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Identity Talk at Net Squared 2008

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Us, Our Organizations and the Evolving Web: Leveraging Identity Tools for Collaboration. This talk was given at the Net Squared 2008 Conference. The goal was to share some of the activity ongoing in the identity community, how it might be used by the nonprofit sector and invite their involvement in its continued development.

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Identity Talk at Net Squared 2008

  1. US, OUR ORGANIZATIONS & THE EVOLVING WEB Leveraging Identity Tools for Collaboration Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman .net Catalyst, Identity Commons Co-Producer and Facilitator, Internet Identity Workshop Co-Producer and Facilitator, Data Sharing Summit
  2. I first started evangelizing about user centric identity in 2004 at the March NTEN conference inviting people to the forthcoming Planetwork conference in June were emerging identity ideas and standards were to be discussed.
  3. Today 2008 In 2004 I was a Radical Idealist These are very real technologies being developed by major industry players.
  4. What major industry players? Enterprise Web Portals Companies MSFT IBM Google Startups CA Yahoo! Parity Oracle Cordance AOL Novell Six Apart ICA (Ask.com) SUN Sxip Plaxo (Comcast) Vidoop Verisign JanRain NetMesh ooTao Cerado Ciabe Chimp
  5. They are innovating the emerging Identity and Relationship Layer of the Web
  6. The Components of the Emerging Identity and Relationship Layer (XRI / XDI)
  7. Why does it matter
  8. In 1999 Planetwork gathered together 50 environmental groups to consider:
  9. There were two unsatisfactory answers OR
  10. There are organizations and they have webistes, member databases and networks. and there are people.
  11. People participate in more then one organization. If the people also had identities something they could move around between organizations (like we move our bodies around in physical space) there could be some interesting social emergent effects.
  12. Emergent Properties for & Groups Individuals Augmented Social Network: Building Identity and Trust into the Next Generation Internet 2003 Jordan, Hauser, Foster,
  13. Collaborator =Kaliya WEBSITE Relying Party WEBSITE Relying Party i-broker OpenID Provider OpenID Authentication Layer The Web
  14. This is not about One Identity. This is about the Freedom to Aggregate
  15. Here are several community websites with the information about the organization Here is an organization with four branches The question is how to make sure the information like hours, and volunteering is current and updated.
  16. Get on the phone to change all the info? Log into all the websites and change it?
  17. Data Linking creates a persistent link between the information and the places that it appears. It creates a data link.
  18. These data linking tools can also work for people as well as organizations.
  19. Who is leading the world in doing this data linking? The radical idealists? The corporate folks? Neither
  20. The support network for breast feeding mothers La Leche Legue International is leading the way in implementing these technologies for their network of websites.
  21. Companies involved in implementing Strong Eye Kintera ooTao GoLightly Re-Wiring the Web Standards XRI & XDI
  22. There are two kinds of i-cards. Managed Self Issued Like todays web you say what you these are cards given want about your self - instead of to you by somone else filling it out again and again in forms - like a bank card or a on the web you put it in a card and membership card for can share it. an organization
  23. These are screenshots of the Higgins Card selector with both self issued and managed cards.
  24. Who is leading the effort to develop these technologies? Card Space (open source)
  25. To learn about OSIS interops and more and participate see - osis.idcommons.net RSA Conference 3rd Interop European Identity Spring 2007 Conference
  26. 4th Interop Digital Identity World Fall 2008
  27. Better Way to Sign On Brains on the Client - Phishing Protection Better Way to Share information Lots of activity ongoing with OSIS
  28. Big Co.
  29. Personal Address Manager How do I tell all the companies I do business with or organizations I give to about this?
  30. Personal Address Manager Relationship cards work weaving the information cards technology and data linking together creating a link between the individual and the company.
  31. Pause for Questions
  32. Looking Ahead Here are a few issues that I see on the horizon that are relevant to organizations and people that need attention
  33. Looking Ahead Relationships as Nodes not Edges
  34. Looking Ahead How to support Persona Management in social platforms. Can there be toggle functionality between different logins owned by the same person while on a platform without having to login and logout again and again?
  35. Looking Ahead Organizers and organization needs and rights in and across social systems.
  36. Will their be civil society involvement? wiki.idcommons.net Higgins OpenID Foundation OSIS XDI.org Project VRM Newbies 4 Newbies XDI Commons
  37. Proposing Next RFP or Picking Next Web 2.0 Tool * OpenID Provider & Relying Party * OAuth x-site data access and permission * Microformats - HTML markukp * Data Export Looking Ahead Data Linking XRI / XDI Open Social + Other Emerging Open Standards Future support for i-cards
  38. Further Resources .net OpenID.net kaliya@mac.com Data Linking skype:identitywoman ooTao.com Vendor Relationship Management i-cards Workshop July 10-12, Boston identityblog.com www.projectvrm.org eclipse.org/higgins Data Sharing Summit 3 osis.idcommons.net September? www.datasharingsummit.com Project VRM Internet Identity Workshop projectvrm.org Nov 10-12, Mountain View iiw.idcommons.net