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Digital Marketing Specialization

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Digital Marketing Specialization

  1. 1. Kevin Schafer | Digital Marketing Specialization | April 17, 2016 Grainger-BOSCH DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN
  2. 2. PAGE 1 Executive Summary Grainger is a MRO supplier that has recently established a relationship with BOSCH Power Tools. . Grainger has a job to do… Sell BOSCH Power Tools on grainger.com. Specifically increase sales of BOSCH Power Tools by 10%. These two firms and their relationship will be discussed in this text thoroughly. Eventually, a Digital Marketing Plan will be revealed. A brief description of Grainger and BOSCH Power Tools will be explained…noting that one must know itself before attempting to change the attitudes and behaviors of others. To reveal a digital marketing plan for Grainger to implement, Grainger must understand the consumers. Different phases of the Consumer’s Decision Journey will be discussed in context of 3 scenarios: Scenario 1: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool (for example a drill), but do not visit Grainger.com Scenario 2: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, login to Grainger.com, and visit the power tools category Scenario 3: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, login to Grainger.com, and visit the plumbing category but not power tools. Once these consumers are researched, certain business objectives will be critical for Grainger to satisfy to sell more BOSCH Power Tools on grainger.com. These business objectives are: increase brand awareness, influence consideration, and improve sales process. Key Performance Indicators will become evident to Grainger in the satisfactory fulfillment of these business objectives. A channel strategy for Grainger’s Digital Marketing Plan will then be recommended. It is understood that Grainger is focused on using display advertising and email as mediums to increase the sales of Bosch power tools. Specific TACTICs will then be introduced addressing two audience categories: Users landing on Grainger.com directly, and Users landing on Boschtools.com first. Finally, test and control methods are recommended: Surveys, Focus Groups, and Online Monitoring. ENJOY!!! Please take particular attention to the Digital Marketing Tactics section in this paper.
  3. 3. PAGE 2 Contents BOSCH GROUP .............................................................................................................................................................3 Grainger............................................................................................................................................................................4 Customer Decision Journey (CDJ)............................................................................................................................6 Data Collection and Analysis .....................................................................................................................................8 Channel Strategy...........................................................................................................................................................12 Digital Marketing Tactics...........................................................................................................................................15 Test and Control Plan ................................................................................................................................................20 References......................................................................................................................................................................23
  4. 4. PAGE 3 BOSCH GROUP “I am not interested in power for power's sake, but I'm interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good.” Martin Luther King, Jr.i BOSCH makes the right tool for your job. The Bosch Group is a good and prominent global supplier of technology and services. Its hope is to have you consider BOSCH’s products as having the solution to your problem. For this paper, a further customer segmentation will be discussed (Power Tools). These Power Tools are mostly sold in the United States. The North American headquarters holds such brand names as Bosch, SKILSAW, Skil, Dremel, and Measuring Tools. (All brand names are a part of the Power Tool division)ii. In a previous discussion with Grainger (a global supplier), it has been stated that there is an interest of BOSCH to institute a relationship with Grainger to help achieve a sales increase of Power Tools of 10% on Grainger.com. This makes Grainger by definition a primary customer for BOSCH. A primary customer is considered as the individuals or businesses towards which a business’s products or services are purchased. A primary customer and primary audience should not be confused. This makes the relationship between BOSCH and Grainger a very unique one. When a business is developing an advertising strategy for a new product, it needs to keep firmly in mind the needs, characteristics, consumption habits and preferences of its targeted primary audience. In this case, the primary audience is the secondary customer. For further explanation, the utilization of Grainger as a supplier turns the end user into the primary audience even-though Grainger will be the purchaser of its Power Tools. (B2B vs B2C) Therefore BOSCH should gear its marketing campaign towards General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Remodelers, Woodworkers, Framers, Landscapers, Carpenters, etc.iii All and all, a relationship between BOSCH Power Tools and a company looking to supply its products has a chance to be mutually beneficial and proving financially lucrative for both parties.
