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Nissan Leaf

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Nissan Leaf

  1. 1. NISSAN’S ZERO- EMISSION FUTURE September 2009 August 6, 2009
  2. 2. HISTORY OF NISSAN’S EV • 17 years of experience in lithium-ion battery/car application • Late CY2010 launch all new pure electric vehicle 1998 Altra EV 2000 Hypermini 2008 Test Vehicle 2010 Leaf US, JPN PIVO PIVO2 NUVU 2005 Tokyo MS 07 Tokyo MS 2008 Paris MS
  5. 5. Driving with Peace of Mind What does EV-IT do?  Navigation System  Remote control of vehicle Smart functions through cellular Phone phone/internet  Show nearby charging spots Home/Office  Show how far driver can go  Check charging status  Map updates for charging locations GDC Bundled Features:  Navigation  BTHF  DCM  Radio, CD In-vehicle Navigation  USB/iPod adapter  SAT Radio  MP3 player Charging Station
  6. 6. BENEFITS TO THE CONSUMER • True zero-emission vehicle • Affordable pricing • Lower Total Cost of Ownership than a comparable Internal Combustion Engine • Lower maintenance costs than an ICE vehicle (Less complexity, no engine, no oil changes) Electric Vehicle DOE MPG rating: 367 mpg equivalent* Cost per mile comparison (15k miles): • Car (good 30mpg, $4/gal) = $0.13 per mile / $1,950 • EV (high $0.14 kWh) = $0.04 per mile / $600 Advantage exists even if gasoline drops below $1.10/gal * DOE Code of Federal Regulations, Section 10, Part 474
  7. 7. NISSAN LEAF 5-door medium sized Highlights Size hatchback • Zero emission • Affordable Capacity 5 Adults • Stimulating acceleration 100 miles Range • Quietness (US LA4) • 100-mile range sufficient for daily use Top Speed ~88 mph • Advanced intelligent Laminated Li-ion transportation (IT) system Battery (Manufactured by AESC) Capacity 24 kWh/over 90kW High-response synchronous Motor AC Motor 80kW/280Nm Integrated communication IT System system
  8. 8. Charging Basics Time to charge EVSE Utility Service Usage Charge Power MY11 MY12+ Level I 110V - 15A Opportunity 1.4 kW 18 hrs 18 hrs Level II low 220V - 15A Home 3.3 kW 8 hrs 8 hours Level II high 220V - 30A Home/Public 6.6 kW 4 hours Level III 480V - 167A Public/Private 70 - 50 kW 20-50 mins 20-50 mins Level 2 charging will be the majority of charging both at home and in public. Level 2 charging will be standardized (SAE 1772) by launch and will be used by all OEMs for both electric and plug-in application. The completion for the Level 3 standard is still in process.
  9. 9. CHARGING NETWORK CONCEPT Home Charging Network Charging Destination Charging Pathway Charging EV Usage Short Distance Mid Distance Long Distance Charger Charger Charger Charger Charger Normal Normal or Quick Quick Type (depends on stay time) Charging Home Office Super Market, Mall Major Road Site Restaurant or Highway Service Parking Lot Area
  10. 10. Market • Agree on partner incentives to promote EV use Readiness Incentive Commitments • a “menu of options” to choose from has been established Planning: Volume • Obtain volume commitments from MOU partners, utilities, govt agencies, local companies, etc Commitments • Move from soft to firm commitments when vehicle is revealed and pricing communicated • Determine how many charging stations, locations, Infrastructure who pays, funding sources, timing, etc. Planning Partnership Market • Obtain commitments from stakeholders to install Planning Readiness infrastructure Executing MOU • Streamline residential permitting process Agreements EVSE Permit Process • Investigate online permitting and self certification for infrastructure installers External • Identify and apply for all EV related funding available Funding through State and Federal sources Education & • Develop plans to educate the public about Nissan PR and Partners EV activities
  11. 11. Zero Emission Mobility Team MOUs Signed Partnership Status: Partnership (non MOU) Target Markets / Contacts Made Vancouver Seattle Oregon / PGE Boston / State of MA Sonoma County CT/NE utilities Sacramento Indianapolis San Francisco Washington DC Area Colorado Los Angeles Progress Energy TN / TVA / ORNL San Diego G&E Advanced Energy Duke Energy Dallas Ft. Worth Phoenix Austin Tucson Ecotality Houston Orlando