean Hougan The Growing Trend of Open Source in eLearning E M P O W E R T A L E N T
  2. 2. Sean Hougan Learning Design Specialist Brent Harvey Sales & Marketing VP Your Hosts
  3. 3. Totara & Moodle are 80% more cost effective Managed cloud hosting reduces your IT operating costs by more than 40% Over 12 years of experience and 600 customer implementations Lambda: Cloud Learning Management Experts
  4. 4. Your in Good Company
  5. 5. Today’s Topics 1. What is Open Source? A Brief History. 2. Why Leading Organizations Choose Open Source 3. The 4 Fastest Growing Open Source Learning Technologies 4. Bringing Open Source eLearning to your Organization 5. Q&A
  6. 6. Poll Question 1
  7. 7. “In production and development, open source as a development model promotes a universal access via a free license to a product's design or blueprint, and universal redistribution of that design or blueprint, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone” What is Open Source (Software)? Source: opensource.org
  8. 8. Brief History of Open Source Software 1980 UseNet 1983 GNU Project 1989 386BSD 1991 Linux 1993 Red Hat 1994 MySQL 1996 Apache 1998 Netscape 2004 Ubuntu Source: http://royal.pingdom.com/2010/01/15/the-9-most-important-events-in-open-source-history/
  9. 9. Why Leading Organizations Choose Open? Flexible, ownership, freedom to innovate, ease of customization, no vendor lock-in, your choice, support from a global community OPEN SOURCE LEARNING
  10. 10. Four Fastest Growing Open Source Learning Technologies: 1. Open Source Education Resources (OERs) 2. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 3. Open Badges 4. Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS) Open Source Learning Technologies
  11. 11. • UNESCO: Freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media useful for teaching, learning, accessing and researching Textbooks Learning guides & workbooks Videos and audio recordings Courses Open Source Education Resources (OERs)
  12. 12. “A textbook licensed under open copyright license, and made available online to be freely used by students, teachers and members of the public.” Open Text Books
  13. 13. • A massive open online course with the goal to provide quality and accessible education to all • MOOCs contain: 1. Filmed Lectures 2. Readings 3. Problem Sets 4. Interactive Forums MOOCS
  14. 14. • Digital badge: an online record that identifies your achievements • Open badge: • Allows learners to gain badges from multiple credible organizations • Can be displayed wherever and with whomever online Open Badges
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  16. 16. • A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery e- learning education courses or training programs. • Organizations such as Moodle and Totara LMS have created an LMS with open source code Open Source Learning Management Systems
  17. 17. Moodle: Market Leader • 54,000 registered Moodle sites • 68 million users worldwide • Robust open-source platform • Supported by a global community—138 Million forum posts • Over 500 plugins • Highly flexible
  18. 18. • Benefit from the powerful backbone of Moodle with additional features tailored for corporate eLearning – Hierarchies – Audiences – Competencies – Learning Plans – Performance Management – Performance Review/Appraisals Totara LMS for Corporate eLearning
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  21. 21. • Please ask questions in the chat box Questions