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Krishma Patel's Electronic-Career Portfolio

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Karishma Patel's Portfolio

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Krishma Patel's Electronic-Career Portfolio

  1. 1. Karishma Patel’sElectronic-Career Portfolio
  2. 2. Table of Contents• Cover Letter…………………………….……….Slide 3• Resume……………………………………….……Slide 4• Career Summary Section..……....…Slides 5-16• Achievements, Accomplishments, and Certificates Section…………………..Slides 17-24• References………………………………………Slide 25
  3. 3. Karishma Patel 1610 South Peterson Avenue Douglas, Georgia 31535 (912) 592-8801 karishma1196@gmail.comFebruary 8, 2011To Whom It May ConcernMy name is Karishma Patel, and I attend George Washington Carver Freshman Campus. I am fourteenyears old and an honor student. I joined Future Business Leaders of America this year and next year, Iplan to join HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) in addition to FBLA. I feel that both of theseorganizations will be beneficial to me as I pursue a career in the medical field.In the medical field, I want to work as a pharmacist. I enjoy helping others and giving my time and adviceto those who need it. Math is a strong subject of mine and this particular subject plays an important rolein pharmacy. I can easily relate to science as I like to discover and learn new things. A pharmacist’s jobincludes being able to help others manage such conditions like blood pressure, diabetes and otherillnesses. They must be able to identify the prescriptions given by doctors and other healthcareprofessionals. As a pharmacist, one must be very organized as well as confident and accurate. Nomistakes must be made and everything in this career must be done particularly. Important documentsand paperwork must be handled responsibly.I am a responsible and dependable person and try to manage everything properly. I am a perfectionistand tend to want everything done accurately and precisely. As mentioned before, I feel that the subjectsof math and science are most interesting. I enjoy solving problems and helping others. As a pharmacist,you must be very clear when communicating and also play the role of an active listener.SincerelyKarishma PatelKarishma Patel
  4. 4. KARISHMA PATEL 1610 South Peterson Avenue Douglas, Georgia 31535 (912) 384-0886 or (912)592-8801 karishma1196@gmail.comGOAL To obtain a position as a pharmacist.WORK EXPERIENCE Front Desk Assistant, Super 8 Douglas, GA August 2010-Present Duties: Aid customers, provide customer service and file paperwork Tutor, Rohit Suri, Vancouver, BC Spring 2010 Duties: Aided a second grade student in math and scienceEDUCATION George Washington Carver Freshman Campus, Douglas, Georgia 2010-2011 Coffee Middle School, Douglas, Georgia 2008-2010EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Future Business Leaders of America Student CouncilREFERENCES Brandy Barlow, Computer Applications Teacher and FBLA Adviser 3094 Georgia Highway 149 Ambrose, Georgia 31512 (912) 383-5391 Patty Horner, Mathematics Teacher 1020 South Gaskin Avenue Douglas, Georgia 31533 (912) 384-1342 Samuel Patterson 1020 South Gaskin Avenue Douglas, Georgia 31533 (912) 384-1342
  5. 5. Career Cluster PathwayAfter taking a career test on www.georgiacollege411.org, theseresults were obtained: Healthcare Science- theplanning, managing, and providing of services to promotehealth, wellness and diagnosis of injuries and diseases.
  6. 6. Job Duties of a Pharmacist• Dispense drugs to patients• Instruct doctors and hospitals on side effects and dosage• Understand physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of each drug• Provide information and recommendations on medications to customers• Help people manage conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure• Check for accuracy and analyze records• Complete paperwork and keep records such as insurance forms• Maintain the data and information of the patients prescriptions• Answer questions that people ask on prescriptions, medications, dosage, instructions and drug interactions• Monitor patients
