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Kolibree 2014 - The World's First Connected Electric Toothbrush

Kolibree is the World’s First Connected Toothbrush. Connected via Bluetooth to any iOS or Android device get feedback to improve your brushing, use gaming to engage kids and spend less money on expensive but avoidable dental procedures.

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Kolibree 2014 - The World's First Connected Electric Toothbrush

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  2. 2. Only around 30%of the surface of teeth are correctly cleaned during usual brushing.** One in five Americans admits to not brushing twice a day*** One in two children don’t like brushing their teeth because they find it boring.* * These figures were collected as part of a survey amongst 200 people interviewed by Kolibree in 2013. The issues around oral care today: ** Summary following 43 interviews with dental surgeons carried out by Kolibree.
  4. 4. Kolibree is the world’s first connected electric toothbrush. Kolibree provides daily feedback on the quality of your brushing in order to continuously improve efficiency. 4  
  5. 5. KOLIBREE: A CONNECTED OBJECT The Kolibree toothbrush uses Sonic technology and wireless charging through inductive coupling. It captures and transmits brushing data using Bluetooth 3.0 . Kolibree’s application analyses data and provides key feedback about the quality of your brushing. Improvement is tracked over time. The application acts as a virtual coach and provides a new and fun experience. 5  
  6. 6. WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT KOLIBREE « Kolibree wouldn’t look out of place in any home. » – The Verge « A friend of dentists everywhere… this technology has some real potential » – Forbes « The idea could well gel with heath conscious users » – Wired UK « Kolibree allows oral hygiene to be turned into a game to encourage kids to stay on top of tending to their teeth » – Gizmodo 6  
  7. 7. Check brushing duration, frequency and neglected zones thanks to real-time data sent directly to your smartphone. See your progress week after week and compare your score with others in your household. Follow your dentist’s advice and download recommended brushing programs providing you with even better oral care. We’ve included fun games and incentives to help kids engaged and motivated over time. Real-Time Monitoring Long-Term Feedback Make Your Dentist Happy Make It Fun For Kids KOLIBREE FEATURES 7  
  8. 8. Hi-tech, the Kolibree toothbrush is ahead of the technology curve with state of the art sensors and wireless connectivity. Carefully crafted in France, its shape has been studied to adapt to both adult and child hands. Soft and elegant, the disposable brush head is designed to access even the most difficult-to-reach places in your mouth. Its bristles are soft to protect your gums. A HIGH-END TOOTHBRUSH 8  
  9. 9. Our first application release is designed to entice people to use their electric toothbrush better. Simple daily & weekly reports track brushing • duration, • frequency • and neglected zones. Choose to keep your information private or share with your dentist and download recommended brushing programs. THE 1st APPLICATION DEDICATED TO WELLBEING & HEALTHCARE 9  
  10. 10. Multiple users can be linked to one account, allowing parents to monitor children’s brushing habits. View daily & weekly reports via the application and compare with others in your household. The application allows you to reward your children’s progress and encourages friendly competition between siblings. KOLIBREE: DESIGNED FOR THE FAMILY 10  
  11. 11. The application aims to transform the way we look after our teeth and make the experience both efficient and entertaining. Improve your score as you progress and brush smarter every day. Better brushing habits over time leads to a higher score which is a great way to compare how you’re doing with a family member. PLAY AND PROGRESS 11  
  12. 12. Applications can include games, video, music, dentist interactions and recommendations… The possibilities are endless! We want Kolibree to be part of a growing, interactive experience and therefore Kolibree will have an open API to let 3rd parties develop their own applications on top of the Kolibree platform. AN OPEN API FOR ENDLESS POSSIBILITES 12  
  13. 13. This platform will gather dentists, hygienists, consumers , insurers, researchers around the data in order to know more about how to improve our daily oral care by understanding better habits and data Long term strategy consists of assembling oral care data and feedback about usage of the connected toothbrush on a centralized platform. RE-INVENTING ORAL CARE 13  
  14. 14. Kolibree was mentioned as one of the top 5 start-ups to watch at CES A VERY SUCCESSFUL #CES2014 15000 articles around the world, including Today’s show, Wall street journal CNN, BBC and all major newspapers and TV networks around the world, demonstrating strong demand and high public interest   14  
  15. 15. PRESS COVERAGE 15  
  16. 16. The retail price will be in the region of $149 and $199. Kolibree differentiates through innovation and accessible prices compared to other high-end competitors. The mobile application will be free to download on both Google Play and Apple store. A pack of 3 changeable brush heads will be on sale between $18 and $25. * All prices will be subject to change during the year 2014 PRICING
  17. 17. AVAILABILITY AND ROADMAP Kolibree will be available for mass production in Q3 this year A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will be launched in April 2014; where it will be possible to pre-order the Kolibree toothbrush. 17  
  18. 18. KOLIBREE CO-FOUNDERS Loïc Cessot CPO Thomas Serval Chairman and CEO Thomas is a pioneer in the domain of connected objects. Owner of more than 15 patents, he founded and managed Baracoda for more than 8 years, becoming world leader in Auto-ID via Bluetooth. He then joined Microsoft France and Google before founding Aleph1, an accelerator dedicated to communicating devices and big data. Loïc is a qualified engineer from Arts et Métiers Paristech and holds a Master from HEC Paris. Previously a professional sportsman, he is passionate about new technology. Before joining the Kolibree adventure, he was previously CTO of a French biotechnology company. Loïc is in charge of product development and marketing at Kolibree. 18  
  19. 19. CONTACT For media & partnership opportunities contact: Renee Blodgett renee@magicsauce.com (+1)617.620.9664 @magicsaucemedia 19