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Keith May CV Dec 2014

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Keith May CV Dec 2014

  1. 1. Keith George May 11, Beechwood Road Hilsea PORTSMOUTH PO2 9QJ t: 023 92 661162 e: keith.may4@ntlworld.com m:0740 2128248 Marital status : Married I am an experienced Senior Manager with skills across all business disciplines with a commercial focus. I have a strong track record in building and leading teams whilst at the same time introducing new ways of working as part of a change management programme, leading my team to embrace the changes in a positive manner. I have worked in commercial roles for a significant proportion of my career, both in Commercial Sales and Market development and within a Commercial Procurement environment, both in Private and Public Sector, and procured a wide variety of products and services, from software to high value R&D through to temporary contractors. Previous roles have also involved developing business areas with regards to revenue and sales / marketing activities. This has been through direct sales activity with high targets to achieve and via a network of Value Added Resellers, an area which I set up and ran on behalf of Royal Mail’s Address Management Centre. The areas I have experience:  Marketing  Licensing of IP and the realisation of revenue  Management of a ‘channel’ team to manage Vendors  Team Leadership  Supplier management and development  Category Management  Science & Technology R&D  Public Procurement  Customer management  Business process and development  Process improvement  Procurement systems (particularly PeopleSoft)  Change management I have been with my current company for 9 years and have been involved in many markets and business areas, I feel the skills I have developed transpose across the many competencies a commercial professional requires, whether in a Commercial Procurement or Commercial Sales & Marketing role. I am also SC cleared and able to work on projects of a secure nature. 1
  2. 2. Career History Jan 2013 – to date Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) Position Commercial Team Leader - R&D In Jan 2013 I took on a role to organise a team to deliver c.£150m of research in the science and technology area. My remit was to understand the scope of work needed to fulfil the research budget and the team needed to deliver a range of contracts, supporting different business areas ranging from Naval Systems & Maritime, through to Air Weapons. I developed a plan of how this would be achieved and reviewed the team needed to deliver such a campaign. I spent a reasonable period of time developing and delivering a resourcing campaign, looking to attract the right calibre of person in to the team, which has proven successful and the team are on target to achieve C.£150M of research this financial year. I also spent time reviewing the procurement strategies of how various contract vehicles could be used to facilitate c.£150m of research. These strategies have now been implemented and frameworks put in place to facilitate the relationship with the supplier and the customer requirements. I now have a team in place of 19 Commercial Professionals who are able to realise the business plan and have started to deliver against the expectations of the plan, and through contract vehicles that support our activities. Achievements  Development of a Business Plan to deliver £150m of R&D during the financial year.  Managing a resourcing campaign to identify commercial professionals who could add value to the organisation  Leadership of a team of 19 commercial professionals  Member of the leadership team delivering a wider change program in to Dstl Commercial Services team across three sites. June 2007 – Jan 2013 Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) Position Corporate Services Manager As Corporate Services Manager, I defined and set the scope of the team responsibilities and developed business plans to drive and deliver results. The team were all specifically recruited in to their positions to develop a well balanced team. 2
  3. 3. My responsibilities embraced any service provided across the Dstl business structure and were not specific to a dept or Function, and was therefore wide ranging. I was responsible for many areas such as: Area Summary Volume / value Temporary Contracted workers The use of scientific and technical contractors to support projects 250 contractors and upto £20m pa of spend Consultants The use of world class consultants to provide advice and guidance for major projects £2.5m pa Training and leadership development Delivery of specific training. £3m pa GPC Control of Dstl’s use of a Government Procurement Card supplied through Barclays 200 cardholders / £10m pa of spend Legal services Contractual arrangements and processes for using legal support £1m pa IP Agents Lead and develop the relationship with IP Agents around the world, in the protection Dstls IP £2m pa Category Management Mainly focused around commodities such as electronic components, consumables and stationery My role extended to all aspects of Category Management such as the initial analysis of the expenditure, through to customer and supplier management. I managed a supplier base of 17 companies within a temporary contractor’s framework from which secondary competitions were run to provide a range of proposals. I also managed the relationship with other suppliers of services ranging from Legal advice through to marketing related contracts. My role also embraced leadership of a team of 7 Category Managers across two sites, who had specific areas they managed as well as cross team responsibilities. The company also asked me to take on the additional responsibility of managing Dstl’s relationship with the Cabinet Office Procurement teams. There have been significant changes to the way Govt procure across areas, and my role was to act as Relationship Manager and to present and lead those changes in to Dstl. Achievements  Strategic Development and implementation of a framework which allows Dstl to introduce temporary contracted staff into Dstl in an organised and structured way.  Development of supplier relationships for the supply of temporary contractors / consultants into Dstl, these are mainly scientific experts, with a total contract value of C.£20m.  Development and implementation of processes to support the operational aspects of introducing temporary staff into Dstl.  Identification and relationship development with the COI (Central Office of Information) to support the Dstl marketing teams. 3