  7. 7. A Pharmacist’s Work ActivitiesProvides information to pharmacy customers on druginteractions, dosage, side effects, and storage of medicationAnalyzes records to find prescribing trends/ excessive over usageOrders/purchases medical suppliesMaintains records-pharmacy files, inventory, reports, and control logs/dataHelps patients manage conditionsAdvises customers on choosing brands/supplies and equipmentReviews prescriptions to assure it is suitable/accurate for customerTrains people how to use medical devices and equipmentHelps/ensures that customer understands the health care instructionsAnswers questions related to prescriptions and doses
  8. 8. Working Conditions of a Pharmacist Interpersonal Physical• Social: able to understand the speech •Indoors (drug stores, clinics, hospitals, home of another person healthcare environments and research facilities)• Seeing clearly up close and able to read the labels of medications •Independent• Responsible: able to check for accuracy and determine whether medication is •Repeated motions suitable for customer •Standing majority of time• Organized/Neat-keep track of files/data/records •Carrying loads up to 10lbs• Thinker-analyzes and reads carefully (examines) •Exposed to disease and infections more than once a month• Accurate: able to make sure the right dosage of drugs is given and ensure •Wear gloves, masks, and other protective that mistakes are not made equipment
  9. 9. Working Conditions of a Pharmacist Performance Hours/ Travel• Giving advice and proper information on •Sometimes required to work drugs, medication, dosage, and nights, weekends, or on holidays proper use to customers and patients •Pharmacists work an average of• Dispensing drugs and analyzing 40-50 hours a week the use of each –what is appropriate for different types of diseases• Recording information about patients and past drug prescriptions
  10. 10. A Pharmacist’s Earnings
  11. 11. Employment Outlook
  12. 12. Helpful High School Classes– Biology – Medical service– Chemistry internship– Physics – General medicine– Human anatomy – College Preparatory– Calculus Classes– Introduction to – Algebra healthcare science – Geometry– Application of therapeutic – Computer classes services
  13. 13. My High School Plan of Study
  14. 14. Education Beyond High School– Pre-pharmacy studies– Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration– Clinical, hospital, and managed care pharmacy (MS, PhD)– Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmaeutical economics– Pharmacy D. Degree- (licensed pharmacist) • Must be admitted to a pharmacy D program after three or more years of post secondary study • Must pass a state board examination– Courses in math and natural sciences- chemistry, biology, physics, humanities, and social sciences– Voluntary certifications from BPS, CCGP, and ACVCP
  15. 15. Pharmacy Schools in Georgia• Mercer University-College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Macon, Georgia)• The University of Georgia-College of Pharmacy (Athens, Georgia)• South University School of Pharmacy (Savannah, Georgia)• College of Pharmacy and Healthcare Sciences (Atlanta, Georgia)
  16. 16. Pharm. D. Program Requirements • To be admitted to a Pharm. D. program, you must complete a minimum of two years of college or university which includes classes in math and natural sciences- (recommended to take a minimum of four years of college) • Earning a Pharm. D. degree from an accredited college- pharm. D program takes about four years to complete. • A total of about eight years after high school to become a pharmacist
  17. 17. Achievements, Accomplishments and Certificates● Honor student throughout academic career● Ninth grade honors track● Perfect attendance for ninth grade● Highest GPA for 7th Grade Language Arts● Highest GPA for 8th Grade Mathematics● Gifted Eligibility● CRCT Exceeds Standards score of 938 in mathematics 8th grade● Rank of 13 out of 549 in 8th grade
  18. 18. Reading CRCT ScoresReading CRCT Scores
  19. 19. English/Language Arts CRCT Scores Math & English CRCT Scores
  20. 20. Mathematics CRCT Scores
  21. 21. My Ninth Grade Report Card My Ninth Grade Report Card
  22. 22. My Ninth Grade Progress Report
  23. 23. Language Arts Certificate Highest GPA in 7th gradeMathematics CertificateHighest GPA in 8th Grade
  24. 24. 2011 FBLA Region ConferenceTop 10 finalist in Business Math 8th Grade Science Fair Second Place
  25. 25. References• www.bls.gov• www.georgiacollege411.com• www.careeroverview.com• www.mayo.edu• www.laniertech.edu• www.explorehealthcareers.org• www.allalliedhealthschools.com