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Target Groups of Prospective Students

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Offer LRAP to targeted segments of your student prospect population to address cost concerns or uncertainty about student loan debt after graduation. Students who are not stressed about debt are more likely to enroll. Read these case studies to find out more.

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Target Groups of Prospective Students

  1. 1. INTERESTED? LRAP.ORG LRAP is customizable to your enrollment goals. Many institutions market their loan repayment assistance program to pre-qualified groups of students, enabling the college to reach students and families who need the reassurance LRAP provides. Other partners use LRAP as a creative solution for specific areas of enrollment emphasis. Examples include: TARGET GROUPS OF STUDENTS WHO NEED LRAP TO ENROLL Students who aren’t stressed about debt are more likely to enroll. • Offer LRAP to high-need students entering majors or programs with lower than average starting salaries. • LRAP can help retain current students in these programs, as well. • Use LRAP to address concerns about cost and/or student and parent debt. • Because LRAP covers PLUS loans, it provides peace of mind to students and parents. • Offer LRAP to transfer students who express concerns about cost and student debt. • Help overcome the “price and loan shock” of the transition to a private institution. • LRAP acts as an additional “award,” encouraging students to respond and engage. • Target LRAP to students who have not engaged within desired date range (for example, no response for 30 days). • Market LRAP publicly to a targeted population of prospective students interested in certain programs. • Offering the additional incentive of LRAP publicly can help increase yield and program enrollment. • After a date of your choosing, make LRAP available to your funnel (all non-deposits). • Help students/parents off the fence without repackaging. • Stay true to your “best and final” aid offer while adding value. MARIAN UNIVERSITY I n d i a n a p o l i s OFFER LRAP TO PROSPECTS IN CERTAIN MAJORS OR PROGRAMS OFFER LRAP TO INCOMING TRANSFER STUDENTS WITH DEBT CONCERNS MARKET LRAP PUBLICLY TO A TARGETED POPULATION PROVIDE LRAP TO INCOMING FRESHMEN WITH DEBT CONCERNS USE LRAP WITH UNRESPONSIVE PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS OFFER LRAP TO ALL NON-DEPOSITS 46 additional students. RESULTS 41 additional transfer students over 2 years. RESULTSRESULTS 20 additional students. RESULTS 22 additional students. 80 students enrolled with LRAP. RESULTS 17 additional students. RESULTS