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  2. Who we are? Kizansh is one of the Youngest Growing liquor manufacturing companies in India. Kizansh Served India’s next hooch brand. More than 20 lakhs serving of our liquors are enjoyed in India and five other countries and union Territories like Nigeria and Daman and Diu.our vision Kizansh's Vision is to be more strong for Global significance in each of our chosen businesses 2025 and to be the most reliable global network For customers and suppliers, that we deliver Value through products and services.
  3. Our Product At Kizansh Group, we are a team of true alcohol lovers who shares a very common aspiration which is to make Kizansh one of the freshest and most loved consumer brands in India we are also, a water manufacturing company who is dealing in the corporate sector.
  4. 1- Liquor
  5. 2- Water
  6. 1. What are the types of whiskey? Single Malt Whisky. Grain Whisky. Blended Whisky.
  7. 2. Is Liquor a good investment? Liquor is a great alternative investment asset, just like gold, wine, and real estate. Liquor can preserve and even increase in value during economic instabilities, inflationaryperiods, and recessions
  8. 3. What is the profit margin in the Liquor Business with kizansh Group? Kizansh group provides a 17% to 22 % margin as per segment
  9. 4. Is the company providing a Liquor Licence? Yes, kizansh is providing liquor licenses to their distributors as well as State partners.