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Eyewash weekly checklist UMass

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This is University of Mass, Amherst's weekly emergency eyewash station inspection checklist. Great example of the simplicity of a form you can use for your own documented station checks and flushes.

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Eyewash weekly checklist UMass

  1. 1. Date Initials DateDate Date DateInitials Initials Initials Initials Please flush eyewash sta�ons(s) weekly and check for the following: Is the water clear? Are the jets working properly? Is the area around the sta�on clear of obstruc�ons? Is there a bucket located under the eyewash to collect the run off? Are they leaking? Contact the Physical Plant service desk at 413-545-6401 or submit a work order request at: h�p://www.umass.edu/facili�es/requests to repair the unit. In an emergency, hold eyes open and flush for at least 15 minutes. Call 911 and state location as UMass or UMPD at 413-545-3111. Seek medical attention after use. Any ques�ons, contact EHS at 413-545-2682 or askehs@umass.edu. Emergency Eyewash Sta�on Weekly Inspec�on Checklist