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Stem Kits & its benefits

  1. STEM Kits & its benefits
  2. Stem kits ⊹ STEM kits are educational toys that helps children to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a practical way along with real life application ⊹ It helps learn more about the basic fundamentals of the subjects with hands on learning 2
  3. Education ⊹ STEM kits provide in-depth understanding rather than the theoretical education system we have today ⊹ The children study what’s in the book but never get to use them in real life and relate their theoretical knowledge ⊹ STEM Toys are a great way to reinforce the importance of learning in a fun way 3
  4. “ The aim of education is not knowledge but action -Herbert spencer 1
  5. Importance ⊹ STEM toys offer a great starting point as they help children develop problem-solving skills using creativity, collaborative work, and logic. ⊹ They develop divergent thinking and imagination, something you don’t often get with just sports and video games 5
  6. Benefits ⊹ Enhances creativity ⊹ Boosts innovative thinking ⊹ Develops concentration ⊹ Helps in brain development 6
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