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POCT provides home-based rapid and user-friendly health monitoring solutions for veterinary sector.

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  1. 1. Central Node: Satellite Nodes: POCT We provide home-based rapid and user-friendly health monitoring solutions. Kadamb Patel Research Scientist, Temasek Polytechnic Dr.Amaladoss Anburaj Lecturer Temasek Polytechnic Joshua Lim LLP MENTOR Dr. Angad Rao Entrepreneur Lead Mariam Aloyanova MSc. Entrepreneur Lead Number of interviews: 50
  2. 2. 2 Product Technology Video
  3. 3. Human POC Diagnostic • Highly competitive • Expensive clinical trials 01 Poultry Industry 03 Veterinary Industry • Possibility to grow • Existing market for POC 02 Market Research Areas • Research & Discovery 3
  4. 4. 01 02 Customer Journey – Value Added 4 Returns home 01 02 03 0504 Visits the Vet for a check up Buys prescribed medication Visits Vet/ Calls the Vet home 1.1 Gets the medication from the pharmacy Stays at home 1.2 1.3 o Save your time o No need to rush to the Vet o Take control of the situation
  5. 5. Market Research 12 3 3 15 12 5 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 CALLS E-MAILS IN-PERSON DISTRIBUTION METHODS VETERINARINS PET OWNERS Singapore 34% Malaysia 28% India 7% Europe 21% America 10% DEMOGRAPHICS 5
  6. 6. Value Proposition Canvas Pains Jobs Gains Delay in treatment Loss of quality time Lab tests are expensive Greater sample volume Initial screening Non-lab setting Health monitoring Early stage disease identification Reduction in lab/vet visit Easy monitoring Quick results Pain reliever Product Gain creator Sensitive rapid onsite test Customizable Immediate results Cost - convenient Paper based rapid POC Diagnostic platform SupportS several tests For symptoms requiring constant observation Convenience of home use 6
  7. 7. 7 Pet Owner - Insights Pet Owners are scared to do any kind of blood test themselves. Most of them have not experienced doing the tests at home. They may like to use POC only for chronic condition that requires frequent testing by Veterinarian. Even if they would do the test at home, they would still go to the Vet to make sure everything is all right. Travel inconvenience, time and money spent at the veterinary is not an issue. They tend to call a Vet home in case of an emergency. They trust Vets as they provide more than just treatment of the disease, they also provide supplement.
  8. 8. Veterinarian - Insights 8 Vets are using rapid diagnostics in their practice Ex: SNAP by IDEXX, Zoetis. Except glucose they feel most tests need vet visit and recommendations. Results of most diagnostic tests are available within an hour. Do not promote self medication of pets. POC tests are incomplete by themselves. Diagnosis requires several complementary tests.
  9. 9. Veterinary Market 9 Vets do not prescribe rapid tests to pet owners Key Findings & Validation Time is not a pain point for the Vet nor pet owner Several existing providers of rapid tests are very reliable Home testing is not valuable for pet owners Pet Owners are not willing to do a blood test on the animal Location scale Malaysia Singapore, India, Europe, USA Reason The product would NOT be valued by the target group
  10. 10. Poultry Market - Validation 10 Key Findings & Validation Location scale: Singapore Reason: There are very strict restrictions set up by government Suggestion: Further research of the Poultry market in other countries Poultry farms do NOT need POC diagnostics AVS/SFA provides free testing in Singapore No. of interviews: 2