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Masterclass: Exceed Your Demand Generation Goals

  1. Target | Convert | Measure Exceed Your Demand Gen Goals
  2. Angela Sonneborn Account Manager Jaemi Arevalo Senior Account Manager 2
  3. 1 2 3 4Target Convert Measure Putting it all together 5 The path to conversion 6 Q&A TODAY’S AGENDA
  4. Source: 2017 DemandWave State of B2B Digital Marketing report Generating quality leads & proving value are the greatest challenges marketers face 56% 16% Deliver quality leads & prove ROI Generating enough leads Producing quality content Securing staff & budget Not sure Other 14% 8% 5%1% WE ASKED MARKETERS What is your biggest digital marketing challenge? 4
  5. 55% 44% 39% 37% Source: “Cracking the Code of Sales & Marketing Alignment” report, InsideView, July. 2016 Better-quality leads Sales expects marketing to drive better-quality leads More leads Competitive information/intelligence Brand awareness WE ASKED SALES What do you want most from marketing? 5
  6. What we’re hearing from our Lead Gen Partners 90% of pilot partners beat their cost-per-lead (CPL) goals with LinkedIn’s New Features Reported lower CPLs The quality of leads are what customers say they value most: LinkedIn’s professional audience and accurate profile data help them collect leads that are more likely to convert into qualified prospects or sales opportunities Quality counts 6
  7. Exceed your demand gen objectives with LinkedIn Target Convert Measure Matched Audiences (retargeting, ABM, CRM) 1st party user- identified data Lead Gen Forms Insight Tag Conversion Tracking Web Analytics Reporting on sales/marketing overlap* 7
  8. TARGET 8
  9. Think about your buying committee for targeting best practices 1 MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2,3 LinkedIn, IT Committee Research 2015: Beneath the Surface 4+ Functional groups involved in each stage of the buying process 2 to 4 Pieces of content are consumed at each stage of the process 80% of a B2B purchase decision is made before contacting a sales rep The Buying Committee is more complex than ever, is self-educated and self-directed. IMPLICATION 9
  10. LinkedIn ad targeting options Reach qualified prospects with targeting based on the professional profile Company name Job title Member skills* Field of study Based on skills, endorsements and keywords in profile Company industry Job seniority* Member groups Degrees derived from Job title Company size Job function* Member age* Member schools derived from Job titlederived from Company Page derived from Company Page Derived by using the earliest degree Location Years of experience* Member gender* derived from start year and month of current roles derived from Member name 10
  11. Demographic data from the LinkedIn profile *Target the prospects you care about more by retargeting your website visitors, or matching your email contacts, account lists, marketing automation segments, against the LinkedIn audience Email contact targeting Website retargeting Account targeting Data integrations Our data + your data: Target the people most likely to become qualified leads 11
  12. Engage your website visitors on LinkedIn Use one tag for website retargeting and conversion tracking Bring your marketing automation segments or email lists into Campaign Manager Engage contacts you already know Target people who are more likely to convert with Matched Audiences Website Retargeting Email Contact Targeting Account Targeting 12 Combine the power of demographic targeting on LinkedIn with your target account list to engage the right people
  13. Matched Audiences better cost per conversion using website retargeting 6x higher conversion rates compared to regular Sponsored Content campaigns 4% 13 CASE STUDY
  14. Lead gen targeting Adopt a well-rounded targeting strategy Running a Matched Audiences campaign? Pair it with at least one other campaign that’s using only demographic targeting to reach a broader audience, convert new prospects, and deliver your budget faster. BEST PRACTICE 14
  15. Reach more people with the LinkedIn Audience Network and Audience Expansion Engage even more qualified prospects and discover new potential customers by activating the Audience Network and Audience Expansion on your campaigns. Lead gen targeting BEST PRACTICE 15
  16. Doing account-based marketing? Try LinkedIn account targeting LinkedIn account targeting lets you upload a list of thousands of companies and run ads to LinkedIn members who work at those firms. Lead gen targeting BEST PRACTICE Laptop screen area 16
  17. CONVERT 17
  19. Strangers Engagers Subscribers Leads Opportunities Customers Advocates Enjoyable, helpful, entertaining content that generates awareness and trust Content that helps buyers find you when they start looking for solutions Company-specific information to help evaluate and reaffirm selection Aligning Lead Gen Content to the Funnel 19
  20. Multi-Product Distribution Increased Success 0.46% 0.32% Click-through rate from Sponsored Content is higher than platform benchmarks for customers who ran Sponsored InMail concurrently for at least 2 weeks, targeting similar audiences at sufficient scale. 43% CTR for customers who run Sponsored InMail concurrently CTR benchmark 20
  21. Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed and in premium placements beyondSponsored Content CONVERT Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey on mobile, desktop, and tablet. 21
