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Mehrangarh fort in rajasthan

monuments in jodhpur

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Mehrangarh fort in rajasthan

  1. 1. Mehrangarh The sun fort
  2. 2. THE MEHRAN FORT• Crowns a hill which is 400ft above the ground.• Over 5 centuries – the headquarters of Rathore.• Rao Jodha – led its foundation in the mid C15th.• Below which Jodhpur was formed.• In reference to the clans mythical descent from the sun god ‘Surya’.
  3. 3. Contd..• Current Head - Maharaja Gaj Singh.• Military base• Palace for the rulers and their wives.• The centre of patronage for art, music and literature.• A place of worship for temples and shrines.
  4. 4. JAI POL• Entrance to the fort.• Seems to grow out of the hill.• Made of -reddish brown sandstone.• Built in 19th century by Maharaja Man Singh.• To the left, a small shrine of silvered Ganesha image.
  5. 5. Out work:• Space where the Jaipur forces attacked.• Has Pustak Prakash & Chhatri (modern guard rooms) .• Leads to the 2nd door.
  6. 6. Lakhan Pol / Dedh Kangura Pol• “One and a half merlons.”• Has a lintel no arch.• Doors just stand against the wall, not mounted.• Followed by an ascent ramp.
  7. 7. AMRITI POL & LOHA POL• Leading to Amriti pol.• Stilted and pointed arches .• It has small guard rooms,• It steeply rises at the top ramp is the Loha pol.• The Loha pol leads to Naqqar Khana –• Announce Maharaja’s arrival or departure (now a café).
  8. 8. Palace Commemorating satis apartments above Amriti pol.
  9. 9. SURAJ POL• Grand entrance has 2 entrances.• 1 to the Zenana or woman’s quarters.• The other to Suraj pol nearer one at lower level - less imposing.• Leading to the public parts of the palace.
  10. 10. Palace Apartments• 1st courtyard - the Shrinagar Chowk.• The Raj Tilak (enthroning ceremony)• A modest marble seat.• Many different patterns of perforations for the breeze to flow through.
  11. 11. The galleries• Hawda Khana(s) displays C18th and C19th Howdahs with fine silver works.• On the east similar arrangement of Palki Khana, red and silver striped velvet covering for women in Purdah.
  12. 12. Daulat khana 2nd court yard:• Most prestigious royal apartment..• The floor being the audience hall or main reception room personnel apartment and sleeping chamber• Terrace with pavilions – a place for recreation.
  13. 13. Shastra Khana• One apartment was used as a Bhojan Shale offer feasts to this nobles (Thakurs or Pandits)• Now enclosed to convert it into a museum space – the Armoury.• Koft gari – decorative inlay• Prominence of weapons – military basis of Rajput.
  14. 14. Sheesh Mahal• Bed chamber of the rulers• Decorated with mirrors.
  15. 15. Phul mahal• Over the amoury,, private audience hall, perform personal rituals.• Elaborate jaali work blaustered.
  16. 16. Takhat Vilas:• All surface is painted.• Windows have colored glass planes.• Model on local folk art.• Ceiling are wooden beams.
  17. 17. Jhanki Mahal• Jaalis & small window.• Allow to get a glimpse without being noticed.• Cradles and Jhulas are seen here.
  18. 18. Moti Mahal• Has five alcoves leading onto hidden balconies.• The throne is placed centrally.• White painted stone Jaali work.
  19. 19. Zenana
  20. 20. Gun Terrace• Made in the C19th.• Some are from the 1st world war.• It has a Arabic inscriptions.
  21. 21. Chamudi temple• Isht devi of the royal family.• Dusshera celebrations.• Gangor ki puja.
  22. 22. How to reach ??• Jodhpur is well connected by road, rail and air to all major cities and towns.By air-• Indian(Indian airlines) operates daily flights to Jodhpur from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur.• Jet Airways operates daily flights from Delhi and Mumbai.• Kingfisher airlines operates daily flights from Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur.
  23. 23. By Train• Well connected by direct trains from all metros and major cities in India.• The taxi stand and auto- rickshaw stand are located near the exit of the railway station.
  24. 24. By road Approximate road distances from various destinations are• Agra -580 km• Ajmer -200 km• Bikaner -240 km• Jaipur -345 km• Mumbai -1075 km• New Delhi -590 km• Udaipur -275 km
  25. 25. By bus• Jodhpur can be reached by RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation).• Buses and private luxury buses which operate from all major towns and cities in Rajasthan Ahmedabad and Delhi.
  26. 26. Getting aroundMeans of transport include:• Tourist cabs (taxis) – Ply on a minimum distance per hour per day basis.• Mini Buses – Public transport is available but chaotic and not advisable except when on a shoestring budget.• Car rental – There are many car rental companies around.• Auto Rickshaw(unmetered) – Negotiate before you board on.• Tonga – A good way to move around.
  27. 27. Where to stay???• Jodhpur Heritage Hotels• Ajit Bhawan• Balsamand Lake Palace• Devi Bhawan• Haveli Inn pal• Madho Niwas• Megh Niwas• Pal Haveli• Polo Heritage• Ratan Vilas
  28. 28. Jodhpur Luxury Hotels• The Gateway Hotel• Park Plaza Jodhpur• Taj Hari Mahal• Umaid Bhawan Palace
  29. 29. Jodhpur Deluxe Hotels• Mapple Abhay• Chandra Inn• Hotel Kalinga• Lake View & Resort• Maru Garh• Niky International• Rajputana Palace• Shree Ram International
  30. 30. Jodhpur Economy Hotels• Inn Season• Hotel Ratnawali• Residency Palace• RTDC Hotel Ghoomar• Shri Ram Excellency
  31. 31. Jodhpur Guest Houses• Haveli Guest House• Mandore Guest House• Newtons Manor• Surya Kunj
  32. 32. BANDHINI LEHRIA Speciality
  33. 33. Food
  34. 34. DHANYAWAD…