  4. 4. September 2005 – June 2007 Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) A part of the Ministry of Defence Position Commercial Manager – Manpower Category As a Category Manager within the Commercial Services team, I was responsible for all Consultancy and Contracted workers used by Dstl. With over 750 projects that use extra resource this relates to significant volume with regards to staff to bring into the organisation, as well as a high level of spend. My role embraces the management of a team, as well as a range of suppliers who are contracted to provide extra resource into Dstl. While managing the external interface and day to day operational activities, I also manage the internal customer developing relationships and working across the HR function to identify longer term issues for Dstl. Special Project with Dstl I have also supported the business lead for Dstl in the introduction of Oracles PeopleSoft 8.9, taking the lead role on occasions when necessary. The area of focus was around the procurement modules of PeopleSoft, developing new or modified internal processes to meet the needs of the new software and architecture offered by PeopleSoft, such as e-procurement and GPC (Procurement cards). Whilst at Dstl I have completed my MCIPS in Procurement. Jan 2005 – Feb 2005 Ordnance Survey Position Management Consultant/Contractor I assisted in the analysis of contractual and pricing issues, developing a number of working papers from which future pricing policies could be developed. The position embraced a number of strategic contracts that were under review and required a detailed commercial view to ensure the position of OS was not compromised in-line with contractual obligations to Royal Mail and other data providers. June 2004 – Dec 2004 Career Break I took a short career break funded through a voluntary redundancy package when I left Royal Mail in June 2004. I sailed my own yacht to the Channel Islands and Brittany/Normandy coasts, taking my family on a superb two month cruise. I also took the opportunity to successfully complete the RYA Yacht Masters course and I am now a fully qualified Yacht Master. 1994 – 2004 Royal Mail Data Markets Senior Commercial Manager As a Senior Manager within a Royal Mail business unit, I was the Senior Commercial Manager responsible for the exploitation of Royal Mail’s intellectual property. This extended to data products, a number of software products and other geo-spatial type data. The role embraced all aspects of commercial management from strategic and contractual development, sales management, marketing, product development and procurement of services for iT based activities. 4
  5. 5. To deliver successfully in this area I led a team of 5 executive managers and 12 professionals from Sales and Marketing through to a solutions management IT team. I also contracted with and led sales agencies and an outsourced operation to manage product supply and delivery. Achievements  Development of supplier relationships for software based products, on-line services and directory products. The value of theses contracts exceed £15m pa, with additional revenues from the on- sale of products to customers.  I led the Royal Team that developed a PFI with ONS and Ordnance Survey. The PFI was to establish improved data flows between the organisations and an accurate and commercial dataset which linked Postcodes to Grid References and Local Authority codes. The PFI also developed the commercial methods of how the companies would operate.  In my position as Commercial Data Manager, my skills and knowledge were marketed internationally, and I worked with Hong Kong Post in the development of a pricing and licensing approach for the exploitation of their data products. The project went well and I presented a final licensing strategy and policy to the board of Hong Kong Post, which was agreed as the strategic future. Royal Mail also received a significant sum for my services as a consultant.  Working with the Royal Mail International team, I developed pricing and licensing models with the UPU (Universal Postal Union – a branch of the U.N), for the use of international data. I worked both in the U.K and Switzerland to develop strategies, communicating with the virtual team between meetings to check and manage understanding across the many languages of the team. 1992 – 1994 Product Development Manager My role was responsible for the development of data products to meet the requirements of customers and deliver timely updates. The role was a management role, either developing the software and data content, internally, or purchasing services and / or products from specialist suppliers. 1989 – 1992 Customer Services Manager As customer services manager I was responsible for a team of people who offered technical support to direct customers, the support focused on the installation and use of Royal Mail CD products and data based products 5
  6. 6. Qualifications and Education Professional Qualifications MCIPS – 2006 (005268683) O – levels Maths D English Lit & Lang C Geography C Technical Drawing B BTEC/Edexcel Assessment/Interviewer Training Level 1.0 City & Guilds COBOL Programming level One RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Yachtmaster offshore VHF/DSC RADAR Sea Survival Royal Mail Courses As part of the Management Training programme, Royal Mail developed in conjunction with the Sheffield Business School, an MBA programme. Each of the modules were linked to the MBA type module, however, the successful passes were not eligible for an MBA due to company policy. Strategic Management for Commercial Success Getting the Media Mix Right Strategic Leadership Creating the Climate For Change Financial Management Leading Change Marketing Customer Management New Employee Relations Finance Operations Management Supplier management Royal Mail also developed a range of courses to enhance technical skills. The courses were benchmarked against Microsoft courses, but again company policy did not allow for accreditation against a qualification. MS Excel MS Word MS Access MS Windows MS PowerPoint MS Visio MS Project Dstl Courses As well as developing my commercial skills through MCIPS, I have also undertaken a range of courses whilst at Dstl which focus on the Dstl approach. Team leadership Understanding MOD and Military Performance reviews Recruiting and using Temporary Contractors ( CIPS professional course) 6
  7. 7. Hobbies and Interests Sailing – I own my own boat, Westerly Storm, and regularly cruise the Solent, Channel Islands and Brittany. My family join us and we enjoy holidays and weekends through out the sailing season. Until recently I was Commodore of my boating club – Portsmouth Harbour Cruising Club and I am now the Events Manager for the club, I am also President of the Portsmouth and Langstone Sailing Association (PLSA) I enjoy the gym and regularly jog and work out. 7