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Rebuilding LawHelpMN.org

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Electric Citizen partnered with the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition to redesign the statewide legal services website, LawHelpMN.org. The new site is set to launched in January 2019 https://www.lawhelpmn.org/, We will demonstrate how we developed a platform to serve a statewide network of legal service providers, while providing powerful new online tools to serve low-income Minnesotans in need of legal aid.

Content includes:

• Planning and technology behind the new online “triage” tools, guiding users to service providers, legal materials and online intake

• Planning and technology behind online tools for legal service providers management

• How we utilized open-source tools to create a powerful editing experience and multi-lingual environment

• User testing, what we learned

• Tips for managing the relationship between the client and web developer agency


Dan Moriarty, Creative Director at Electric Citizen

Tim Broeker, Technical Director at Electric Citizen

J. Singleton, Legal/Technology Projects Manager at MN Legal Services

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Rebuilding LawHelpMN.org

  1. 1. Rebuilding LawHelpMN.org Electric Citizen & MN Legal Services Coalition
  2. 2. Dan Moriarty CEO & Creative Director Electric Citizen Tim Broeker Technical Director Electric Citizen Jennifer Singleton Program Manager MN Legal Services Today’s Presenters
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover LawHelpMN.org ● Legal resource tools ● Legal “triage” online application ● Legal service providers tools ● Multilingual environment ● Projects phases ● User testing ● Relationship between client and vendor ● How we manage the big rocks
  4. 4. About Agency Electric Citizen The agency behind the redesign (aka “vendor”) ● Minneapolis agency since 2012 ● Focus on civic sector (government, higher ed, nonprofits, arts, science) ● Open-source advocates, Drupal experts ● ElectricCitizen.com
  5. 5. About Client Minnesota Legal Services Coalition Project of the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition (MLSC), an association of seven Minnesota regional legal services programs ● Mission: to improve access to justice for all Minnesotans by providing information, connections and tools for the public and advocates
  6. 6. Need for the Project
  7. 7. Justice for All Strategic Planning Project Goal: To work toward a system where everyone has: Access to Effective assistance For their essential civil legal needs Through a comprehensive approach That provides a continuum of meaningful and appropriate services
  8. 8. Fact sheets Other resources Online DIY forms LiveHelp Clinics MN Legal Advice Online Self-help center or law library ADR Referrals & online intake to legal aid
  9. 9. A quick note about rocks
  10. 10. Little Rocks vs the Big Ones
  11. 11. Big Rocks What are our biggest deliverables 1. Resource Library 2. Triage 3. Provider Tools 4. Multilingual 5. Plus a. Refresh design b. Security and privacy c. Intake d. SMS integration e. User Feedback
  12. 12. Rock #1: Resource Library
  13. 13. Resource Library Planning What was available? What problems are we trying to solve? ● Make finding resources easier ● Reduce unused content, complex structures ● Improved search tools ● Visually refresh ROCK #1
  14. 14. Resource Library How did we get from there to here? ROCK #1
  15. 15. Resource Library: Top Goals ● Users may be facing emergency, and they should be able to quickly and efficiently find information ● Explore featuring a primary resource, (e.g. fact sheet) for each topic. ● Encourage users to explore related content ● Use labels that are easy for users to understand. ROCK #1
  16. 16. Resource Library Steps to Improve 1. Audit all “types” of resources. a. What do each of them DO? b. Can we pair them down? 2. Define terms we are using 3. How should users find results? Define top goals 4. How should we display them? What is the user experience? 5. Wireframe new pages ROCK #1
  17. 17. Resource Library How to simplify choices?
  18. 18. Resource Wireframes ● Reorganizing resources into new Self Help section ● Simplify listing of resources ● Priortize content
  19. 19. Resource Mockups ● New visual language ● Increase legibility ● Chunking content ROCK #1
  20. 20. Rock #2: Triage
  21. 21. Triage Planning Goals How do we guide users to the EXACT legal help they need? 1. Present topics, and ask a series of questions in a logic tree 2. Depending on answers, lead the user to specific, recommended providers AND/OR resource materials 3. Make it fast and easy to use (for users and editors) ROCK #2
  22. 22. Challenges ● More than 300 legal topic IDs ● Across 12 legal categories ● With 1,000+ legal prompts ● Jump Points ● Optional Jump Points ● Domestic abuse warnings ● Resources plus Services ● Intake process (pilot version) ● User experience
  23. 23. Triage Outcomes ● Powerful tools for users that gives relevant results ● Easy to manage and change ● A good, fast user experience ● SMS/Email integrations ● Online intake expansions ROCK #2
  24. 24. Triage Outcomes ROCK #2
  25. 25. Triage Outcomes ROCK #2
  26. 26. Rock #3: Provider Tools