  5. 5. PAGE 4 Grainger What tools help you get the job done? Grainger is a corporation who ultimately wishes the answer to the previous question are products supplied by Grainger in context of BOSCH Power Tools. Grainger is the largest supplier of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) segment and has grown its selling capacity as the 13th in sales in e-commerce in the United States. Millions of businesses and institutions worldwide depend on on Grainger for pumps, motors, hand tools, janitorial supplies, fasteners, and much more. Having an easy to navigate website is the foundation for any digital business campaign. Directing potential customers to its website is where different forms of social media is utilized. For example, Grainger utilizes Facebook. Grainger has its own page. This page is shown below. Please note the NASCAR of Ryan Newman on the background picture. It appears that Grainger is trying to magnify its core competencies of “speed and convenience” by having such content. This content is also located on its TWITTER site. In addition to having a Facebook Page and TWITTER account, Grainger also uses Google +, youtube, and Linkedin. Grainger’s Google + site and youtube channel differ from the previously mentioned social media platforms. Grainger’s Google +
  6. 6. PAGE 5 site puts a greater emphasis on the end user of its products. Its youtube channel also focuses on the individual by taking you on a tour of recent trade shows, and its Linkedin account describes its array of product offerings. The utilization of Google +, youtube channel, and Linkedin shows a customer how they might use its products whereas the Facebook and TWITTER sites focus on its Strength to supply the customer’s needs in a fast manner. “REMEMBER… IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW YOURSELF BEFORE YOU TRY TO CHANGE THE ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS OF OTHERS”
  7. 7. PAGE 6 Customer Decision Journey (CDJ) An understanding of the decisions customers travel through will be discussed via the following Scenararios… Scenario 1: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool (for example a drill), but do not visit Grainger.com In the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ), this scenario demonstrates the Initial Consideration Set for the customer.iv This audience does not think of Grainger.com when shopping for BOSCH Power Tools. Since BOSCH hired Grainger to increase its sales of BOSCH Power Tools on Grainger.com, Grainger should passively go after the new clients/this audience. To increase awareness of Grainger as a supplier, I have a recommendation. The marketers at Grainger will market BOSCH Power Tools by sending out a mass email to union stewards advertising BOSCH Power Tools and offering special incentives to them when they purchase from Grainger.com The marketers will have to keep the following customer concerns in mind when preparing their marketing strategy: CDJ Customer Concerns Initial Consideration Set Can I use a product I have used in the pastto meet my need? I don't know any platforms… what social media platformshould I use to get ideas of brands? Analysis: 1. Total number of users of different social media accounts… Facebook, TWITTER, InstaGram, etc. 2. Survey union stewards to find out what power tools they have been using Scenario 2: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, log in to Grainger.com, and visit the power tools category
  8. 8. PAGE 7 In the CDJ, this scenario demonstrates the Moment of Purchase of the customer. 1 Grainger has to realize that visitation of the power tools category by the customer will offer all of the other brands. CDJ Customer Concerns Moment of Purchase Will theother brands be more suited to meet my needs? Is that "brand" to expensive for me compared to the other brands? Analysis: 1. Marketers at Grainger should validate the positioning of the product on Grainger.com. They should position Grainger power tools at the top 2. Marketers at Grainger should do research on the products offered on it’s website and offer coupons on the side of the webpage for discounts when the item is purchased through Grainger.com Scenario 3: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, log in to Grainger.com, and visit the plumbing category but not power tools In the CDJ, this scenario demonstrates the Active Evaluation of the customer. 1 The customer is conducting research on what they need to fix their problem. Answering the question: Will these tools satisfy my customer’s needs? CDJ Customer Concerns Active Evaluation Do I have a lot of time to research different brands? How many of the product do I need? Analysis:
