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FAT Module Assembly

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FAT Module Assembly

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FAT Module Assembly

  1. 1. File: fat-moduleassembly-160707183401-reupload 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 350, Paramus, NJ 07652 | Tel: (201) 267-8670 | www.modularprocess.com Project Number: INSERT Spec: FAT Revision: INSERT Date: INSERT Page 1 of 1 MODULE ASSEMBLY FACTORY ACCEPTANCE TEST PROCEDURE 1. The Project Manager determines which KMPS representatives will be involved in the inspection based on scope and complexity. 2. The Project Manager coordinates with the Client and the Vendor to determine when the inspections will take place. 3. The Project Manager compiles an inspection package containing the latest revisions and mark-ups of all necessary project drawings and specifications. 4. The representative(s)take the assembled inspection package and the Module Assembly Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the inspection. 5. A punch list is issued by the KMPS representative(s) after each visit to the Vendor and distributed as follows:  Project Manager  Module Assembly Fabricator  Client (If Requested) 6. The representative(s)repeat the above steps until the unit(s) is/are acceptable for shipment. 7. KMPS signs and dates FAT document after successfulcompletion. Completed FAT, all required test reports and punch lists as required will be included with each module’s final documentation. SECTION 1: PIPING SECTION 2: MECHANICAL SECTION 3: INSTRUMENTATION & PROCESS SECTION 4: ELECTRICAL SECTION 5: CONTROL SYSTEM SECTION 6: FINISH COATINGS, COSMETICS AND SHIPPING PREPARATION