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Ninja Track

Ninja Track is a belt shaped object which possesses the capacity to alter its flexibility and hence strength. It consists at its modular level - a composition of two parts - the vertical hinges and horizontal hinges. When flat, Ninja Track is fluid and wavy. When the user folds it at the horizontal hinges, Ninja Track becomes a rigid stick.

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Ninja Track

  1. 1. Ninja Track A total-wellness solution for working professionals to improve posture and health
  2. 2. Team Nikhil Kapur EL, MBA Keith Tay EL, Tech Ellen Do PI, Director, CUTE Yuichiro Katsumoto PI, Dy. Director, CUTE Margaret Ong Neo Kok Beng Fabian Lim Daniel Leong
  3. 3. 50% of our waking life is now spent in front of screens Average Singaporean works 2307 hours a year
  4. 4. 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point of their lives 1 out of 4 people in US suffer from chronic back pain as we speak
  5. 5. “I stretch” “I get up and walk a little” “When I can remember” “If I have the time” “Not sure whether I am doing it right”
  6. 6. Ninja Track Posture Tracking Exercise Alerts Fitness Tracking Social Connect
  7. 7. NinjaTrack Products Products Foot Sole – Weight Distribution System Belt – Motion Sensing System Mobile App – Analytics Engine Stage of Development Prototype in Progress
  8. 8. Market Size Age 25-35 Income $50,000+ p.a. Problem 8 hours on PC Acute back problems Motivation Work before Health Tech Friendliness High Influencers Friends/Doctor Exercise Regime Irregular (once/twice a week) Target Features Posture Tracking, Step Count, Calorie Go-to-Market e-Journals (Tech-in-Asia), e-Retailers (Courts)
  9. 9. Market Size Potential Market Size $400mn Crowdfund for Lumo Lift $1mn Back-pain treatment in US $23bn
  10. 10. The Journey 10 weeks 60 interviews 8 countries Customers Experts Major Pivot
  11. 11. BMC - RHS
  12. 12. BMC - LHS
  13. 13. BMC - Bottom $100 - $150 per unit 4mn devices potential market $50 per unit Material, Payroll, Marketing
  14. 14. Competition Stridalyzer Upright Lumo Release April 2015 Jun 2015 Released Price $75 $89 $100 Sales $30K $ 150 K $1 M Focus - Running Posture - Activity - Posture - Posture - Activity USP Run Tracking Vibration Lower Back Posture Coaching Fashionable Tech Gap No Walking Posture Recommendations Adhesive Bulky Magnet Clasp fails Highly Targeted Tech Accelerometer + Strain Gauge Accelerometer + Strain Gauge Algos Sensor (Unknown)
  15. 15. NinjaTrack A total-wellness solution for working professionals to improve posture and health. Towards a better life. Contact us at: nikhil.kapur@u.nus.edu, keithtayzs@gmail.com
  16. 16. LLP Day 1 Ninja Track Hinge Design Applications Entertainment? Fitness? Health?
  17. 17. LLP Journey Week 1 No Problem-Solution Fit Week 2 Problem Identified: Back Pain No Problem-Solution Fit Week 5 Solution Identified: Posture Tracking No Product-Market Fit Week 7 Product-Market Fit
  18. 18. Interviews 74% 9% 17% Working Professionals Students Experts
  19. 19. Key Lessons Solve the customer problem Find a BeachHead No Age Demographics Employ Lean Methods It’s fine to Pivot