  9. 9. PAGE 8 1. Survey union stewards on how busy they consider themselves to be/ correlate that answer with how busy the contractors (non-union) perceive union stewards to be. 2. Research product offering on Grainger.com and verify the amount of the product that can be purchased (Bulk vs. single item) Data Collection and Analysis The following Business Objectives will be discussed in the context of Grainger being a supplier of BOSCH power tools: Build Awareness, Influence Consideration, and Improve Sales Process. These Business Objectives were selected based on the scenario(s) given. Build Awareness: As previously discussed Grainger is a B2B seller; however, Grainger is a B2C as well. In the scenario that audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool (for example a drill), but do not visit Grainger.com is an instance where potential customers need to think of Grainger when they think of Power Tools. “How many people in the targeted audience has never heard of Grainger being a supplier of BOSCH Power Tools?” would be a key question for marketers at Grainger to answer. In order to answer this question, these marketers should create a mass email to Grainger’s targeted audience introducing BOSCH Power Tools and offering incentives when purchased from Grainger.com. To gather information on how financially beneficial this can be to Grainger an analysis from Google Analytics should be pulled telling the number of hand tool users in the targeted audience. Another key question for Grainger (based on the recommendation of mass emailing Union Stewards), is “How many potential customers are union members?” This information can also be pulled from Google Analytics.v Influence Consideration: It has been determined that the scenario (audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, log in to Grainger.com, and visit the power tools category does not lead to an increase of sales on Grainger.com) is Business Objective Key Question Data -- Source(s) How many people in the targeted audience has never heard of Grainger being a supplier of BOSCH Power Tools? Audience using hand tools -- Google Analytics How many potential customers are union members? Union membership -- Google Analytics Build Awareness
  10. 10. PAGE 9 an example when marketers at Grainger should influence the potential customer to purchase BOSCH Power Tools. They should be asking themselves “What can I do to attract users of Power Tools to BOSCH’s brand?” An analysis from Topsy would want to be conducted on TWITTER to answer this question. Specifically, pictures of projects created by past customers posted on its TWITTER account. 1 Another question marketers at Grainger should be asking themselves is “Are my offerings of BOSCH Power Tools positioned correctly on Grainger.com?” Simply a positioning of BOSCH Power Tools at the top of its Power Tools section on its website would maximize audience visibility. Improve Sales Process: The business objective of Improving the Sales Process will help Grainger increase its sale of BOSCH Power Tools by 10% on Grainger.com. One key question would be for Grainger to answer is “Are my offerings of BOSCH Power Tools offered at the right quantities?” If they are not, this can lead to a no-sale of BOSCH Power Tools. The answer to this question may simply be validated and verified on Grainger.com. In the third scenario given of the “Audience that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, log in to Grainger.com, and visit the plumbing category but not power tools” should be noticed by doing an AdWord Search of “Power Tools used in plumbing” Does this keyword search bring me to BOSCH Power Tools? A wrong link will bring the audience to an unintended page. Business Objective Key Question Data -- Source(s) What can I do to attract users of Power Tools to BOSCH’s brand? Pictures of projects created by BOSCH Power Tools -- Topsy (TWITTER Pictures) Are my offerings of BOSCH Power Tools postioned correctly on Grainger.com? Brand Positioning -- Website Influence Consideration Business Objective Key Question Data -- Source(s) Are my offerings of BOSCH Power Tools offered at the right quantities? Quantity Verification/Validation -- Website Why does an internet search of keywords "Power Tools used in plumbing" bring me to Grainger.com/plumbing? Plumbers needing assistance -- "Power Tools used in plumbing" -- AdWord Tool sending user to wrong link Improve Sales Process
  11. 11. PAGE 10 To properly create a digital marketing plan for Grainger advertising BOSCH Power Tools, the previous business objectives will be discussed in greater detail. Key Performance Indicators addressed The first business objective discussed was building brand awareness. In this case, the targeted audience does not recognize the name Grainger or even understand that there is a relationship between the two businesses. In order to create this awareness, Grainger will want to reach out to the audience interested in the use of Power Tools and have the potential customer buy the merchandize on Grainger.com. Grainger must first collect data on this audience. Grainger can see how large the potential audience is, from free websites such as: The U.S. Bureau of Census (http://www.census.gov/), Bureau of Economic Analysis (http://www.bea.gov/), and Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov) or gathering information from Google