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Sosw Leszno school presentation

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Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy w Lesznie
Worksen Project Leonardo da Vinci
Lifelong Learning Programme

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Sosw Leszno school presentation

  1. 1. SOSW Leszno , our school
  2. 2. LESZNO, our hometown
  3. 3. Where we are situated ?
  4. 4. SOSW Leszno- our school  Our school is located 30 km from Warsaw, near the Kampinos National Park  We are the biggest school for children with special educational needs in Masovia region.  There are approximately 270 students in our school and 120 of them stay in the boarding school  Our students are children aged 7 to 23 with mental and physical disability and various educational needs.
  5. 5. School buildings
  6. 6. School canteen
  7. 7. Male dormitory in Kampinos National Park
  8. 8. School stable and horses
  9. 9. School structure  SOSW Leszno (School for Children with Special Educational Needs in Leszno) - Primary school - Secondary school - Vocational school For children aged 7 to 23 with mild, moderate, severe and profound mental retardation
  10. 10. Vocational school During 3-years vocational school student with mild mental retardation are being trained in following proffesions: --hairdresser -- gardner --shop assistant -- chef -- baker --confectioner
  11. 11. Activities in the boarding school
  12. 12. Activities in the boarding school
  13. 13. Annual events and festivals Every year we organise:  Christmas dinner  Vocal and dance festival  Theatre festival  Ski camp  Summer camp  Cross-country running  Bicycle rally  Integration trips
  14. 14. Christmas dinner
  15. 15. Theatre festival
  16. 16. Bicycle rally
  17. 17. FeTa – dance and vocal festival
  18. 18. School trips Annualy school organised trips to neighbourhood European countries. Our students have already visited 7 capitals (Prague, Vilnius, Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Bukarest, Tallin) and Bornholm Island in Denmark
  19. 19. Trip to Berlin
  20. 20. Trip to Bratislava and Vienna
  21. 21. Trip to Prague
  22. 22. International projects Since September 2011 we participate in Leonardo da Vinci project WORKSen (Comparing the techniques used in Special Needs Vocational Education and supporting their social and vocational integration) with 5 other schools and institutions from Turkey and Romania
  23. 23. International projects “Healthy food – better life” is a title of Polish-Italian Youth Exchange Youth in Action Programme that took place in Leszno in June 2012. The aim of the project was promotion of good eating habits and healthy lifestyle
  24. 24. International projects In June 2012 3 persons from our school participated in international seminar in Estonia. The theme of the seminar was work opportunity for persons with disabilities in non-government organisations. We had chance to share experience with other youth workers from Finland, Spain, Estonia and Austria
  25. 25. Summer camp During the summer we organised 2-weeks summer camp by the lake where children practise horse riding
  26. 26. Ski camp In the winter holidays students take part in the camp where they are being trained in skiing