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Making the Connected School a Reality

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Lindsey Edwards, Head of Product, Connected Enterprise at LinkedIn, unveils some of the exciting developments that will help higher education institutions better market their programs and services on the LinkedIn platform.

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Making the Connected School a Reality

  1. 1. #inEDU16 Making the Connected School a Reality How LinkedIn is Adapting its Platform for Higher Education Lindsey Edwards Head of Product LinkedIn Enterprise Solutions @linzedw
  2. 2. Five Major Trends Shaping the Future of Education
  3. 3. The less educated are being left behind of job growth in the recovery went to workers with more than a high school education 99% 0 Growth of jobs for those with a high school diploma or less since the economic recovery % 1 – America’s Divided Recovery: College Haves and Have-Nots, Georgetown University, Center on the Education and the Workforce
  4. 4. Two recoveries, one not so good 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 Dec 07 May 08 Oct 08 Mar 09 Aug 09 Jan 10 Jun 10 Nov 10 Apr 11 Sep 11 Feb 12 Jul 12 Dec 12 May 13 Oct 13 Mar 14 Aug 14 Jan 15 Jun 15 Nov 15 Apr 16 Recession Recovery Gained 8.4 million jobs During the recovery Gained 3.1 million jobs During the recovery High School Or less Gained 80,000 jobs During the recovery Lost 5.6 million jobs Lost 1.8 million jobs Gained 187,000 jobs
  5. 5. Affordability is in the spotlight
  6. 6. Measuring outcomes increasingly important
  7. 7. Working learners are the new normal percent of college students are both active in the labor market and formally enrolled in some form of postsecondary education or training 75% 1 – Learning While Earning: The New Normal, Georgetown University, Center on the Education and the Workforce
  8. 8. In 2014 0 7 14 21 28 Online enrollments growing, while overall enrollments drop Online Report Card: Tracking Online Education in the United States, Babson Research Group 5.8 + Million students are taking at least 1 distance education course 28.4 % of all Enrolled students That’s 27.1 % In 2013 25.9 % In 2012 up from up from which is
  9. 9. Declining interest in MBA Shrinking future audience Competition has increased Cost per inquiries rising It’s a challenging world for education marketers
  10. 10. “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” of admissions directors did not meet their 2015 enrollment goals 58% 63 of all American jobs will require some sort of education beyond high school by 2018 % – Albert Einstein 1 – 2015 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors, Inside Higher Ed 2 – Job Growth and Educational Requirements through 2020, Georgetown University, 2014
  11. 11. How LinkedIn can help
  12. 12. d Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful LinkedIn’s Mission
  13. 13. The largest global community of professionals 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 32M 450M+ professionals 50M+ students and recent college grads
  14. 14. Market to who matters on LinkedIn Only LinkedIn provides this unique combination of benefits First-Party Data Use our accurate data to target your audience Mindset Align your message with a professional mindset Quality Reach a higher quality prospect
  16. 16. LinkedIn solutions support all major educational departments v Admission Education Career Services Marketing Educational Institution Development IP/Thought Leadership
  17. 17. How LinkedIn Helps Higher Ed Today
  18. 18. Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed — and beyond Sponsored Content Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. Sponsored by Loyola University Chicago
  19. 19. Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  20. 20. Your marketing performance dashboard & control center Integrated Campaign Management
  21. 21. LinkedIn Learning Our new e-learning platform that merges Lynda’s beloved content with LinkedIn’s unique graph to provide a data-driven, personalized approach to learning and development Helps people and organizations develop in-demand and necessary skills by connecting our content with professional outcomes Piece of the toolkit for organizations looking to develop, retain and transform their staff
  22. 22. A daily career exploration tool for college students 5 job and company ideas a day, based on alumni career data LinkedIn Students App
  23. 23. Students can explore… Jobs matched to them Companies they’re connected to Careers of similar alum
  24. 24. Connecting Prospects, Current Students to Your Best Advocates The Alumni Tool
  25. 25. How LinkedIn Will Help Higher Education in the Future
  26. 26. What we’re hearing from our customers… Further boost ROI Provide better measurement and optimization Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources Further your strength in targeting
  27. 27. Further boost ROI
  28. 28. Sponsored Content Beyond LinkedIn Scale professional reach beyond LinkedIn to high quality destinations
  29. 29. In-ad lead gen Easily generate high-quality leads from your campaigns, based on a variety of calls-to-actions and objectives Piloting in Q4 2016
  30. 30. Refreshed designs for Dynamic Ads Meet marketing use cases to engage professionals with dynamically generated, personalized ads. Get more Followers for your Company and Showcase Pages Drive qualified traffic to your website or landing pages
  31. 31. Instantly populate lead forms with accurate, LinkedIn professional data Improve quantity and quality of leads through access to LinkedIn’s professional data Make it easy to fill out forms on mobile or desktop with a single click Boost Conversion Rates with LinkedIn AutoFill
  32. 32. Further your strength in targeting
  33. 33. Target audiences that matter most to your business Audience Matching: Website Retargeting and Marketing Automation Contact Targeting
  34. 34. Provide better measurement and optimization
  35. 35. Easily measure and optimize the business impact of your LinkedIn Ads investment using native attribution tools Conversion Tracking
  36. 36. Analyze the performance of your campaigns using Campaign Manager rich demographic reporting to understand who your ads resonate with best Campaign Demographic Reporting Beyond the Click
  37. 37. Optimize your campaigns with in-product Insights & Recommendations Campaign Insights and Recommendations
  38. 38. Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources
  39. 39. Simplify your brand experience… + University Page Company Page
  40. 40. Into a new, unified university experience
  41. 41. With the same Alumni Tool we all love…
  42. 42. And an all new, streamlined admin page
  43. 43. Brand new self-service channel for marketers to reach professionals in the most personalized and direct way on LinkedIn Sponsored InMail for Self-Service
  44. 44. Reach the right customers with Display Ads using your preferred demand-side platform (DSP) or agency trading desk (ATD) Programmatic Display
  45. 45. Further boost ROI Simplify your platform & provide better learning resources Provide better measurement and optimization Further your strength in targeting In-Ad Lead Forms New Dynamic Ads Formats Sponsored Content Beyond LinkedIn Autofill Account Targeting Website Retargeting Marketing Automation Contact Targeting Contact Targeting Conversion TrackingExpanded analytics API Campaign Insights and Recommendations Campaign Demographic Reporting Help center revamp Programmatic Display Sponsored InMail for Self-Service University Pages Merge
  46. 46. We are Committed to Higher Education And Investing in its Future