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MyDivisoria PH Pitch Deck

  1. Social Commerce Simplified Karlo Alamares Co-Founder
  2. Social Media in the Philippines Source: UN, US Census Bureau; InternetWorldStats; Facebook; GSMA Intelligence
  3. E-Commerce in the Philippines Source: UN, US Census Bureau; InternetWorldStats; Facebook; GSMA Intelligence
  4. Sellers Problems Needs Huge Capital to Grow Complicated Platforms Limited Payment Options No IT Background Shipping/Courier Issues Limited Manpower Limited Geographical Reach No Marketing Background
  5. Buyers Problems Trust & Security Issues Limited Payment Options Lack of Interpersonal Approach Shipping/Courier Issues Limited Product Choices Smooth Returns & Refunds Store Accessibility Assured Product Quality
  6. We Bridge the GAP
  7. MyDivisoria PH A social commerce company committed to transforming business-minded Filipinos into micro-entrepreneurs by providing valuable high- quality products, training, and support. We jumpstart micro-enterprises with zero or very small capital through the use of social media.
  8. How We Do It Supports micro- entrepreneurs as we carry their products and promote them online Jumpstarts micro- enterprises with zero or very small capital Provides training and support in Social Media Marketing and Systems Transforms ordinary citizens into businessmen as they can be online and offline resellers of the company
  9. We have a head start 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 350000 400000 450000 November December January February March April May June July Sales Sales Our Total Gross Sales is at P 1.4M since Nov 2015. We are on track to average P1M Gross Sales a month before December 2016. Next Goal is to reach P1.5M Gross Sales with 50% Margin.
  10. Company Statistics 9000+ resellers and distributors nationwide Founded in 2015 About P2 million in gross sale
  11. Featured Reseller She gets P20-30k orders weekly Now She has ZERO experience in Sales or Internet Marketing Prior to joining MyDivisoria PH Monthly Top Reseller Consistent Housewife turned Distributor for Tarlac (1 of 16) Joimah Capuno Facebook Online Shop
  12. E-commerce should be: Local & Empowering MyDivisoria PH aims to decentralize e-commerce by putting a reseller in every corner of the Philippines.
  13. Competitive Landscape Focused on selling - targeting the middle and upper class Online Marketing Independent Online Shops and Resellers Promotes Micro-entrepreneurship and mass basedTraditional Direct Selling
  14. The Opportunity Using the same tools they are already familiar with – social media. We teach our members internet marketing and sales techniques to jumpstart their businesses with little or no capital. Then we supply.
  16. Forging Partnerships Edit here Edit here Edit here non government organizations, cooperatives, innovations hubs and university student associations We reach out to forging partnerships with government agencies We are our social commerce platform in giving livelihood opportunities To promote Edit here Edit here
  17. What WE need to get there By implementing these, we can leverage on a margin of above 50% and further expand the business. • Inventory expansion • Distributor activation • Catalog/E-catalog release • Online marketing/advertising • Open B2B Opportunities • App Development for order processing • Importing and Manufacturing • Partnership/Consignment with Social Enterprises
  18. MyDivisoria PH Snapshot Founders Karlo Alamares Located in Binondo, Manila Founded in 2015 Key Employees Jane Alamares Lenon Borja Marketing & Advocacy Officer Cheryl Reyes Marketing Manager Handled marketing initiatives of leading US Online Retailers
  19. Our Online Presence MyDivisoriaPH MyDivisoria.PH 01 02 03 04 MyDivisoriaPH
  20. Appendix
  21. Our Brick & Mortar Shop
  22. E-Commerce Stats “In a statement, DTI said that e-commerce has been thriving with about $1 billion in 2014 sales, which are expected to grow to $2 billion by 2015.” Source: DTI sees doubling of e-commerce market in 2015; pushes industry road map – Business World Online, January 30, 2015
  23. E-Commerce in the Philippines
  24. MyDivisoria PH empowers, and enables every Filipino to become entrepreneurs without worrying too much on capital or supply. Our company offers everyone a sustainable solution in building online businesses and a much affordable distribution channel by using existing tools like social media. Help us create more EntrePinoys! Empower MSMEs and help rebuild the nation.

Notas do Editor

  1. According to a 2014 study by Ken Research, the Philippines’ ecommerce market can expect a stupendous compound annual growth rate of 101.4 percent from 2013 until 2018, thanks to rising internet and social media adoption. Reference:
  2. Of the entire Philippine population, 47% are active social media users and 40% are active mobile social users.
  3. Social media platforms are used for searching and purchasing products and services by 29% of the population. 
  4. These are some of the day-to-day hassles that owners of brick and mortar stores face.
  5. Here are the problems that online/offline buyers face today.
  6. We address the problems of both the sellers and buyers. We offer the sellers lower start up cost and the ability to reach tons of people nationwide. You need to spend almost nothing to start selling online. You don’t need to be ALWAYS present in the shop to run it. The greater the reach, the greater the profits and, in addition, the satisfaction of knowing that Philippines’ entire online population has access to and can buy your products. MyDivisoria PH not only stores your products, we also take customers’ orders, provide protective packaging, prepare invoices and even dispatch and deliver the product to the customer. We offer the buyers a safe haven where they can buy products. Online shoppers can browse and shop anytime and from anywhere - be it on a smartphone, a PC or a laptop.
  7. Online market is the place to be right now!
  8. We offer everything the resellers need to sell online. We offer solutions instead of trying to sell them products. We take away the hassles of selling online, so they can focus on growing their business.
  9. GoNegosyo - The business resources site of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship - contains articles, news, mentoring program, forums, directory, classifieds, etc: Gawad Kalinga (GK, is officially known as the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation-building movement: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) - is the primary coordinative,promotive,facilitative and regulatory arm of the Phil. Gov. with the country's trade, industry, and investment activities: QBO Philippines - QBO is a Filipino Innovation Hub and startup platform: The Young Entrepreneurs Society Philippines (YES) - is an organization of young entrepreneurs who share a common passion for excellence in business and professional growth:
  10. e-Commerce is slowly picking up steam in the Philippines as more and more Filipinos are getting used to the idea of shopping or buying things online.  64% of online Filipinos relying on information from social media channels influencing their purchase decisions. Source: