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  1. GARDENING COURSE FOR KIDS Are you ready to get your hands dirty!
  2. COURSE OVERVIEW  This course is designed for kids who want to learn the basics of gardening.  Through a series of hands-on lessons, kids will learn about the different parts of a plant, how to plant and care for seeds, and how to harvest vegetables. Overall, this course is designed to be a fun and interactive experience for kids to learn about the joys of gardening and develop an appreciation for nature. Each lesson should be adapted to suit the age and abilities of the kids and should be taught in a safe and supervised environment.
  3. LESSON-1 INTRODUCTION TO GARDENING  Benefits of gardening  Importance of plants in our lives  Tools used in gardening
  4. LESSON-2 INTRODUCTION TO PLANTS  Plants come in all shapes and sizes.  They grow from seeds and need soil, water, and sunlight to survive.
  5. LESSON-2 INTRODUCTION TO PLANTS  Let's learn the basic vocabulary associated with plants.  Plants have different parts: seeds, roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.
  6. LESSON-3 SOIL PREPERATION  Understanding soil types  Soil preparation techniques  Composting
  7. LESSON-4 PLANTING SEEDS  Let's learn how to plant seeds in soil.  Each child will plant a seed in a small pot  Planting seeds  Transplanting seedlings  Watering techniques  Each child will practice watering their plants
  8. LESSON-5 PLANT CARE  Identifying plant problems  Pests and diseases  Fertilizing techniques  Let's observe the growth of our plants.  How have they changed since we first planted them?
  9. LESSON-6 HARVESTING  Understanding the right time to harvest  Vegetables need soil, water, and sunlight to grow.  Let's discuss how we can take care of our vegetables to help them thrive  Let's choose a vegetable that is easy to grow and matures quickly, such as radishes.  Each child will harvest their own vegetable and taste it.
  10. LESSON-7 GARDEN CREATURES AND ECOSYSTEM  Let's learn about the different creatures that live in a garden.  Worms, ladybugs, and bees all play an important role in helping plants grow.  Let's encourage the toddlers to look for these creatures in the garden and observe them.  How do they help the plants grow?
  11. LESSON-8 CONCLUSION  Recap of the course and the fun experiences they had.  Encourage kids to continue gardening and to share their knowledge with their friends and family.  Give out certificates of completion for their hard work and dedication to gardening.