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Quality Leads to Successful Graduates

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Andrew Crisp, Co-Founder of CarringtonCrisp; Ira Amilhussin, Sr. Marketing Manager at LinkedIn; and Lorraine Hester, Market Research at LinkedIn present new research about the return on investment of higher education, what factors drive student satisfaction and successful career outcomes, and what Admissions and Career Services departments think of social marketing platforms' efficacy.

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Quality Leads to Successful Graduates

  1. 1. Platform Research & Insights for Higher Education Andrew Crisp Owner CarringtonCrisp @agcrisp Lorraine Hester Senior Marketing Research Associate LinkedIn @lorrhes Ira Amilhussin Senior Global Marketing Manager LinkedIn @iraa #inEDU16
  2. 2. QUALITY LEADS SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES to Using social media to improve lead quality and alumni success #inEDU16
  3. 3. Today’s agenda The state of higher education today #inEDU16
  4. 4. How do universities meet ROI expectations? #inEDU16
  5. 5. Social media can help schools improve quality at all points of the journey QUALITY PROSPECTS STUDENT RESOURCES ALUMNI OPPORTUNITIES #inEDU16
  6. 6. Analyzing Successful Grads to Inform Lead Gen Today’s Agenda Social Media in Admissions & Career Services Key Findings and Implications 1 2 3 #inEDU16
  7. 7. Social Media in Admissions and Career Services Part 1 #inEDU16
  8. 8. How is social media being used in business school admissions and career services? +80% from accredited business schools 25 Respondents in Canada 90 Respondents in the U.S. #inEDU16
  9. 9. The new normal #inEDU16
  10. 10. Social media usage is very high 71% use social media 98% use social media Admissions Career Services #inEDU16
  11. 11. LinkedIn and Facebook are used most by admissions Social networks used by admissions teams 85% 85% 75% 55% Admissions #inEDU16
  12. 12. The best candidates are found on LinkedIn The best candidates are found on which networks? 88% 35% 24% Admissions #inEDU16
  13. 13. Nearly all career services teams use LinkedIn Social networks used by career services staff 93% 76% 64% Career Services #inEDU16
  14. 14. What did social media ever do for us? #inEDU16
  15. 15. Social media meets 2 important needs for admissions • Add another dimension to admissions • Assess whether a candidate is a good fit • Engage potential applicants in conversations • Connect applicants with alumni or students • Inform candidates about application process Connecting with applicants Supplementing Admissions Info Admissions #inEDU16
  16. 16. agreed that applicants engage with them on social 2 out of 3 Applicants engage on social #inEDU16
  17. 17. Social networks are particularly valuable with international grad school applicants MBA / MASTERS 43 find social media particularly valuable when considering international applicants % #inEDU16
  18. 18. Social media meets 3 important needs for career services • Connect current students with alumni • Find and connect with alumni to discuss their support for student careers Facilitate alumni mentoring • Help current students build a strong social media profile to support job search • Provide information about campus career services to alumni Student & Alumni support • Research companies in a given sector Career research AdmissionsCareer ServicesCareer Services #inEDU16
  19. 19. LinkedIn is by far the most useful for career services Career Services Social networks used by career services staff 73% 14% 11% Career Services #inEDU16
  20. 20. Going from good to great #inEDU16
  21. 21. Believe better candidates have a single, strong social media profile 2670 Say that applicants include a link to their social media profile in their application % % Admissions yet… only Room for improvement #inEDU16
  22. 22. have not discussed the need for controls over social media use 553 have formal guidance or policies in place to ensure no discrimination % % Admissions teams could use more controls and direction around social Admissions #inEDU16
  23. 23. What’s preventing full adoption of social? Lack of time Uncertainty of value #inEDU16
  24. 24. Career Services • Teach social media networking skills • Provide training on building a personal brand • Give advice on developing a strong social media profile • Avoid having hard to find, inactive or non-existent profiles • Ensure profile supports a professional career search • Have the evidence to back-up content on their profile • Understand how profile material will used by potential employers How students can improve: How schools can help: How to make better use of social media when job hunting #inEDU16
  25. 25. Key Findings Social media usage is very high in admissions (71%) and career services (98%) LinkedIn is the best place to find quality candidates (88%) 1 2 3 4 LinkedIn is the most useful network for career services (73%) In the admission process, 90% use social media to engage in conversations with potential applicants #inEDU16
  26. 26. Value in connecting with alumni PROSPECT STUDENT ALUMNI #inEDU16
  27. 27. Analyzing Successful Grads to Inform Lead Gen Part 2 #inEDU16
  28. 28. move into a new job function or industry get a better job in the same industry start a new company or join a startup Career Switcher Career Enhancer Aspiring Entrepreneur #inEDU16
  29. 29. 346 in Canada 469 in the U.S. What motivations & behaviors are associated with successful graduates? #inEDU16
  30. 30. The master’s degree is still valuable Base: NAMER MBA and Masters Grads (n=815) of graduates reported that their degree had a positive impact on their career. 7389 of graduates are very / extremely satisfied with the impact of their degree on their career. % % #inEDU16
  31. 31. …even for recent grads Base: NAMER MBA and Masters Recent Grads (n=243) #inEDU16
  32. 32. Base: NAMER MBA and Masters Grads (n=815) The majority of grads were able to accomplish successful outcomes 33% 16% Aspiring Entrepreneur Career Enhancer Career Switcher 6% 55% SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES #inEDU16
  33. 33. Understanding the different drivers • meet family expectations • personal achievement • passion for learning (no professional requirement) • increase self-confidence on the job • increase salary • upskill for new role • accelerate career • start my own business • impact communities • reached a plateau at work Tangible Motivations Intangible Motivations #inEDU16
  34. 34. Base: NAMER MBA and Masters Grads (Hard n=463; Soft n=285) Tangible motivation matters 48 more grads with tangible motivations achieved a successful outcome % #inEDU16
  35. 35. 3 #inEDU16
  36. 36. Base: Global MBA and Masters Grads (High Grit n=1421; Medium Grit n=1779; Low Grit n=204) High grit correlates with satisfaction 37 more high grit respondents were satisfied compare to low grit. % #inEDU16
  37. 37. Grit is everywhere Don’t target it. Message to it. #inEDU16
  38. 38. The lifetime value of focusing on quality #inEDU16
  39. 39. Feeding the positive cycle Successful alumni are more active on LinkedIn 43 more shares on LinkedIn* % 43 more page views on LinkedIn* % 35 more connections on LinkedIn % *In the 30days before the analysis was run. Grads whose outcomes met our success criteria compared to: respondents who dropped out of their degree (MA/MBA only Base (Global): Successful grads n=1793; Drop-outs n=499 #inEDU16
  40. 40. Key Findings and Implications Part 3 #inEDU16
  41. 41. Key Findings 1 2 3 4 Business schools are going social The master’s degree is still valuable LinkedIn is rated #1 for quality candidates Tangible motivations and high grit correlate with satisfaction and successful outcomes #inEDU16
  42. 42. Top tips for admissions & marketing Broaden the content you share to include program info, faculty bios, and news Use Sponsored InMail to support candidates through the application process Identify and engage quality candidates at scale on LinkedIn Connect applicants / admits with alumni ambassadors Use specific career goals in your messaging Prospects Inquiries Applicants Admits #inEDU16
  43. 43. Who is most directly responsible for student outcomes? #inEDU16