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  1. ABSTRACT Commonly the orientation of the car is controlling with the help of remote through wired or wireless. In this project the orientation of the car is controlling by the hand movement (Gesture). And also it’s a wireless control which made with RF Module. For programming side we used Arduino NANO to control the car. To reads the hand movement for controlling the car we used MPU6050. It’s a gyroscope. The hand controlling concept will be very easy for the operator to define the orientation of the car. It will be user friendly.
  2. BLOCK DIAGRAM MPU 6050 Arduino Nano H T 1 2 E H T 1 2 D L293D RF MODULE M 1 M 2
  3. ARDUINO Nano  Arduino Nano is a small, compatible, flexible and breadboard friendly Microcontroller board, developed by in Italy,  ATmega328p ( Arduino Nano V3.x)
  4. MPU 6050  MPU6050 is a MEMS-based 6-axis motion tracking device. It has an on-chip gyroscope and accelerometer sensors along with temperature sensor.  This module is of very small in size, has low power consumption requirements, highly accurate, has high repeatability, high shock tolerance, it has application-specific performance programmability and low consumer price points
  5. RF MODULE  The RF module, as the name suggests, operates at Radio Frequency.  This kind of modulation is known as Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK).  Suitable for long range applications.  This RF module comprises of an RF Transmitter and an RF Receiver. The transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) pair operates at a frequency of 434 MHz .
  6. ENCODER  HT12E is a 212 series encoder IC (Integrated Circuit) for remote control applications. Manufacture by Holtek.  HT12E simply converts 12 bit parallel data in to serial output which can be transmitted through a RF transmitter.  These 12 bit parallel data is divided in to 8 address bits and 4 data bits.
  7. DECODER  HT12D is a 212 series decoder IC (Integrated Circuit) for remote control applications . Manufacture by Holtek.  It is commonly used for radio frequency (RF) wireless applications.  These 12 bit parallel data is divided in to 8 address bits and 4 data bits.  Using 8 address bits we can provide 8 bit security code for 4 bit data and can be used to address multiple receivers by using the same transmitter.
  8. MOTOR DRIVER  L293D is a typical Motor driver or Motor Driver IC which allows DC motor to drive on either direction.  16-pin IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any direction.  Dual H-bridge Motor Driver integrated circuit (IC).