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The little black book of social media for business

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We’ve complied a nifty Slideshare that is like your little black book on everything you need to know about social media for businesses. We’ve covered best practices, tricks, tips and the most up to date changes on each channel. So, whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, we’ll show you the most effective and efficient way of using the channel.

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The little black book of social media for business

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS The little black book of
  2. 2. What does it take to create a killer social media channel that promotes your brand and talks to your audience successfully? Introduction We’ve compiled this little black book of social media best practices for Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine, LinkedIn and Twitter for businesses looking to harness the unique power of these social networks.
  3. 3. Chapter one: Know your social channels Treating social media as a broadcast media channel and assuming that all audiences are the same (or will react in the same way to messaging) is a mistake many brands and businesses make. Each individual will use a combination of different social media channels for a variety of reasons and in a multitude of ways. Knowing what each channel or platform is used for when engaging in social media will help your channel use the right content and tone of voice when communicating with your audience.
  4. 4. Get to know your social channels Check out our tips and tricks for each social media platform below!
  5. 5. Chapter two: Effective Facebook use Facebook has the ability to increase brand awareness, website clicks and build a community that you can engage with.
  6. 6. Give your page a persona and adopt a tone that reflects your brand. Facebook tips and tricks 1.
  7. 7. Engage by asking questions and using open statements. Posts that include a prompt for conversation receive 70 per cent more engagement. Facebook tips and tricks 2.
  8. 8. Sharing trending curated content will increase your algorithm and make you more searchable. Stories that included “breaking news” received 57 per cent higher engagement over other posts. Facebook tips and tricks 3.
  9. 9. Give your audience a sneak peek at who you really are. Sharing fun pictures from within your company is a great way to build audience trust. Facebook tips and tricks 4.
  10. 10. Visual is key. Stories with photos receive greater than 50 per cent more likes than non-photo posts. Facebook tips and tricks 5.
  11. 11. Change your cover image frequently to tell your evolving story and to keep your profile fresh. Facebook tips and tricks 6. Extra tips for cover images: A) Abide by Facebook's guidelines B) Ensure your image is the right size (grainy is not good!) C) Integrate the design of your cover image with your profile! D) Include a 'Call to Action'!
  12. 12. Reward your audience with exclusive content, such as sneak peeks of new products. Facebook tips and tricks 7.
  13. 13. Share, share and share even more! Shareable content will make you king! Facebook tips and tricks 8.
  14. 14. Use Pages Manager to keep updated on the go. You’ll never miss a beat when a community member engages with you.! Facebook tips and tricks 9.
  15. 15. The golden rule of Facebook? Don’t blast out marketing adverts without engaging and sharing with your audience. Facebook is a community platform, so a mix of content is essential.
  16. 16. Chapter three: Instagram means big business Instagram is the perfect platform for expressing your brand persona. Not only is it quick and easy to post a picture, it also allows you to share your story with your audience in a visual and creative way.
  17. 17. Instagram tips and tricks 1. Build your fan following. Recently got a new product in? Share it on Instagram with a cheeky shot of you or your employees taking it for a test drive.
  18. 18. Instagram tips and tricks 2.Play with filters and make your image fun. There are heaps of free apps you can get to enhance your images to make your brand personality shine.
  19. 19. Instagram tips and tricks 3.Post regularly. This will have your name front of mind with as many people as possible and keep your community constantly entertained.
  20. 20. Instagram tips and tricks 4.Link your Instagram to your Facebook account. The more likes you get on your images, the more you will show up on people's feeds.
  21. 21. Instagram tips and tricks 5.Be known as an expert by becoming a curator of content and growing a well- targeted audience. Regram relevant images or posts and then tag the user to grow your community and show your authority.
  22. 22. Instagram tips and tricks 6.Make your followers crave more by releasing sneak peeks on Instagram. Use Vine to make a six-second video to stir up your social media audience with a new product or the best thing about your services then share it on Instagram.
  23. 23. The golden rule of Instagram? Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram, so use three to five per post. You can also create your own hashtag, which is a great branding tool, then encourage others to use your hashtag to be featured on your page.
  24. 24. The business of Snapchat Chapter four: Snapchat is a photo and video-sharing app that erases your content after a maximum of 10 seconds. Brands are using it to connect with the 13 to 25 demographic (Snapchat’s main audience).
  25. 25. It's time to get snap-happy! Announce that you're joining Snapchat on your existing channels and create a teaser campaign around it to make people know you’re on the channel. There’s no point creating an account if no one is there to receive your content.
  26. 26. Snapchat tips and tricks 1. Send out exclusive sneak peeks to your followers.
  27. 27. Snapchat tips and tricks 2. Special giveaways: Drive your audience to your product by giving them a voucher that can only be redeemed in your establishment (keep the 10-second rule very present).
  28. 28. Snapchat tips and tricks 3. Create contests: Making people compete for something is always fun, especially when they know they can win a product (enhances brand loyalty).
  29. 29. Snapchat tips and tricks 4. Sending fun, unique content that your audience may like: Special calendar date? Why not send your audience a snap that will make them smile?
  30. 30. The golden rule of Snapchat? Keep it casual and fun. People are letting you message them directly, so don’t spam them with advertisements. Speak their language – remember the demographic you’re targeting.
  31. 31. Chapter four: On the grapeVine Vine is a video app and social media platform from the creators of Twitter that allows users to film six-second videos. Some of the biggest brands are using it to create fresh and interesting video content that doesn’t require a lot of production to go viral.
  32. 32. How to set up a Vine account If you have Twitter, setting up your account will take a minute to link. Add a profile picture and you’re ready to go. Consider embedding your Vine videos to your blog, website or Facebook page for additional exposure.
  33. 33. Vine tips and tricks 1. Tell stories about your brand: Create six-second fun stories that show your brand’s values.
  34. 34. Vine tips and tricks 2. Create fun how-to videos: Six seconds is long enough to show how to use a product correctly. How to
  35. 35. Vine tips and tricks 3. Ask users for opinions: Create a video asking users which product they prefer.
  36. 36. Vine tips and tricks 4. Create contests: Ask your audience to create stunning videos for the possibility to win a prize.
  37. 37. The golden rule of Vine? Be creative. The Vine world is full of creative videos (some of them by brands), so be sure to make your videos interesting.
  38. 38. 11 years old and still going strong Chapter five: LinkedIn’s use has dramatically shifted and has quickly become the content hub for professionals. It offers brands multiple opportunities to connect with the right audience on a B2B and B2C level. LinkedIn
  39. 39. LinkedIn tips and tricks 1. Create a Company Page: This is an opportunity to create an information hub about your company that will generate leads.
  40. 40. LinkedIn tips and tricks 2.Develop a content calendar: Grow your company page by posting daily updates that provide engaging content.
  41. 41. LinkedIn tips and tricks 3.Set up a Showcase Page: Use this to highlight a particular product or service feature. (You can create up to 10 of these.)
  42. 42. LinkedIn tips and tricks 4.Be relevant: Tailor the Showcase Page and provide content that appeals to the specific audience you are trying to reach.
  43. 43. LinkedIn tips and tricks 5. Visuals attract: Use engaging visuals on both the Company and Showcase Page
  44. 44. LinkedIn tips and tricks 6.Target your daily content updates: This will increase audience engagement by up to 66 per cent.
  45. 45. LinkedIn tips and tricks 7. Use LinkedIn’s newest tool, Trending Content, to discover trending articles in your industry that you can share on your pages.
  46. 46. LinkedIn tips and tricks 8.Create campaigns: Use Sponsored Updates to target specific people and reach them directly through their news feeds.
  47. 47. LinkedIn tips and tricks 9.Influence more people: Identify a spokesperson for the company and make them an influencer on LinkedIn through the new Publishing Tool.
  48. 48. LinkedIn tips and tricks 10. Refine and define: Use the analytics tools on the company and showcase pages to determine what content is driving reach and engagement.
  49. 49. Chapter six: Get tweet-smart with Twitter Twitter is no longer a sharing platform for individuals to post annoying selfies or check out those of celebrities. Twitter is a worthwhile platform for businesses large and small to get their content read and, conversely, their brand understood.
  50. 50. Twitter tips and tricks 1. Include links: The way to get around the 140- character tweet limit is to share a link in your tweet – preferably to your website – for further content.
  51. 51. Twitter tips and tricks 2.Use hashtags: Tweets that include hashtags gain two times more engagement than those without.
  52. 52. Twitter tips and tricks 3.Tweet more: Don’t limit yourself to just one tweet per day. Businesses these days are tweeting up to 10 times a day and are successfully engaging clients.
  53. 53. Twitter tips and tricks 4.Retweet: Engaging with people interested in likeminded content is essential to grow your following and encourage brand recognition.
  54. 54. Twitter tips and tricks 5.Use images: Like hashtags, tweets that include images are likely to gain much more traction than those without.
  55. 55. Twitter tips and tricks 6.Use promoted tweets: The latest addition from Twitter, promoted tweets are used to target unique followers and potential followers of your brand.
  56. 56. Twitter tips and tricks 7. Explore Twitter’s new layout: Twitter’s new layout is encouraging brands to raise their visual game with new header images and a restructured navigation.
  57. 57. This slideshare has been proudly presented by... www.kingcontent.com.au @King_Content Australia's leading digital content marketing agency