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Audience Research

  1. Audience Research- Facebook Questionnaire
  2. Gender & Age I asked these questions to get more information on who I should focus more on when creating my documentary. As you can see, my audience is 88.9% female and 72.5% are 31+ years of age. This has given me the knowledge of who I should focus on more This tells me that when doing my research, I should focus more on the history of women doing witchcraft in the North of England. It also tells me that it fits in the target audience age range which also means that I should focus more on the older audience but still include everyone else
  3. What is your religion? Since my subject area is witchcraft, there are a variety of religions within this subject. I asked this question so I know what religion to focus on more. From the results shown,26% of my audience is Pagan which is a witchcraft religion. This information tells me to focus more on the pagan side of witchcraft as well as religion friendly due to more of my audience being a different religion.
  4. What are your interests? I asked this question so I could get an idea of where I can focus my documentary on. From the word bubble shown, the interests in blue tell me the more common hobbies that my audience is interested in. This tells me that my audience will probably like to see these in the documentary or that it will bring interest to more veiwers.
  5. Do you watch documentaries? Here, I wanted to know how much of my audience watches documentaries. As shown by this pie chart, 60.5% watch documentaries and 37.2% sometimes watch documentaries. This tells me a large variety of my audience watches documentaries and that they would most likely be interested in a documentary about witchcraft.
  6. Why do you like documentaries, if not why? From the previous question, I wanted to know why my audience liked or disliked documentaries. This will give me information on what my audience prefers to see in documentaries. It also tells me what areas in my documentary I should focus on more for example, I should focus on making my documentary informative as well as teaching my audience about my subject research.
  7. Would you watch a documentary about how social media/the internet has influenced witchcraft? Since my documentary will be focusing on how social media and the internet have affected or influenced witchcraft, I wanted to know if my audience would be interested in watching it. As shown by this pie chart, 76.2% of audience would be interested in the documentary. This tells that the documentary would become a success.
  8. How do you think social media/internet has affected witchcraft? Even though I know how social media has affected witchcraft, I also wanted to see it from my audience’s view. There were a lot of responses to this question like witchcraft becoming a trend, a lot of misinformation, more acceptable and more. This will help me include points in my documentary as well as choosing an area to focus more on. This will also help me give the pros and cons of social media when it comes to witchcraft.
  9. Do you think that social media/internet has affected witchcraft positively or negatively? In my documentary, I want to give an overall on if social media has affected witchcraft positively or negatively, so I asked my audience for their thoughts. As you can see, 83.3% of my audience believe that social media has affected witchcraft positively. This will help me give an overall response
  10. What would you like to see in this documentary? For this question, I wanted to know what my audience would like to see in the documentary. I asked this question so I would know what would make this documentary interesting to other people who are interested in witchcraft. It also helps me with ideas that I could include to make sure that the documentary reaches the minimum time of this documentary.