Trends (KEYWORDs: UNION MEMBERSHIP). The structure data retrieved from these recommended websites for the targeted audience will be gathered from the following Key Performance Indicatorvi. For Grainger’s proposed marketing plan, it is recommended to pull data on the specific number of unionized workers from these websites or interest of union membership on Google Trends. This number will give management the “go ahead” on the digital marketing plan. The second business objective, discussed previously, was Influencing Consideration. Grainger has to create a digital marketing plan that influences the customer at their moment of purchase to choose BOSCH Power Tools and not some other brand. A key performance indicator would be click rate of different brands on Grainger’s website. Where on the website is the most clicked on brand creating a successful brand? Another key performance indicator to determine the most popular brand would be the conversion/acquisition rate of this product. It would be vital for Grainger to compare and contrast both figures to find a link between the two Key Performance Indicators. Business Objective KPI & Source Question… Union Interest/Membership How big is our potential audience? Google Trends Brand Awareness
  12. 12. PAGE 11 The third business objective stated in this project was to Improve the Sales Process of BOSCH’s Power Tools on Grainger’s website. For some reason, unknown to Grainger, potential customers are accessing information on plumbing equipment when showing an interest of BOSCH’s Power Tools on BOSCH’s website. Is this an error in technology? Is the webpage on BOSCH’s website directing traffic to their power tools or on a wrong area on Grainger’s website? This information can easily be collected by examining the key performance indicator of bounce rate between the two websites.vii Business Objective KPI & Source Question… Click Rate Analysis of websites Conversion/Acquisition Rate Company Financial Statements What Power Tools are the highest sellers? Where on the website is the most clicked creating successful brand positioning? Influencing Consideration Business Objective KPI & Source Question… Bounce Rate Analysis of websites Is the same IP address being wrongly directed from BOSCH.com to GRAINGER.com? Improve Sales Process
  13. 13. PAGE 12 Channel Strategy Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative with strategy is called 'advertising.' Jef I. Richardsviii Grainger needs to get creative when employing their digital strategy for BOSCH Power tools sold on grainger.com… There are two audience categories defined in this relationship that will be addressed in the following paragraphs. Audience Category 1: Users landing on Grainger.com directly Let’s start getting creative… Grainger wants to spark an interest in BOSCH Power Tools from Grainger’s existing customers while attracting new ones. A marketer working at Grainger has many avenues to choose from to increase sales of BOSCH Power Tools on grainger.com. For instance, the marketer can suggest to create a wallpaper advertisement. A wallpaper advertisement is an ad format for which the page background is used as an ad space. Generally, only the space framing the page (page gutters) is really used for the ad.ix Wallpaper ad is frequently seen as a synonym of backgound skin. The implementation of wallpaper ads will be discussed later with tactics that Grainger should follow. It is also important for Grainger to continue to gather information from new customers to grow its in-house database. They already have a way to access this information.
  14. 14. PAGE 13 As you can see from the above picture, users of Grainger.com are asked to SIGN IN or REGISTER Now. This effort (depicted by the text circled in red) will give Grainger the information they need to Implement an email strategy. The below graph shows how Grainger can use wall paper in conjunction with the SIGN IN/New Registration section on its existing webpage. The specific details will be discussed later. It will be awesome for Grainger to implement an email strategy in their digital marketing campaign addressing the issues brought up in the Business Objectives. The reason Grainger should retarget an audience is because it is said that only 2% of people that log on to a website actually make a purchase. Grainger should retarget this 98% by sending out an email.x This too will further be discussed later. GRAINGER.com (Source) Advertisements (Digital) Event New Customers Wallpaper New Registration Existing Customers Wallpaper SIGN IN New Customers Email Information of KPI verified Existing Customers Email Retargeting after Bounce Rate is analyzed
