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Context is King -- Building Meaningful Relationships with LinkedIn Followers

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This presentation from our BrandConnect:12 event in NYC shows how to harness the power of LinkedIn's follower ecosytem, including real-life examples for building meaningful relationships on LinkedIn.

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Context is King -- Building Meaningful Relationships with LinkedIn Followers

  1. 1. Context is King - BuildingMeaningful Relationships withLinkedIn Followers
  2. 2. Marc BishopDirector, Global Product Marketing,Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn@marcbishopMike Grishaver #inBC12Senior Product Manager,Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn@mgris
  3. 3. Economic downturn creating more cautious buyers 57% Through purchase path $Due diligence First contact Purchasebegins with brand decision Leaving marketers with little time to influence behavior.
  4. 4. We need to adapt Tailor the conversation to an audience narrowing down its consideration set. Awareness Consideration57% Purchase
  5. 5. Funnel stage influences content needsWhat CIOs want in each phase of funnel Awareness ROI tools Industry examples Consideration Purchase Integration information
  6. 6. Drive conversations earlier in the purchase path3XBrands in initialconsideration set are Awareness3x more likely to bepurchased! Consideration57% Purchase
  7. 7. EMC is nurturing meaningful relationships early… 1 2 3 4 5 Create Establish Drive Need Overcome Foster Identity Trust Awareness Objections Authenticity
  8. 8. EMC is nurturing meaningful relationships early… …and influencing 50% of its business.
  9. 9. So how can you do it?
  10. 10. Your brand website can’t do it alone 60%B2B decision makers use social -12% Decline in visits to official media, up 41% from 2009 brand websites
  11. 11. Build relationships in socialCreate AttractExperiences Followers YOUR BRAN DAmplify through EngageNetwork Followers
  12. 12. You have fans and followers on personal But for many marketers… networking sites.
  13. 13. …Your audience may not be receptive toa meaningful relationship on these platforms.
  14. 14. “ I invented ‘it’s not you it’s me.’ “
  15. 15. Meaningful relationships are founded on But the context has to be right. substantive conversations.
  16. 16. …to connecting with the right personThis is beyond targeting the right person… in the Context is king ROI. right context for higher
  17. 17. Context drives ad effectiveness
  18. 18. Context in action: Anti-smoking ads in the UKSame message. Same people. Difference was context.
  19. 19. So what?
  20. 20. Different Mindset = Different Context “Spend Time” “Invest Time” Personal Networks Professional Networks Info on friends 1 Career info Info on personal interests 2 Updates on brands Entertainment updates 3 Current affairs
  21. 21. Deep, meaningful relationships with customersOur professional context makes LinkedIn different. and prospects are easier on LinkedIn.
  22. 22. LinkedIn connects the world’s professionalsSuccessful marketers take the same approach.to make them more productive and successful.
  23. 23. Case Study
  24. 24. Case study in consumer electronics Goal  Establish relationships with professionals before and while they’re in-market Products  Company Page  Followers  Status Updates 47% 37% 33% Increased Awareness of Increased Likelihood to Increased Purchase This Brand’s Products Recommend Consideration
  25. 25. Followers are more likely to consider, purchase,and recommend Future Purchase Likelihood to Consideration Recommend NPS NPS 3X -21 39
  26. 26. Followers are informed and connectedOverall Experience for Followers(% Top 2 box strongly agree/somewhat agree) I am more up to date 76% I have learned more about products/services 69% I feel closer to the brand 51% I feel that I am part of a community of 50% Followers I feel that I am a trendsetter/influencer 43% in my network
  27. 27. How did the brand do it?
  28. 28. They built a professional following Affluent 44% $100K+ Educated 30% post grads Senior 31% Director + In-market 88% within 12 mos
  29. 29. They listened to why they followI am a current customer 46%I wanted to stay updated on the latest news 42%
  30. 30. They provided what their followers wantTypes of Status Updates Preferred (% Agreed) New product launches 78% Products and services 63%
  31. 31. Targeted Status Updates Personalizing messages and content to drive engagement Hardware Hardware Software Wireless Message Message Message Message HardwareFollowers Wireless Hardware Software Wireless Software 31
  32. 32. Philips is personalizing messages by profession “The targeted updates helped us more than double the social interaction on the company page.” Stephanie Charron Corporate Communications Officer, Philips Healthcare
  33. 33. Salesforce is personalizing messages by region 30% Increase in engagement “We love the fact that LinkedIn’s Targeted Status Updates let us focus our messages at a regional level so that we can delight audiences with relevant content.” Jennifer Burnham Director of Social Strategy, salesforce.com
  34. 34. Only on LinkedIn
  35. 35. 55%Follow only on LinkedIn “ LinkedIn gives me the best overall information for following… I do not follow <this brand> on any other site. “
  36. 36. Context is kingTools are similar, but context changes everything.
  37. 37. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved