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MWC 2017: Trends & Technologies

Observations and insights on #MWC17 trends and technologies from Kinetic, the global leader in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move.

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MWC 2017: Trends & Technologies

  3. 3. MONTH LONG BATTERY Whether it’s Nokia or Sony, most manufacturers introduced smartphones with extra long battery life (up to a month!) This trend will definitely increase the number of audiences on the move using their smartphones and social media, and opportunities for brands to activate them at key locations and moments TIME OUT
  4. 4. ENHANCED CAMERA, ENHANCED SOCIAL SHARRING Better camera means more social sharing of high quality photos and videos – more immersive experiences for audiences on the move. Sony and Huawei, in particular, showcased beefed-up camera-phone tech that will result in significantly better photos and videos turning up on our Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat feeds. Huawei, has upped its Leica lenses to give pretty jaw-dropping portrait photo and selfie ability. Fast rise for Slo-mo: Sony’s new Xperia XZ Premium, , has an unprecedented ability to shoot very slow motion video in high definition. In China, Oppo improved their camera tech as well, debuting a dual-lens camera-phone at Mobile World Congress. ANDROIDCENTRA L
  5. 5. 5G IS COMING 5G was the star of Mobile World Congress 2017, with Ericsson and Huawei vying to be the main 5G providers around the world. 5G will soon power new mobile and connected devices, as well as connected environments, such as Smart Cities. Additionally, self-driving cars will only work if they have guaranteed, unfettered connections to a wider network – and 4G doesn’t cut it. ©GSMA
  6. 6. CONNECTED CARS IN THE SPOTLIGHT Mobility means smartphone and cars. MWC 2017 felt like an auto show with the sheer number of cars on display. Automakers like Ford showed up to display their in-car entertainment solutions and the connected world. Ericsson introduced the very first connected car remotely controlled and driven through a 5G-powered smartphone.
  7. 7. SMART CITIES ARE ROLLING OUT Intel and Verizon both had connected city poles on display containing free Wi-Fi services and screens to display content among several other features. Verizon plans a roll out in a major city or cities (this is still a secret) in the US this year. The ubiquity of free Wi-Fi is going to revolutionize Out of Home marketing.
  8. 8. AR AND VR ARE EXPERIENCING PAYMENT INTEGRATIONS Following the growth of in-app, social and peer-to-peer forms of mobile payments, Visa Inc. showed us how easy it is to integrate seamless payments into both VR and AR content/applications. The far future of retail is certainly mobile-first, but it may soon be at the intersection of the real and virtual worlds. Pokémon Go is still going strong around the world!
  9. 9. NOKIA MAKES A COME BACK The other star of MWC was Nokia, who brought back, the Nokia 3310. The 3310 reimagining was a phenomenal success for Nokia, managing to simultaneously ride a wave of nostalgia for the original and a collective sense of ennui over the modern smartphone. The 3310 shares a lot with its predecessor: incredible battery life (one month standby!), a rugged design, and Snake pre- installed. It already looks like one of the phones that will define 2017.
  10. 10. MIXED REALITY IS THE MOST POPULAR METHOD OF SHOWCASING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES VR may not be the next way we watch our everyday entertainment, but it is definitely the preferred way of showcasing products and innovations at points of interest. In particular, almost every connected car included a mixed reality demo using holograms technology.
  11. 11. AI IS THE FUTURE OF DATA, AND ADVERTISING At the Modern Marketing Summit, chief marketing officers and our very own Global CEO Mauricio Sabogal discussed how Artificial Intelligence is going to not only drive conversations (chat bot) but drive custom content delivery across platforms. AI may be the key to programmatic creative and the missing piece in the automated advertising ecosystem.
  14. 14. EMOTION RESEARCH LAB Recognizes the emotions (along with other characteristics) of the passersby Potential for brands: Can be used in profiling audiences on the move
  15. 15. THIRD SPACE AUTO SDK for Machine learning based on user preferences in connected vehicles Potential for brands: Can help influence and activate the driver’s journey
  16. 16. VIRTUAL PITONISA A fortune teller that lives inside your smartphone, combining data from the phone, conversations, texts with machine learning algorithms and image recognition Potential for brands: Influence behavior, movements and journeys
  18. 18. WATCHITY A platform for showcasing multiple live streams in one place Potential for brands: Could also be integrated into DOOH and used for events
  19. 19. VITCORD Sharing user generated video content around a certain event or theme Potential for brands: Could be a popular way of sharing content around events & can be tied with branded activations
  20. 20. ONE-TO-ONE
  21. 21. MOVILOK Turns you smartphone into a touchpad that can control items on a digital screen – No app needed Potential for brands: Can be used to make OOH more experiential and interactive
  22. 22. HYPELABS An SDK for communicating among smartphones without internet Potential for brands: Connect with users even in locations where there is no cell reception
  23. 23. GALIGU VR search engine: all available VR content from all over the world in one platform Potential for brands: Highlights or spotlights for brand content based on a current campaign
  24. 24. TKTTI A startup aimed at providing an online ticketing system platform for local and regional event organizers Potential for brands: Create personalized ticketing solution to increase traffic and footfall
  26. 26. INCHECKIN A mobile platform for quick guest check-ins to the eVisitor system for small-scale private renters, using automated scanning and reading of personal and travel documents Potential for brands: Can be integrated into in-airport advertising and points of travel
  27. 27. INFLIGHT VR A startup that creates virtual reality ecosystems for the in-flight entertainment industry Potential for brands: Transform the cabin into… anything
  28. 28. WAVERLY LABS The very first universal translation earpiece, translating conversations in real time and on the go Potential for brands: Create and facilitate the journey of travelers around the world
  29. 29. GOINDOOR A in-location navigation technology powered by beacons and proximity networks that customize routes for customers based on their profile Potential for brands: Create, influence and activate the customer journeys at key locations
  30. 30. CARTO An open and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world Potential for brands: Can be used as a one-stop shop of geospatial tools, services and APIs for predicting location trends and bridging offline-online gap with mobile