  22. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business CONVERT 22
  23. LinkedIn Text Ads Generate quality leads with an easy PPC solution CONVERT 23
  24. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Capture quality leads using forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data CONVERT Improve conversion rates on mobile Measure your ROI, including the specific audience segments you’re converting into leads Easily manage your leads: Download from LinkedIn or send to your CRM or marketing automation system 24
  25. Lead Gen Forms increase in conversion rates 2x reduction in cost-per-lead 44% “Traditional landing pages take people away from the LinkedIn platform. Having members stay in-app with Lead Gen Forms is a seamless user experience." Nik Love Digital Project Manager, IR Full case study here: 25 CASE STUDY
  26. Landing page: Ensure mobile-friendliness Form fields encouraged2-4 Average clicks driven by mobile70% Above the fold100% CASE STUDY 26 Not sure? Test on 3rd party to view rendering across devices
  27. 27 Landing page important foundation LinkedIn to help easily collect leads
  28. Convert people to quality leads BEST PRACTICE Use Lead Gen Forms to increase conversion rates Lead Gen Forms can get up to 3x better conversion rates than Sponsored Content driving traffic to advertiser landing pages with standard lead forms. 28
  29. Convert people to quality leads BEST PRACTICE Design your landing pages for mobile visitors 80% of engagement with Sponsored Content happens on mobile. Ensure your landing pages are mobile-optimized so you capture as many leads as possible on your site. FixDex 29
  30. Run multiple ad products Sponsored InMail campaigns get up to 37% higher click-through rates when running with Sponsored Content, sending more potential customers to your pages. Convert people to quality leads BEST PRACTICE 30
  31. MEASURE 31
  32. Track the lead metrics that matter most Cost per lead Cost per qualified lead Cost per acquisition, revenue per lead LinkedIn advertisers often pay less per qualified lead and new customer acquired compared to other ads platforms 32
  33. Measure leads and conversions from specific audiences: Understand your converting audiences Company name Industry Job function Seniority Geo Company size 33
  34. Improve conversion rates by tracking engagement throughout the funnel Using LinkedIn data, see the audiences that are engaging with and converting on different parts of your website. PILOTING SOON 34 PILOT
  35. Conversion Tracking CASE STUDY increase in CTR in the three months during campaign 2x overall lead-to-demo ratio, resulting in many sales-qualified opportunities 85% “It had been very complex for us to track performance. LinkedIn conversion tracking makes it easy.” Priyank Savla Digital Marketing Manager NetBrain Technologies Full case study here: 35
  36. Laptop screen area Measure lead quality and advertising ROI Add LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website The Insight Tag lets you measure conversions, site visitors, and other meaningful business data. BEST PRACTICE 36
  37. Measure lead quality and advertising ROI BEST PRACTICE Laptop screen area 37 Use conversion tracking Measure leads collected on your website with LinkedIn’s free native conversion tracking tool
  38. Use demographic analytics Ensure you’re converting the right people: Use LinkedIn’s campaign reporting to measure the types of segments you’re converting. Measure lead quality and advertising ROI BEST PRACTICE Laptop screen area 38
  39. 39 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER A step-by-step path to demand gen on LinkedIn
  40. TARGET CONVERT MEASURE 1 2 3 4 5 6 Target your ideal customer persona with accurate, profile-based demographic targeting. Target people likely to convert with Matched Audiences to engage people who’ve shown affinity for your brand; for example, website visitors. Publish content relevant to the professional mindset on mobile and desktop by leveraging Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads. Seamlessly collect leads using forms pre-filled with quality LinkedIn profile data: On your website with LinkedIn AutoFill, or directly in the LinkedIn app with Lead Gen Forms. Measure lead quality, return on ad spend, conversion rates, new site visitors acquired, and more using built-in campaign lead reporting and conversion tracking. Use campaign and website analytics to optimize your results for even greater impact Iterate and Improve 40
  42. FixDex There are many challenges associated with finding just the right target audience for your ad campaigns. You may have trouble delivering ads on a consistent basis, engaging new prospects, or you may have hit a “reach ceiling” and maxed out impressions that you’re eligible to serve to your target audience. 1 A LinkedIn member visits a brand’s website 42
  43. 2 The brand retargets site visitors with ads on LinkedIn 43
  44. 3 Member clicks on an ad and converts directly through the LinkedIn app using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms SCENARIO 1 44
  45. 3 The member clicks on an ad, arrives at brand’s site, converts through a form that’s pre-filled with LinkedIn data 45 SCENARIO 2
  46. 4 The brand measures the impact of their campaigns through LinkedIn’s ads platform, using the data to prove ROI and optimize their spend 46