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Everyday Actions to Create More Inclusive Communities

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Have you ever thought, "I care about creating a more diverse and inclusive community, but what am I supposed to do?” If so, you’re not alone. Knowing how to be a better ally for underrepresented colleagues is unfamiliar territory for many of us.

In this talk, Karen Catlin covers key points from her book, "Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces." Attendees will learn steps they can take to:

Open the door to members of underrepresented groups
Amplify and advocate for others
Use more inclusive language (with an open source list of words to avoid & suggested alternatives)

She delivered this talk for a webinar hosted by Mozilla on March 7, 2019.

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Everyday Actions to Create More Inclusive Communities

  1. 1. Everyday Actions To Create More Inclusive Communities Karen Catlin Advocate for Inclusive Workplaces © 2019 by Karen Catlin. All rights reserved. @kecatlin karencatlin.com @betterallies betterallies.com #BetterAllies
  2. 2. “60% Of Women In Silicon Valley Have Been Sexually Harassed” “Mass Firings at Uber as Sexual Harassment Scandal Grows” “Tech Leavers Study: Tech is a hostile work environment if you’re not a straight white dude” “Why Doesn’t Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?”
  3. 3. #BetterAllies
  4. 4. #BetterAllies @betterallies
  5. 5. #BetterAllies @betterallies
  6. 6. #BetterAllies I want a diverse and inclusive community because .
  7. 7. #BetterAllies Got it. But what can I do?
  8. 8. #BetterAllies Opening the Door
  9. 9. #BetterAllies The “Gouge”
  10. 10. #BetterAllies Unconscious demotions
  11. 11. #BetterAllies Do members of underrepresented groups know influential people who will stand up for them?
  12. 12. #BetterAllies Game Plan for Better Allies: Be welcoming to all Share best practices for navigating your community Offer to review newcomers’ patches before submission, to improve chances of being accepted. Support newcomers who make rookie mistakes
  13. 13. #BetterAllies Amplifying & Advocating
  14. 14. #BetterAllies Bro-propriations
  15. 15. #BetterAllies of women report having questions directed to men that should have been addressed to them. 88%
  16. 16. #BetterAllies “Prove It Again” Bias
  17. 17. #BetterAllies Game Plan for Better Allies: Amplify & Advocate Redirect misdirected questions: “Mei’s the expert. Let’s ask her.” Cultivate a culture of credit: “I see you agree with the point Willie made earlier.” “What I learned from Ana is …” Clarify experience needed for roles.
  18. 18. #BetterAllies Using Inclusive Language
  19. 19. #BetterAllies If you were a woman or a non-binary person would you go in? Adapted from photo by Sam Howzit CC BY 2.0
  20. 20. #BetterAllies # # Man-up and edit the stencil code #
  21. 21. #BetterAllies “Let’s create a blacklist to deny access”
  22. 22. #BetterAllies Game Plan for Better Allies: Use inclusive language Be mindful of your language & evolve it Make a “Language Matters” forum to discuss words and alternatives Create a bot, using betterallies.com/language
  23. 23. #BetterAllies We all can play a role in creating more inclusive communities
  24. 24. #BetterAllies 📖 Buy it on Amazon 🎁 Get your gift betterallies.com/gift 😍 Follow @betterallies