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Our First #SophisticatedMktg Winner Unpacks Her Swag Box

You might have noticed a recent influx of Sophisticated Marketer Aficionado laptop decal images floating through your Twitter and Instagram feeds. You might have even spotted a colleague or two with their physical decal placed neatly on their laptop for all to see. If so, it’s because hundreds of marketers have wisely decided to join the #SophisticatedMktg Movement (And you can too!)

One perk of joining is that you're automatically eligible to win a Sophisticated Swag Pack when you take to your social channels using #SophisticatedMktg and show us what being a Sophisticated marketer means to you.

Our first winner is Jessica Otero, Assistant Vice President, Social Media Manager at SunTrust who used the LinkedIn Publishing platform to share why she believes in the #SophisicatedMktg movement.

To better foster and add value to our #SophisticatedMktg community, we caught up with Jessica to see what insights she has to share with our marketing novices and mavens alike. Read on to see where she finds marketing inspiration, how LinkedIn fits into her overall marketing strategy and more.

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