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System Center Operation Manager and Veeam MP Better Together

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System Center Operation Manager, Veeam MP, SCOM 2016

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System Center Operation Manager and Veeam MP Better Together

  1. 1. Lai Yoong Seng System Engineers (ASEAN) | Veeam Software yoongseng.lai@veeam.com Veeam SE Summit- SCOM & Veeam MP
  2. 2. Hybrid Cloud Azure & vCloud Air Planning and manage backups
  3. 3. System Requirement
  4. 4. Install SCOM Install OM Agent on Hyper-V Host Configure OM Agent to Allow Proxy Install Veeam MP Configure Veeam MP Quick Configuration System Center Operation Manager & Veeam MP for Hyper-V
  5. 5. Veeam MP for Hyper-V
  6. 6. Screenshot
  7. 7. Screenshot
  8. 8. Screenshot : Veeam UI Note:- • Access via http://<web server>:4430 • Must install Operation Manager agents • Set Hyper-V host has proxy enabled Enable/Disable Monitoring -> check & uncheck resources Update monitored Host ->to force discovery
  9. 9. Screenshot: Morning Coffee Dashboard
  10. 10. Screenshot : Topology View Compute Network Storage
  11. 11. Screenshot : State View A set of state views is available in view subfolders, showing the state and properties of discovered Hypervisor infrastructure components and services
  12. 12. Screenshot: Performance View A set of performance views is available in view subfolders, showing the performance of discovered Hypervisor cluster, hosts and virtual machines.
  13. 13. Screenshot:- Analysis Dashboard In-context Analysis Dashboards help you quickly drill down into the root cause of a problem and speed the troubleshooting process.
  14. 14. Screenshot : Top Dashboard Top dashboards show top virtual infrastructure objects for resource usage
  15. 15. Screenshot : Heatmap Dashboard Heatmap dashboards compare two dimensions of performance metric values for objects and represent data as a heatmap. Heatmap objects are represented both by size of each heatmap tile, and by the color of each tile. • VMs are grouped by host • Tile size = first metric or property • Tile color = second metric or proper
  16. 16. Screenshot: Capacity Planning Capacity planning dashboards allow you to forecast the resource utilization for Hyper- V infrastructure objects.To calculate future performance values,Veeam MP analyzes historical performance data for the specified period in the past, calculates the performance utilization trend and applies this trend to the forecast horizon. Note: For Cluster *
  17. 17. Problem:- Task Manager on host not showing real value Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V
  18. 18. Alerts & Knowledge Base Knowledge Base –Hyper-V
  19. 19. Configuration
  20. 20. Personalizing Veeam Dashboard Widget Morning Coffee Dashboard Top Dashboard
  21. 21. Personalizing Veeam Dashboard Widget Heatmap Dashboard Capacity Planning Dashboard
  22. 22. • All thresholds can be modified using overrides, created in the Ops Mgr console in the usual way. Overriding Performance Analysis Monitor
  23. 23. Creating Veeam Dashboard Widget
  24. 24. Veeam MP for Vmware
  25. 25. Alerts & Knowledge Base Knowledge Base –Vmware
  26. 26. Veeam MP for Backup & Replication
  27. 27. Data Collection
  28. 28. Screenshot : Veeam
  29. 29. Reports
  30. 30. Veeam Hyper-V Report
  31. 31. • This report pack contains valuable reports for analyzing and optimizing your Hyper-V environment, for example right- sizing VMs, finding Idle VMs, finding mis-used and over- provisioned storage Veeam Hyper-V Analysis Reports
  32. 32. This report pack includes reports that help you to analyze health and performance of virtual infrastructure objects, evaluate the efficiency of resource utilization and optimize VMs' resource provisioning. Veeam Hyper-V Capacity Planning Reports
  33. 33. Veeam Capacity Planning for Hybrid Cloud
  34. 34. Hybrid Cloud capacity planning
  35. 35. Troubleshooting
  36. 36. Troubleshooting
  37. 37. Troubleshooting
  38. 38. What’s New in SCOM 2016?
  39. 39. What’s New? • • • • •
  40. 40. Resources https://www.veeam.com/management-pack-system-center- resources.html
  41. 41. Thank You