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  1. 1. By: Karl
  2. 2. One day I was dancing in the class. Oh yeah I love dancing. Oh yeah baby.
  3. 3. Super duper Tina came, she said “what theheck are you dancing!!” I am tuna oh yeah.
  4. 4. I was surprised that Tina said a badword. Wow!! !!!!
  5. 5. I was keep dancing, then she hitme. I love punching!!
  6. 6. I was angry that my head explode like volcano and my face was really red.See my nose carefully.
  7. 7. And we had fight, not a big fight. Ha-ha your are so angry.
  8. 8. The teacher came and said “what are you doingguys!!” teacher said “say sorry to Tina.” Teacher Karl Tina
  9. 9. I said Ok, I said sorry and I went outside to play. Ok.If you wantto seewin/win thenclick here. If you wan t to see lose/lose then click here.
  10. 10. We had a fight because I was dancingthat I bolder her. I love dancing oh yeah.
  11. 11. I said “What are you doing on my table!” I scouted. Karls suck soMy suck so is best!!
  12. 12. We had a big fight and still, none of us said sorry. Then our teacher came.If you wantto seewin/win thenclick here.
  13. 13. Teacher said” said sorry!” but still no one saidsorry, and then we need to go to Mr. D. I didn’t shower 30years you know.
  14. 14. One day I was dancing inthe class-room. Ha-ha
  15. 15. Tina said “can you please bequite.” and I said “ sure!”
  16. 16. And we became to normal, reallynormal friends.
  17. 17. We never fight and neverplayed with each other.