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Kevin Dugan's Extreme Media Relations Makeover

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Slides from Kevin Dugan's guest lecture at the University of Georgia, 2.12.2008

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Kevin Dugan's Extreme Media Relations Makeover

  1. 1. Extreme Media Relations Makeover Dr. Karen Russell’s WOM Communication Class UGA 02.12.08
  2. 2. terms, stories and trends dirty little secrets pitch lifecycle what makes a pitch bad? how do we improve pitches? extreme makeover
  3. 3. pitch: any form of communication with the media designed to get media coverage pitches: not just for baseball
  4. 4. andrew
  5. 5. 25-45% news 25% pr 30-50% ads media anatomy
  6. 6. communication channels are increasing
  7. 7. Issues & Trends media is fragmenting
  8. 8. news is changing dramatically
  9. 9. news cycle is expanding
  10. 10. the dirty little secret
  11. 11. the ugly truth
  12. 12. “Rules are for the obedience of fools, and the guidance of wise men.” -- David Ogilvy
  13. 13. getting started: know it all
  14. 14. before the pitch Is your story newsworthy? “Who cares?” The pitch planner: Key points to make Outlines process Sets expectations
  15. 15. the pitch Make the pitch Wait Follow-up with value
  16. 16. contact: now the work begins Reporter responds Learn key facts Outline next steps
  17. 17. briefing: pre-interview Identify best source Create briefing document Set up pre- and post- interview time
  18. 18. before the interview media training? • speak in soundbites • focus on likability/credibility • be confident • listen carefully • bridge to key messages practice. a lot
  19. 19. the interview your role in the interview guiding reporter and interviewee post-interview briefing reporter follow-up
  20. 20. article appears
  21. 21. pitch: any form of communication with the media designed to get media coverage pitches: not just for baseball
  22. 22. a news release is NOT a pitch! what makes a pitch bad?
  23. 23. e-mail is not a
  24. 24. e-mail is an appetizer
  25. 25. Subject: Celeb Staff Mag Hires MAYO To Promote Cover Story Kevin, In Feb. the Celeb Mag cover story will be celebrity foundations raising money for Katrina. If you know any good ones please send them along. Orange County Power Couple Mindy and Glenn Stearns To Be Profiled in Cover Story of Home Issue of Celeb Staff Magazine In October The Stearns Cinderella cover story is featured along with Kitchen Trends, Custom Wine Cellars and a poll asking quot;Am I Too Sexy To Work At Your Estate.“ Beverly Hills, CA — quot;The rags to riches, American-entrepreneur success storyquot; of Glenn and Mindy Stearns, of Orange County, that was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, comes to life in a cover story of the October issue of Celeb Staff Magazine (www.celebstaff.com). The Cinderella story of Mindy Burbano Stearns began when she was discovered by Oprah Winfrey while making animal calls as an audience member. The KTLA-TV Ch. 5 Anchor found her true calling in the entertainment industry, leaving what she thought was a lifetime career as a dental hygienist. Glenn Stearns grew up in the Maryland Projects and failed the fourth grade, but later finished college, became a loan officer in real estate, started his own companies and later owned 20. His luck changed when he first set foot in Orange County and became fascinated with the mansions that lined the coast. Stearns started his own Mortgage Company and the rest is the quot;riches, American entrepreneurquot; part of the story featured in the October issue of Celeb Staff Magazine available in two weeks. In this exclusive, cover story, Celeb Staff showcases the Stearns' storybook lives, and how they define wealth beyond material terms, with style, zest, altruism, family values and fun. The article provides an entertaining example of a glamorous couple balancing many personal and public priorities in the most satisfying way. The Stearns have indeed dedicated a greater part of their lives to helping disadvantaged youths reach their full potential through the Stearns Family Charitable Foundation (www.glennandmindy.com). Celeb Staff Magazine has discovered in its extensive coverage of managing mansions and luxury estates that relationships among employers and their domestic staff can be very complex. Issues in letters to the editors prompted follow-up coverage. Now, Celeb Staff features a poll, which is also going to be posted online at www.celebstaff.com asking the question that begs an answer from readers. The October issue poll question asks, quot;Am I too sexy to work for you?quot; The last issue poll question was also controversial and read, quot;Should household staff be permitted to take home leftovers or surplus provisions?quot; It allows readers to vote. The results of that poll will be published in the October issue. The home issue of Celeb Staff Magazine also spotlights the latest in kitchen design and trends. Readers will have the opportunity to learn about the exciting possibilities that will satisfy the most refined requirement whether one's taste runs to contemporary or traditional. what makes a pitch bad?
  26. 26. 1) what’s the story? 2) prove it 3) call to action the 3 ¶ pitch
  27. 27. [PROFNET] Retail Experience Gwen: While we deal with national and regional specialty retailers like OfficeMax, Disney, Tweeter Home Entertainment and LensCrafters, they’ve all created experiences in their stores. If you're interested in getting an industry perspective on why an experience is becoming so important in retail, even at the independent level, let me know. I'd be happy to connect you with one of our vice presidents of design here at FRCH Design Worldwide. Let me know if you are looking for this informed perspective. Thanks. the pitch
  28. 28. redefine content
  29. 29. picture =
  30. 30. what’s your thing?
  31. 31. Subject: [B2 Blog]: Office supplies can be fun? Erick - Who really wants to buy an Easy Button?** OfficeMax just unveiled a new store with something customers can really appreciate—a store that takes the yawn out of stocking up on office supplies. URL My firm helped design the store, including the brightly colored bulk bins that will remind customers of shopping for penny candy. They can scoop up basics such as paper clips, pens and rubber bands. The bulk bins make it possible for customers to purchase only as much as they need. OfficeMax provides a box to carry the supplies. Whatever they fit into the box they can take home for one price. They can buy all blue supplies or buy all pens...whatever floats their boat. The store is custom-tailored to small business and home office types and better aligns itself with its advertising. You need to see the bins to appreciate it. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send them along. It might make a nice visual for B2Day? Thanks. ** URL the pitch
  32. 32. “it’s all about the visuals”
  33. 33. how do we improve
  34. 34. who died? let’s pitch the client!
  35. 35. source filing
  36. 36. less is so much more
  37. 37. National ws Ne g Bi Trade/Niche ws Ne sic Ba le Fi Local/Internal c e ur So First Month Sixth Month work smart, pitch smart
  38. 38. the secret to success
  39. 39. the alternative?
  40. 40. contact: prblog@yahoo.com prblog.typepad.co m badrelease.com