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The Expertise You Don't Know You Have


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The Expertise You Don't Know You Have

  1. 1. The expertise you don’t know you have Your best assets are just down the hall Catherine Fisher Director, Corporate Communications LinkedIn @cafisher #inTC14
  2. 2. Professional mindset is ideal for brand education and content “Spend Time” “Invest Time” Personal Networks Professional Networks Career info Updates on brands Industry trends Source: Mindset Divide Research, TNS, September 2012 Info on friends Personal interests Entertainment updates 1 2 3
  3. 3. The manifestation of the “professional mindset”… Trending topics on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Invest Time Spend Time LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Leadership Billy Ray Cyrus #IfIwaswhite *Trending in the US 2/12/2014
  4. 4. Creating a great profile
  5. 5. So, why is it important for your employees to have great LinkedIn profiles?
  6. 6. LinkedIn as the definitive publishing platform
  7. 7. Member Publishing Platform
  8. 8. Humanize your brand with senior execs and thought leaders at your company
  9. 9. In fact… some of your employees are already posting
  10. 10. Identifying thought leaders in your organization Already speaking externally SME on a specific topic Profile views (How You Rank) Active content creators, using social media
  11. 11. Lay the Groundwork: Social Media Guidelines Recipe for success Empowering Concise Values-based Evolving
  12. 12. Make it easy for employees to get started Your employees are 70% more likely to engage with company page posts
  13. 13. Case Studies
  14. 14. 1 Fisher & Phillips, LLP ! Drove client engagement and built stronger relationships with current/past clients. 9X Increase in total engagements with Fisher & Phillips brand on LinkedIn. #1 Most relevant voice on LinkedIn among 8 top competitors. Up from #5 prior to publishing content.
  15. 15. 29X Increase in total engagements with Applico brand on LinkedIn 260 New followers driven to Applico authors #1 Most relevant voice on LinkedIn among 8 other competitors Applico
  16. 16. 1 Symantec 1M+ Impressions generated from Sponsored Posts 73% Increase in total engagements with Symantec brand on LinkedIn. #1 Most relevant voice with IT DMs, up from #3 on LinkedIn among top 5 competitors

Notas do Editor

  • Moment in time on February 12th -
  • This example is a small Small company, with fewer than 400 employees with LinkedIn profiles. BUT, they are generating more than 9,000 profile views a MONTH and have a unique network of nearly 130,000 first degree connections. Every profile view is a potential brand impression for your company when your employee has a great profile (or, doesn’t).
  • Of course, the first thing to ascertain is what they are trying to achieve and then choose the employees they know to be the best advocates, ambassadors and evangelists for the brand and the company.     

    Employees who get asked to speak externally or have other external validation (lists, articles, etc.) of their work and position
    A subject matter expert on a specific topic
    How these employees rank in HYR to show traffic to profile views
    Employees who already have their own blog and are active content creators
    Those employees with some existing social media acumen (a following on Twitter, leverages LinkedIn currently, etc.)
  • Objective
    Fisher & Phillips is a law firm that focuses it’s practice on labor and employment law for employers.
    A marketing objective is to use content to drive a larger share of voice in the marketplace, and drive
    awareness of their specialized expertise.
    1. Used Marketing Technology Manager as central hub for curation and editing.
    2. Identified 4 Lawyers and 2 SMEs to publish.
    3. Posted a total of 21 posts over first 6 weeks.
    4. Cross-promoted content on corporate channels as well as personal social  media accounts
    LinkedIn provides a great audience for professionals, such as attorneys in our case, who want to share knowledge and experience. The publishing platform is a great way for an attorney to quickly reach other professionals who have an interest or need in their area of practice.
    - Kevin L. Sullivan | CMO | Fisher & Phillips LLP
  • Objective: As a small platform consultant company competing in a market with much larger players, Applico needed to drive awareness in the marketplace by sharing their narrative. Also having just gone through an organizational re-brand, they saw original content creation as a means of re-positioning their value prop.
    Used Marketing Team as central hub for curation and editing
    Identified 7 externally facing SMEs to publish
    Posted a total of 15 posts over 2 months
    Cross-promoted content on corporate channels, company newsletter, as well as personal social media accounts
    Results: Helped drive 29X increase in total engagements with Applico brand on Linkedin. Drove 260 new followers to Applico authors. Jumped from #8 to #1 most relevant voice on Linkedin among 8 other competitors.

    [Publishing on Linkedin is] helping us close deals. We’ve had several potential clients tell us that one of our posts on LinkedIn has changed the way they think about their own business and made them want to work with Applico.
    - Alex Moazed | CEO | Applico Inc.


  • Objective:
    One of Symantec’s core objectives is to become the World’s Authority on Information Protection Security with IT Decision Makers.
    As a result, Symantec saw an opportunity to have their Executives and Subject Matter Experts publish on Linkedin. Recognizing
    a need to extend beyond their network to reach their desired audience, Symantec also Sponsored several posts to drive relevancy.
    1. Used Social Media Liaison to coordinate content.
    2. Identified 5 Sr. Leaders within organization to publish.
    3. Published 2-3 posts/person over 2 months.
    4. Leveraged Sponsored Updates on 8 posts to amplify content directly to IT DMs, recognizing need to extend beyond their network to reach desired audience.
    Publishing on Linkedin was a pivotal moment in showcasing not only our company re-branding efforts, but our thought leadership as the information protection authority”
    - Eric Stieg | Enterprise Social Strategy | Symantec