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Death to the Batch Job

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Gone are the days where you can wait until tonight to run your scheduled job. Your customer has just stepped off the plane and wants to know now if they've achieved Preferred Status. And what exactly is "tonight" anyway when you're running worldwide 24 hours a day?

If you've ever: a) iterated over a list of appointments to send reminder texts, b) aggregated usage data to calculate a monthly fee, or c) collected information from various sources to create a daily digest email, come see how you can do so without running it in the dead of night when you hope no one is watching.

Code: https://github.com/andreasohlund/DeathToTheBatchJob
Blog post: http://particular.net/blog/death-to-the-batch-job

Publicada em: Software
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Death to the Batch Job

  1. 1. Death to the Batch Job Kyle Baley www.particular.net www.westerndevs.com @kyle_baley
  2. 2. 2 foreach(var customer in customers) { var orderTotal = customer.Orders .Where(o=> o.OrderDate < 365.DaysAgo) .Sum(order => order.OrderValue); customer.Preferred = orderTotal > 5000; }
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  9. 9. •Not scalable •Not real-time •Not terribly efficient 10 Summary
  10. 10. Twitter @kyle_baley www.particular.net www.westerndevs.com Email kyle@baley.org Thank You kyle.baley@particular.net