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Traditional Vs Modern Selling

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TECH Connect S2017 - Social Selling Workshop session by Apurva Chamaria, Vice-President & Head - Corporate Marketing, HCL Technologies

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Traditional Vs Modern Selling

  1. 1. Apurva Chamaria Vice President & Head – Corporate Marketing HCL Technologies Session 1 - Traditional Vs Modern Selling #inTC17 Social Selling 101 Workshop: Your Sales Strategy for the Digital Age
  2. 2. India is Becoming Digital India jumps 30 places in the ease global ease of doing buisness index 75 % of Millennial like to work remotely and are available on mobile 24x7 E-commerce in India has shown 3x growth on a YoY basis Spend on Digital India in 5 years will be Rs1.13 trillion Indians on avarage spend 34 % of their time on Search, Social and Messaging 80% of India’s web traffic is from Mobile devices Source : Forbes Deloitte Gen Y Survey Mary Meeker India Internet trends Adobe 2016 Work In progress report
  3. 3. The Indian CxO’s Priorities are Changing Source: PWC - 20th CEO Survey Being Fit for Growth 81% of CxOs think that it is important for them to have digital skills They are confident of their growth prospects and are transforming to keep up Creating a strategy that works in a digital world Bringing together man and machine
  4. 4. Indians believe mobiles make them productive at work 93% of business users prefer apps to access social media from their mobiles 88% of Millennial are connected 24X7. They are leading India’s Smartphone revolution 84% The Indian Workforce behaviour is also changing Source : Deloitte Gen Y Survey Mary Meeker India Internet trends Adobe 2016 Work In progress report
  5. 5. 46% of the workforce is made of Millennial. 84% of Millennial are connected 24X7. 75 % of Millennial would like to work from home thus digital mediums work best to reach out to them. Anatomy of a Millennial Decision Maker LI is a multichannel tool for Millennial . This integrates email, meeting, calendar, file- sharing, IM, social update, and video-chats. Millennial judge the performance of a business on what it does. 6 in 10 judge quality of its products over anything. Meet Ankit !
  6. 6. But Our Sales Approach Remains The Same...
  7. 7. A traditional salesperson works on effort intensive sales pitch which focuses on a quick return in a short period of time Focused on the sale Anatomy of Indian Salesperson Relies on cold calling Hard push strategy with a sales script Unreliable Data and Intelligence Lets call this person Rohan !
  8. 8. There is no prize in sales for second place. It’s win or nothing. The masters know this and strive for – they fight for - that winning edge.
  9. 9. PlanningWhat is the Missing Puzzle Piece? Listening & Advising Problem Solving Planning Listening & Advising Problem Solving
  10. 10. A perspective Who will win the Sales Battle
  11. 11. Anatomy of a Social Salesperson High Initial Investment Establishes a professional brand online Hard push statergy to the sales messaging Finds the right prospects and customers Rely on Cold calling Builds trusted, professional relationships Random Contacts Depends on Intelligence - Engages with Insights Meet Shreya !
  12. 12. Social selling expands on the age-old basics of getting to know your customers and meeting their needs. This is what Shreya believes
  13. 13. In the sales world, ABC stood for always be closing. Now, ABC means always be connecting, because your connections lead to your next hire, your next job, your next lead, and your next close. Jill Rowley Social Selling Evangelist Shreya is very active on social media. She actively connects to people on LinkedIn She is an active participant in her industry. This leads to more inquiries from prospects. #SellLikeShreya
  14. 14. Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers that don’t. Seth Godin Founder of Squidoo.com Shreya find and connect with prospects online She often talks to them online and understands their needs first She only meets highly interested prospects Her leads have a much higher conversion rate #SellLikeShreya
  15. 15. Listening is the new prospecting John Jantsch Author of “Duct Tape Selling” Shreya often shares relevant industry content with her network . She comments on news alert, she also actively connects with industry leaders People trust her because they think she has relevant insights This leads to more opportunities. #SellLikeShreya
  16. 16. Help the people in your network. And let them help you Reid Hoffman Co-Founder of LinkedIn Shreya is very helpful on social media She often shares her perspective and provides relevant information to people She focuses on the needs of her prospects first and selling second People trust her #SellLikeShreya
  17. 17. How to Start Social Selling Identify personas Crafting a Messages for Maximum Impact Creating, collating & Publishing content Identifying the prospects Listening to topics that interest the prospects Approaching a Prospect
  18. 18. More likely to get Promoted Gain in YoY Revenue More likely to Exceed Sales Quota 16% 2x 51%The Sales Transformation Report by Aberdeen Group LinkedIn Report on Social Selling 2013 LinkedIn Report on Social Selling 2013 Sales professionals using social selling have the following:
  19. 19. Any Questions? Thanks