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8 Worksheets to Pump Up Your Content Marketing Muscle

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It’s easy to let your fitness routine slide over the holidays. We have time off work; there’s always candy and cookies around; it’s cold outside so we can dress in layers. There’s no shame in letting things go a little.

But then January becomes February, and Valentine’s Day brings more chocolate and dinners out—and then you realize that every month can be “the holidays” if you’re not careful.

Just like your personal workout routine, content marketing efforts can get a little wobbly without constant vigilance. Q1 is turning into Q2—are you ready to flex some marketing muscle, or do you need to get back in shape?

We want to make sure every marketer is focused on goals, has the metrics to measure success, and is pumped up to deliver great content. So we’ve put together an interactive mini-workout: Pump Up Your Content Marketing Muscle.

You don’t need to put on spandex and running shoes for this workout—odds are you won’t even break a sweat. All you need are a pencil, a printer, and the will to succeed. Feel free to blast the inspirational workout jam of your choice, though.

Our handy worksheets will help you put your content marketing through its paces:
- Take an honest content marketing fitness assessment
- Jog through your current goals and metrics
- Ride your buying cycle (get it?) through your buyer’s mind with persona interviews
- Do some heavy lifting to identify topics you can own and existing content you can leverage
- And more. There’s even a virtual high-five and a fun cool down activity at the end.

Check out this SlideShare for the full collection of blood-pumping, muscle-building exercises.

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