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Happiness at Workplaces by Happiitude

  1. Happy workplaces An initiative by
  2. Who we are Happiitude is Asia’s no 1 experiential learning company with a mission to make the world a happier place. We recalibrate brands for a new era of employee and customer engagement. Our commitment to scientific solutions, evidence based tools, and experiential learning unites our many practices and expertise – and redefines the significance of Happiness at workplace. In a nutshell, we deliver the best in Happiness strategy to our clients so that they can reach their business and communication goals.
  3. WHY HAPPINESS AT WORKPLACE MATTERS? If employees are not happy at work, they’re not working to their full potential. That will have negative impact on work environment and overall efficiency and productivity of organization. The survey conducted by few esteemed agencies validate the importance of happiness in an organization’s health. 33% higher profitability 45% more productivity 37% higher sales 300% more innovation 50% less safety incidents 66% decrease in sick leave 80% less burnout See what you can achieve with Happiness! Sources: HBR, Gallup,Forbes GROWTH ENGINEERING!
  4. HOW WE INCREASE HAPPINESS QUOTIENT A 3 fold approach which we follow, while designing a program or a session. Be happier, live fuller, and work better Focus on increasing the duration and intensity of the ups and decreasing the duration and intensity of the downs. Teach people practical strategies they can put into place in their everyday work life to increase their level of happiness and those of others. Create an environment that supports people to feel happier and perform at their best. 1 2 3
  5. HAPPINESS PRODUCTS Happiness Compass Happiness Compass TheThe
  6. Happiness Compass Happiness Compass TheThe When you are lost, you need a compass. A compass to guide you towards what's right. "The Happiness Compass" is like your own personal compass that will give you flawless direction on the changes that you can make in your life to get happy. It is based on "Science of Happiness". The experiential learning, activities empowers an employee to get un-stuck and find clarity about what life changes will make him happier, efficient and productive. The approch, tools and procedures of program are validated by esteemed happiness experts, academics, and psychologists at some of the best academic institution in the world.
  7. Explore • Enquire Happiness • Define Happiness • Experience • 7p's of Happiness Eliminate • Release the trash • Relationship with failure • Negative Experiences • Hindrances to Happiness Enhance • Positive Emotions • Savouring & Mindfulness • Gratitude • Priortize Happiness Evolve • Self-Expression • Discovering your Orbit • Breaking the Old Pattern • Widen Perception87% Less Engaged You are here 45% More Engaged We take You here Happiness Compass Happiness Compass TheThe
  9. Fun and Happiness at workplace are contagious. Hence circle of happiness. Here we create an environment in which employees are motivated to offer more of their capability and potential. Each session empowers them to introspect, refresh their mind and return as a renewed individual.
  10. BENEFITS FOR ORGANISATION 1. Happier, Passionate and responsible employees 2. Employees who do not get engaged in create negative experiences and atmosphere for other 3. Emotionally present and active. Employees who bring both heart and brain at work 4. Driven by purpose and not by comfort 5. Team of Authentic people who do not make excuses for failure 6. People who are driven by their urge to take organization to a different level 7. Employees with growth mindset and not just survive 8. A space with a possibility of great Self Expression 9. More fulfilment, well being and connectedness 10. Less Attrition Rate, More productivity per employee
  11. THE HAPPIITUDE ADVANTAGE Simulating Research based Internationally certified Result oriented Proven methodology
  12. CLIENT SPEAK As a module within our “Employee Development Plan”, we have conducted Happiitude programs numerous times. The feedback and response received from our associates has been second to none and we would highly recommend your program. The program is unique in true sense- No aggressive inputs in limited time. Instead all your sessions are experiential, engaging and life transforming. It’s really great to have such good team on board. Keep up the good work. Nidhi Raina (Personal Excellence – Head, TCS)
  13. Call: 9702606364 820, Ecstasy Business Park, Near City of Joy, JSD Road, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400080 If you believe every human resource should work towards something greater, we believe it’s time for a conversation! ACHIEVE GREATER