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Next Generation Employer Branding: 3 ways your employer brand could be doing more

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75% of talent acquisition leaders say employer brand significantly impacts their ability to hire great talent. Learn how employer branding is evolving and 3 ways to take your organization's employer brand to the next level.

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Next Generation Employer Branding: 3 ways your employer brand could be doing more

  1. 1. Next Generation Employer Branding: 3 ways your employer brand could be doing more 1 2 3
  2. 2. What’s driving the evolution?
  3. 3. 75% of talent acquisition leaders say employer brand SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTS their ability to hire great talent.
  4. 4. 45% say it leads to increased engagement. 35% state investment in employer branding contributes to a reduction in employee turnover.
  5. 5. Branded company career sites are the 3rd top sourcing channel, ahead of social media and internal referrals. 3rd branded company career sites
  6. 6. Among Board priorities, employer branding is one of the top 5 organizational objectives in 45% of organizations.
  7. 7. People have noticed the value of a STRONG EMPLOYER BRAND.
  8. 8. So, what’s next?
  9. 9. Capture the younger generation1 CASE STUDY: Rolls-Royce Business issue: STEM talent shortages Solution: Engage schoolkids
  10. 10. 10 Rolls-Royce is one of the UK’s leading employers of technical professionals. Maximizing STEM outreach is therefore not just a good thing to do for UK education and industry – it’s a vital part of building a talent pipeline for the future.
  11. 11. The employer brand campaign used a fun and colorful “Superpower Stories” theme to show the amazing things that are possible with STEM subjects.
  12. 12. Materials included: • Brochure • Website • Social media posts • Interactive exhibition stand
  13. 13. Inspire relocation 2 CASE STUDY: Kraft Business issue: Remote headquarters Solution: Let employees do the talking
  14. 14. Meat producer Oscar Mayer, owned by Kraft Heinz, has operated out of its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin for nearly a century.
  15. 15. Promoting the attractive qualities of Madison is necessary to recruit top talent to a city that has not traditionally been one of the most desirable relocation destinations. The employer brand campaign targeted existing employees, asking them to share pictures and videos showing what they love about living and working in Madison.
  16. 16. • Received email, postcard and animated lobby screen promotions • Photos and videos accepted • More than 150 employee submissions! • Images added to Kraft careers website featuring job opportunities in Madison
  17. 17. Drive diversity & inclusion 3 CASE STUDY: Novartis Business issue: Lack of veteran talent Solution: Build a talent community
  18. 18. One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies serving customers in countries around the world, Novartis knows that a diverse workforce is the key to better business.
  19. 19. Identifying, engaging and retaining veteran talent will help Novartis achieve its vision for a truly diverse workforce. “Keep on Serving”
  20. 20. The employer brand campaign culminated in a microsite to capture veteran job seekers and funnel them into the Novartis military talent community. Materials included: • Community emails • Dedicated microsite • Talent community portal • Online banner • Military event flyer
  21. 21. Getting it right
  22. 22. Define Employer Value Proposition Existing employees and leadership take an Employer Value (EVP) survey answering questions about current employer’s personality, the company culture, and what their ideal preferences are for a leader and company culture.
  23. 23. Devise a communication plan PRE-LAUNCH Teaser Film Email Teaser LAUNCH Leadership Email Presentation Booklet Overview FilmIntranet ONGOING Intranet Updates Leadership & HR Email updates Mid-project Update Film
  24. 24. An ever-evolving array of touchpoints Fulfilment Engage Apply Target alternativesRethink Explore choices Consider options Assess Consumer Websites Social Networks Advertising Social Media Career Websites Social Networks PR CSR Sponsorships Career Websites Events Social Media Collateral ‘Re-brand’ ATS Interview ‘tone’ workshops Keep Warm Engagement Employee Referral Programmes Assessment and Selection Onboarding Induction Keep Warm Engagement Corporate Social Responsibilities Employee Referral Programmes Events Reward programmes Internal Mobility Viral campaigns Word of mouth
  25. 25. And remember: The importance of consistency What % of employers who recruited new employees in the last year reported that a candidate rejected their job offer? 56% What % of workers who didn’t hear back from an employer when they applied for a job and said they have a worse opinion of that employer? 44% What % job seekers who reported they are less likely to purchase a product from a company who didn’t respond to their job application? 32% What % who said would talk about a bad experience they had with a potential employer with friends and family? 78%
  26. 26. How will you take your employer brand to the next level? Visit www.futurestep.com to learn more.