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  1. A _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ ACCOUNTING
  2. _ _ _ E _ _ _ SCIENCE
  3. _ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ s HUMANITIES
  4. 1 _ _ _ N _ __ A_ _ V S _ _ _ __ _ _ H QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH
  5. Activity # 2 BE A MASTER!!! (JIGSAW PUZZLE) 1. In your group, count from 1 to 3.(Master Group) 2. Regroup yourselves according to the number designated to each member. All number 1 will group together so with number 2 and 3.(Expert Group) 3. Group 1 will be in charged for the importance of quantitative research in the area of ABM. Group 2will be in charged in the field of STEM. Group 3 will be in the discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences. 4. Guide questions will be given. Analyze and discuss within your group the important information given.(7 minutes) 5. After the given time, go back to your home group or “masters group”. Share what you learned from the experts group. (3 minutes)
  6. Activity # 3 Your Voice Sounds Familiar 1. From the ideas shared in activity 2, 1 representative from each group will identify the importance of quantitative research in your specific field. Share your learnings by emulating the voice of the celebrity that you have picked. 2. You will be given 3 minutes to prepare.
  7. Importance of quantitative research in accounting, business, and management To design a new product or service To guarantee sufficient distribution of products To determine proper time to open another branch To remain competitive in the market
  8. To correctly determine its customers and preferences To establish the enterprise in the most feasible location To analyze what the competitors are doing
  9. Importance of quantitative research in stem Medical practitioners conduct researchers to: obtain information about disease trends and risk factors, patterns of care, and health care costs and use determine the effects and side effect of drugs and therapies Ensure high quality patient care Aim for man’s longevity
  10. Importance of quantitative research in stem Engineers, architects, and other builders conduct researchers to: provide creative designs to adapt to the ever changing society Strengthen the structural materials
  11. IMPORTANCE OF QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES To provide solutions to social problems directly felt by people It deals more on societal behaviors and social issues such as stress, organizational commitment, leadership style, child labor, teenage pregnancy, human trafficking, drug addiction and other forms of criminality.
  12. Activity # 5 Number Heads together 1.In your group, let the members count from 1 to 10. The learners who were assigned as number 1 will answer question number 1. The same procedure will be followed for questions 2 to 10.
  13. Assignment 1. Plan a possible quantitative research in your area of interest.
  14. Words to ponder Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  15. Thank You and God Bless us all!