  15. 15. PAGE 14 Audience Category 2: Users landing on Boschtools.com first Scenario 1: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool (for example a drill), but do not visit Grainger.com For this scenario Grainger should simply create a banner advertisement. A Banner Ad is a form of advertising that utilizes a graphic display to advertise a company. A banner ad usually appears along the sides of a web page: at the top, bottom, left, or right. They often take a rectangular shape and can contain both images and text. Banner ads are published on a third party’s web page, whether it be another company’s website or a search results page, and they redirect anyone who clicks on the ad to the advertising company’s website. The advertiser pays the host website for the banner ad depending on their arrangements.xi Scenario 2: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, login to Grainger.com, and visit the power tools category The Banner Ad was a success! It would be nice for Grainger to add user comments of BOSCH Power Tools. This earned content will be extremely valuable for Grainger, showing past positive experiences form customers. Scenario 3: Audiences that visit Boschtools.com, look at a power tool, and then visit Grainger.com, login to Grainger.com, and visit the plumbing category but not power tools This scenario was possibly attributed to a technological error. Bounce rates were recommended for Grainger to use. It will be crucial for Grainger to discover the failed link to improve its sales process. All Scenarios… Furthermore, Grainger should introduce Interstitials. Interstitials are ads that will come up when you visit a page before you get to the actual content that you are looking at. This will keep the BOSCH name fresh in the minds of new and existing customers when registering or signing in to Grainger.com. Pop-unders can also be used when BOSCH.com is left showing a relationship with Grainger. These tools will be discussed in the next section: TACTICS BOSCH.com (Source) Advertisements (Digital) Event New Customers Interestitials New Registration Existing Customers Interestitials SIGN IN New Customers Pop-unders When site is left to grainger.com Existing Customers Pop-unders When site is left
  16. 16. PAGE 15 Digital MarketingTactics For this Digital Marketing Strategy to be effective in satisfying the overall business objectives, Grainger should implement the following tactics… TACTICS: WALLPAPER This wallpaper used on Grainger.com should be accessed when receiving details of a BOSCH product. Keeping its wallpaper the same theme as BOSCH’s mission “to improve the quality of life with Bosch products” keeps the wallpaper tactic aligned with the overall business strategy.xii The constant message (Wallpaper) of BOSCH Power tools is intended to increase the brand awareness. Does the customer know what tool they are reading about? That is when these wallpapers could come in handy. TACTICS: EMAIL A campaign Grainger will want to construct is an email campaign. It has the possibility of receiving a high return on investment with an email campaign. The investment tends to be low on a per contact basis, so that return can be quite high. Email allows for mass customization, based on your database you can really customize the message per user.
  17. 17. PAGE 16 The above example illustrates Grainger targeting an existing customer. The below example is intended for use by Grainger for new customers. An email strategy by Grainger would be important to foster a relationship with a potential customer. Particularly with things like email newsletters.xiii
  18. 18. PAGE 17 To align with its business objective of Influencing Consideration Grainger should send these emails out to union members in construction. TACTICS: BANNER ADS Banner Ads should be used on grainger.com to entice customers to purchase their brand or meeting the business objective of Influencing Consideration. The banner ad used on Grainger.com should be located on the left and shown to the customer only when the BOSCH brand is clicked. It should be in “skyscraper” form (Vertically repetitive). Grainger has lots of customers. It would be extremely wrong for Grainger to show favoritism to BOSCH by putting up banner ads on their competitor’s sites. TACTICS: EARNED CONTENT To add in the power of social media, Grainger should include some positive reviews on previous customers of BOSCH Power Tools when accessing details about such a product.
  19. 19. PAGE 18 When addressing its business objective of brand awareness. Grainger has the unique opportunity to capitalize on earned content on TWITTER by suggesting that construction workers “tweet” a picture of their current project on their TWITTER account profile page. TACTICS: INTERSTITIALS An interstitial (something "in between") is a page that is inserted in the normal flow of editorial content structure on a Web site for the purpose of advertising or promotion. It can be more or less intrusive and the reaction of viewers usually depends on how welcome or entertaining the message is. An interstitial is usually designed to move automatically to the page the user requested after allowing enough time for the message to register or the ad(s) to be read.xiv An idea for Grainger is to incorporate its TWITTER campaign on its interstitials. Below is an example of how Grainger can Influence Consideration of its brand.