  27. 27. Provider Tools Planning Goals How we can more effectively connect and serve our providers? How can they help us to: ● Create advanced, effective search tools for providers ● Allow providers to update their own data ● Include clinics, FPG data, location, hours, contact data ● How can get provider buy-in? ROCK #3
  28. 28. Challenges ● Complex data (Organizations, Locations, Services) ● How to build an effective, easy interface ● How to get user buy in ● Lack of initial planning (we thought it would be easy!) ● This turned out to be one of the more important and difficult elements of the project
  29. 29. Provider Tool Outcomes ● An easy to manage dashboard for providers ● Effective search interface ● Detailed information at your fingertips ● Shares data with Triage tool ● Ongoing goal to increase active usage ROCK #2
  30. 30. Provider Tool Outcomes ● An easy to manage dashboard for providers ● Effective search interface ● Detailed information at your fingertips ● Shares data with Triage tool ● Ongoing goal to increase active usage ROCK #2
  31. 31. Provider Tool Outcomes ● An easy to manage dashboard for providers ● Effective search interface ● Detailed information at your fingertips ● Shares data with Triage tool ● Ongoing goal to increase active usage ROCK #2
  32. 32. Rock #4: Multilingual
  33. 33. Multilingual Planning Goals How can we make the site content available to the widest possible audience? ● Define which languages to use ● Define which content to translate ● Who will translate all of the content? When? ROCK #4
  34. 34. Challenges ● Making translations as easy as possible for editors to manage. ● Allow for translations over time ● Managing translations for hundreds of custom strings in Twig, JS and configuration. ● Non-standard Hmong language required a culturally sensitive custom url prefix. ROCK #4
  35. 35. Multilingual Editing ROCK #2
  36. 36. Multilingual Outcomes 1. Full interface translation 2. Full content translations * 3. 4 languages (English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali) 4. Flexible translation options for the team https://www.electriccitizen.com/citizen-blog/mastering-drupal- 8-multilingual-part-1-3 ROCK #2
  37. 37. Other Rocks & Project Phases
  38. 38. Other Rocks We began our project with multiple rocks. Some had to be left behind, or moved to a future phase. 1. Resource Library 2. Triage 3. Provider Tools 4. Multilingual 5. Plus a. Refresh design b. Security and privacy c. Intake d. SMS integration e. User Feedback
  39. 39. Project Phase: Strategy and Analysis
  40. 40. Strategy and Analysis How we begin 1. Define project goals and outcomes (including rocks) 2. How can we measure success? 3. Plan and Understand a. Sitemap b. Competitive analysis c. Creative brief
  41. 41. Sitemap How to organize content ● Audit previous site ● Consider terminology ● Simplify ● Menus ● Taxonomy
  42. 42. Sitemap, original
  43. 43. Sitemap, revised
  44. 44. Sitemap, revised
  45. 45. Competitive Analysis What are others doing? ● Looking at other legal help sites ● What works? What does not? ● How do they organize content? ● How do they work in the context of what we’re trying to do
  46. 46. Creative Brief Roadmap for the design and build ● Problems to Solve ● Key Messages ● Siteflow ● MVP ● Measuring Success
  47. 47. MVP At a minimum, the site must offer a triage system and a provider portal. The site must have multilingual options to allow the client to provide content in additional languages besides English, and a resource library for self-help content. ROCKS!
  48. 48. UX and Design
  49. 49. UX and Design Notes from the RFP: - Design should be“clear, friendly and bright, and official” - Use existing branding - Trustworthy - Better general UX - Mobile-friendly - Accessible
  50. 50. Wireframes Start to visualize layout ● Identify fields required ● Page priorities ● Content hierarchy ● Mobile to desktop ● Unstyled mockups
  51. 51. Design Direction
  52. 52. Mockups Wireframes+design direction = page mockups
  53. 53. Meeting Accessibility Guidelines How We Test - Audit Site - Automated Tools (WAVE, aXE) - Manual Testing
  54. 54. User Testing
  55. 55. How to Conduct User Testing Define Tests ● LOON ● Triage ● Website (overall) ● Mobile experience Find Users ● Advertise to clients ● Volunteer providers ● Offer incentives
  56. 56. User Testing Results Results of testing ● Adjustments to UX ● Tweak tools ● Identify bugs Sample Comments ● “Unclear what county Burnsville is in” ● “User interface easy to use and the site clean and user-friendly” ● “Users went through the ‘Find a Lawyer’ path just fine, but it’s not clear if to them if that’s what they should chose, or if they should choose “Self Help Resources”. ● “Users impressed with the amount of content on site”
  57. 57. Project Results
  58. 58. The new LawHelpMN.org launched on 01/31/19
  59. 59. Visits to LawHelpMN in 2018 vs. 2019
  60. 60. Progress Through LawHelpMN Guide
  61. 61. Top Pages Visited 1. Rights & Responsibilities of Unmarried Parents 2. Homepage 3. LawHelpMN Guide 4. LawHelpMN Guide - initial questions 5. Termination of Parental Rights
  62. 62. Post Launch Work Phase 2 ● More advanced analytics ● SMS/email options ● Additional intake options ● Ongoing support and maintenance (10 hours per month)
  63. 63. Questions?