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Artificial Intelligence- Carving the next Era of Marketing

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Forrester Survey on AI
Types of Intelligence
Stages of Intelligence
Role of AI in Marketing
Roadmap of going from data to AI
AI Use Cases
Concerns with AI
Career Paths & Preparation

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Artificial Intelligence- Carving the next Era of Marketing

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence Carving your Path to the Next Era in Marketing
  2. 2. Agenda What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forrester Survey on AI Types of Intelligence Stages of Intelligence Role of AI in Marketing Roadmap of going from data to AI AI Use Cases Concerns with AI Career Paths & Preparation
  3. 3. What the heck is AI?
  4. 4. Pick ME!!!
  5. 5. Artificial Intelligence Definition: 1: a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers 2: the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior
  6. 6. Types of Intelligence
  7. 7. Forrester Survey: There is no defined business case Not clear what AI can be used for Don’t have the required skills Need first to invest in modernizing data management platform What are obstacles to AI adoption as expressed by companies with no plans of investing in AI 42% 39% 33% 29%
  8. 8. Stages of Intelligence Knowledge • Data, text, activity Pattern Recognition • Face, speech, optical Machine Learning • Models, Deep Learning Predictive • Based on Probabilistic or Fuzzy Logic Robotics •Applying Learning at the last millisecond, intelligent personalization
  9. 9. RoadMap of Going from Data to AI Data and Records Data Cleansing & Standardization Reports and Dashboards Hypothesis validation & Insights Advance Visualization & Story Telling Data System Integration for one holistic view Attribution & Journey Mapping Build Custom Models & Predictions Establish segments and data clusters Create personalized experiences based on intelligence From Data to Insights to Automated & repeatable Intelligence
  10. 10. Nothing artificial about it!
  11. 11. Modern marketing AI systems
  12. 12. Questions Modern AI Helps Solve for: What Happened? What Changed over Time? Why it changed? Why it happened? What could happen? What is the difference?
  13. 13. Use Cases for AI in Marketing Website Design •The Grid Content Creation •Word Smith •Quill •Hemingway (additional clean up) Content Curation •Amazon & Netflix providing Recommendation Search •Voice Search (Conversational) •Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Home •Google RankBrain Marketing Automation •Boomtrain (send custom email based on behavior) Social Media •Custom Ads & feedback loop •Mitigate negative UX from clickbaits Images •Snapchat Instrgram with Augmented Reality via filters Advertising •Automated bidding •Programmatic advertising •Albert ChatBots & Growthbots •Fully automated computer responses and actions •Providing precise information to user Sales handoff •Identify hot leads •Conversica- Angie •Buyer Journey from Leads to Closed Won Deals
  14. 14. Concerns with AI AI is only as good as the data we have AI system Security and Breaches What About me?
  15. 15. So…umm Is there anything you want me to do?
  16. 16. The New World ???
  17. 17. The New World !!!
  18. 18. Oh Yea…that Artificial Intelligence!!!
  19. 19. Careers in Intelligence Career Titles: • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Admin, Technician • Data Scientist, Data Scientist • Digital Marketing Analyst, Strategist, Manager, Director • Chief Digital Officer / Scientist Keywords: • Data • Data Science • Data Governance • Insights • Intelligence • Analytics • Visualization
  20. 20. The Next Industrial Revolution Intelligence
  21. 21. The Next Industrial Revolution Intelligence Mass Marketing Digital Marketing Intelligent Marketing
  22. 22. Thank you. Kashif Khurshid Marketing Analytics Manager Kashif.Khurshid@alertlogic.com Linkedin.com/KashifKhurshid CaptainAnalytics.com Want a copy of the presentation? Visit CaptainAnalytics.com
  23. 23. Additional Sources: • https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/06/ai-enabled-technologies-could-help-museums- survive-the-digital-age/ • http://www.govtech.com/computing/Understanding-the-Four-Types-of-Artificial- Intelligence.html • https://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2017/01/23/top-10-hot-artificial-intelligence-ai- technologies/#411ed70a1928 • https://lifehacker.com/the-nine-types-of-intelligence-every-person-has-1772693736 • https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ai-marketing-use-cases