  20. 20. PAGE 19 TACTICS: POP-UNDERS Grainger should implement pop-unders for BOSCH Power Tools after a person bounced off of its website. This could counter an issue it’s having with its business objective of Improving the Sales Process. A Pop-under is an ad that displays in a new browser window behind the current browser window.xv It lingers behind the current browser window, appearing only after other windows have been closed. This is a clever way for Grainger to appeal to potential customers. The pop-under should be a specific tool based on what the customer was viewing last. Ex… USER LAST VIEWED NAILS
  21. 21. PAGE 20 Test and Control Plan “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” David Allan Coe Hopefully, marketers at Grainger will realize that a strong Digital Marketing Plan will path the way for long-lasting financial success. It is important to constantly test and make adjustments to this plan to counter outside influences. There are many techniques that Grainger could implement to test and control its Digital Marketing plan meeting its business objectives. Three specific techniques will be examined: Surveys, Focus Groups, & Online Monitoringxvi. These Test and Control techniques will be planned for Grainger to meet the following business objectives: Brand Awareness, Influencing Consideration, & Improving Sales Process. SURVEYS Surveys should be created by Granger to gather primary data (data that describes the customer’s feelings). With the increasing importance of social media in Grainger’s Digital marketing mix, online social media surveys are a great way to figure out which social media channels it needs to pay attention to. Likes and retweets only tell you so much. Surveys help you understand the “why” and will give Grainger ideas on how to serve its market. Grainger should post marketing surveys on Facebook or Twitter to gauge interest in its relationship with BOSCH Power Tools. Surveys will be an excellent way for Grainger to measure brand awareness This information will give Grainger Earned Content. Grainger must ask itself: Does your market even know you exist? Do they consider you a viable option, or do they prefer your competitors. And most importantly, why chose Grainger? These answers will give Grainger an insight to how well its products are being perceived by its customers. This Qualitativedata will not only inform Grainger the way it is perceived, but what it needs to improve as well. These surveys will be an excellent tool when Users land on Grainger.com directly. Surveying its customers to test branding and naming concepts will help Grainger understand the attitudes motivations, and preferences of its customers, especially Tactic Business Objective Test/Control Method Type of Research Wallpaper Influence Consideration Focus Groups Secondary/Qualitative Earned Content Brand Awareness Survey Primary/Qualitative Interstitials Influence Consideration Focus Groups Primary/Qualitative Pop-Unders Improving Sales Process Online Monitoring Secondary/Quantitative
  22. 22. PAGE 21 in relation to its competitors. Gathering this information gives management the data they need to adjust or realign a Digital Marketing Plan to be more financially successful. FOCUS GROUPS A focus group is a marketing research tool in which a small group of people (typically eight to ten individuals) engages in a roundtable discussion of selected topics of interest in an informal setting. The focus group discussion is typically directed by a moderator who guides the discussion in order to obtain the group's opinions about or reactions to specific products or marketing-oriented issues, known as test concepts.1 Focus Groups are recommended for Grainger to use when trying to Influence Consideration of its products when implementing the Tactics of Wallpaper and Interstitialsxvii. This Primary data can provide marketing managers, product managers, and market researchers with a great deal of helpful information, to entice people to choose Grainger as their supplier of BOSCH Power Tools. Focus Groups can help Grainger determine where on the internet is the best placement for its wallpaper and interstitials. They can also be influential in content in these tactics by noticing applause rates. This Test and Control Technique will be useful to gather information on customers that access Grainger.com directly as well as customers that access BOSCH.com first. All and all, by Focus Groups providing qualitative information from well-defined target audiences (websites in this case), they can aid businesses in decision making and in the development of marketing strategies and promotional campaigns.xviii ONLINE MONITORING This test and control technique should be implemented when attempting to Improve the Sales Process. Online Monitoring is investigating one’s digital/internet presence. The Quantitative Data of Bounce Rates of the two websites will assist management at Grainger assume a correlation between a failed link between customers searching for BOSCH Power Tools on BOSCH’s website and those customers being redirected to Grainger’s plumbing home page when accessed. Although Online Monitoring is instrumental in discovering a brands characterization by reviewing comments about a brand, online monitoring is recommended for Grainger to investigate bounce rates between these two websitesxix. This will be secondary research for a possible primary assumption.
  23. 23. PAGE 22 Hopefully, this quantitative knowledge will help management determine if a failed link is possibly preempting a loss in possible sales for BOSCH Power Tools. All and all, it is hoped, that with the Implementation of these ideas Grainger will boost its sale of BOSCH Power Tools by 10% on grainger.com WORD COUNT: 3989
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