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Albany park

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Connection to Community project in Albany Park

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Albany park

  1. 1. Albany Park Nicole J, Abbey K, Kim J, and Piper B
  2. 2. Location and Brief History Albany Park is known as the gateway for middle-class ethnic groups Before the 1870s the land was used for farming and horse racing. By the late 1800s it turned into a suburban community due to the population increase in Chicago. The population was mostly jewish but after WWII many jewish families moved north, this caused an economic and social decline and attracted gangs and illegal drug trades during the 1970s. After the 1970s the neighborhood cleaned up and attracted many asian and latin american immigrants. By 1990s it had the largest korean, filipino, and guatemalan immigrants in Chicago It’s 8 miles northwest of Loop
  3. 3. Demographics Total Population: 172,189 Median Age: 32 White Collar: 61.2% Family Households: 57.4% Education Beyond High School: 72.9% Median Household Income: $55,527 Total Crime Risk: 121% above national average, most frequent crime is robbery (422%) and least frequent is burglary (12%) Consumer Spending: 2% above national average consumer spending
  4. 4. Health Statistics ● Biggest health problem in Albany Park is child obesity ○ Culture dependent, what certain cultures consider a healthy weight vs what other cultures see as overweight or obese ■ The Albany Park Community Center and Heartland Health Center are both educating the community on obesity and how to prevent it.
  5. 5. Health Resources/Service Summary ★ There are 30 health related centers in Albany Park Heartland Health Center: Affordable and high quality care for members of the community that do not have insurance. Erie Helping Hands Health Center: Offers the community 7 main medical services branching off and ranging from free pregnancy tests and school physicals to laboratory services and medication. They accept patients without insurance. Harmony Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center: Offer short-term, orthopedic, and other medical rehabilitation services. They accept most insurance policies as well as Medicare and Medicaid Lawrence Vision Center: Offer affordable pricing on eye exams, contact lens evaluations and fittings,diagnosis and treatment, and emergency eye care using new technology. Galilee Medical Center: They offer a surgery and MRI center along with care for people of all ages. There is also a walk in clinic so no appointment is needed. Galilee Medical Center also provides physicals for immigrants. 1st Family Dental of Albany Park: They are willing to work with those who are uninsured to provide all the care they need at a price they can afford. Offer a wide variety of services from pediatric dentistry to everyday procedures and x- rays.
  6. 6. Group Experience Highlight A major highlight that came out of this group project for us was being able to get together as a group and explore a new neighborhood that none of us had ever been to before. Throughout the car ride and walking up and down the streets we were able to talk about ourselves and get to know each other. It was nice to get together with a new group of people aside from the ones we hang out with daily at school.
  7. 7. Fun Facts ➔Albany Park hosts an annual World Fest that celebrates its population’s diversity and cultures. ◆ Includes: global music, food, and crafts ➔The first group of settlers in Albany Park were German and Swedish farmers. ◆ The population eventually expanded to people from eastern Europe, Asia, and spanish- speaking countries. ➔A multiethnic sculpture park was created in Albany Park to support the cultural differences of their artistic population. ◆ The current exhibits are from chinese and nigerian artists.
  8. 8. Directions From Loyola 1. Board the red line at the Loyola stop→ towards 95th. 2. Switch lines at Lawrence to board the blue line. 3. Get off at Lawrence and Lawndale stop. *Total travel time: about 45 minutes
  9. 9. Group Reflection Overall, we found Albany Park to be very welcoming and diverse. When we were walking down the street we saw families, elderly people, teenagers and all the in between. It was not the cleanest of neighborhoods on the main streets, but the residential areas were very clean and pretty. On the main street we walked on there were a lot of different types of stores, there were small family owned grocery stores, dentists offices, and some main stream stores. All the people we encountered were extremely nice and welcomed us into their community with open arms.
  10. 10. Pictures!!!!
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