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THN presents13016

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THN presents13016

  1. 1. The HeruNetwork presents Strategies for our Struggles – a spoken word event Some of us have those momentsof clarityinour liveswhenthe onlydirectiontogoisthe one we are forcedto take. We can make the bestof itor letitovercome us. Malik“Mista- Malik”Saunders isa Californianative whospenttime growingupinSonomaCounty,he is an author, spokenwordartist and disabilityadvocate.In2008 hisfirstbook “Serendipity:Memoirsfrom the FifthFloor”was published,fouryearsafteralife alteringaccidentchangedhislifeforever. Mista- Malikstill struggleswithhealingafterthe accident,buthisraw voice andhauntingpastinspire people to use theirflawedpastasa reasonto succeedandaimhigher. He givesbackto the communitytraveling to schoolstowarn kidsof dangeroussituationsinvolvingvehicles. The deal for the night: ** In an eveningof inspiredspokenword andstoriesfromourfeatured guest: Mista- Malik finallyreturnstothe NorthBayto enlighten uswithspokenwordfromhisnew book;“Pain MediZen”isa bookof shortstoriesandpoemswhichfeatureslocal spokenwordartists. With: - Special guestfromthe Sacramentoareaperforming - Local spokenwordartist welcomedandencouraged toparticipate - Networkingopportunitiesforaspiringspokenwordartist - Anotherchance to be involvedinacultural eventinSonomaCounty - Authors’ booksforsale thisevening - The Heru Networkwill alsohave itemsavailable fordonations You knowThe Heru Networkdigswhenthe communitycomesoutto represent! Sohere’swhere you guyscome in. Bring your poems/spoken word of your transformation. There is 2 hours of amazing spokenword beingshared this evening;are you going to be heard too?
  2. 2. Signups will be held beforethebookreadingsand throughouttheevening This eventwill be from6pm to 8pm Saturday January 30,2016 Cost:$ 3 –$ 5 donation to attend Ages:12 and older are welcome,may notbe suitablefor young children. Please send all questionsabouttheeventto: OurLostHistory@yahoo.com This is an eventsponsoredby The Heru Network