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Digital PR & Critical Thinking - Kat Watson



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Digital PR & Critical Thinking - Kat Watson

  1. 1. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Being a PR Unicorn & Using the 6 Thinking Hats Katheryn Watson Head of PR @ Kaizen
  2. 2. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Hello!
  3. 3. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency For as long as I can remember, I’ve been greedy
  4. 4. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency For as long as I can remember, I’ve been greedy enjoyed doing a bit of everything
  5. 5. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  7. 7. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Here’s how to become a PR unicorn using the 6 hats method...
  8. 8. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  9. 9. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Chance to plan for action and flex our project management muscles (be a Mum)
  10. 10. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency outreach timeline client communication press release copywriting email templates research & data design dates feedback rounds ideation quality check client calls launch date exclusive outreach overall design idea scope session awareness days KPIs & link-tracking brand voice prospecting social campaign on-page assets embed code email scheduling re-angling client reporting
  11. 11. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Ask the right questions 1. Why are we doing this campaign? 2. What is the main point of the piece? 3. Are we drifting too far from the brand? 4. Is this newsworthy? 5. Will anyone be interested?
  12. 12. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Consider putting each campaign idea past ‘Mum’ criteria before running with it
  13. 13. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A blue hat wearer in PR uses project management and criteria to ensure a campaign’s success
  14. 14. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  15. 15. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency A strong campaign has multiple levels because data is at the heart of it
  16. 16. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  17. 17. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  18. 18. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  19. 19. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Data sources we had Stories we could tell Global usage of mobile wallets Attitudes towards mobile wallets, by age Mobile wallet adoption rate by each platform Mobile wallet transaction value around the world Devices that support mobile wallets
  20. 20. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency So, we showed everything
  21. 21. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency The coverage we achieved 97 Pieces of Coverage 59 Follow Links Avg. Domain Rating of 49
  22. 22. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A white hat wearer in PR knows how to digest data and use it to make compelling stories
  23. 23. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Be like Kayon
  24. 24. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  25. 25. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Emotive stories are great hooks
  26. 26. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  27. 27. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Which performed the best? Where to go in February: 18 Country Colour Palettes From Around The World 81% Explore the World: Country Colour Palettes by Temperature 38% Shades of Summer: Where to Take Your Holiday Break According to Colour 64% Headline: Open Rate:
  28. 28. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Trust. Your. Gut.
  29. 29. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  30. 30. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A red hat wearer in PR trusts their gut instinct and appeals to emotional drive
  31. 31. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  32. 32. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  33. 33. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency “Creativity is a skill that everyone can learn” -Edward deBono
  34. 34. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency If you struggle to be creative, there is a way to fake it...
  35. 35. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Think asset first Make something better Jump on a trend
  36. 36. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Try ideation as a group activity
  37. 37. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Flesh out the client beforehand for a kickstart TRAVEL Holiday Adventure Tourism Family Relaxation Couples Packing Airport
  38. 38. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A green hat wearer in PR can offer a creative idea & solution
  39. 39. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  40. 40. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Digital PR can be really f*cking hard
  41. 41. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  42. 42. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Some campaigns fail, and that’s okay
  43. 43. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency It’s how you turn it around that matters
  44. 44. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Reworking Pivoting ◆ Repitching & position ◆ Look at the story ◆ Mix up headlines ◆ Reprospect ◆ New data metric ◆ Extra asset ◆ Angle sidestep ◆ Change the visual
  45. 45. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A yellow hat wearer in PR is able to pivot a campaign to deliver results
  46. 46. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  47. 47. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency The black hat wearer IS NOT the bearer of bad news
  48. 48. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Think about the P.O.V from each of these people The brand The piece The audience The publication
  49. 49. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency If this link isn’t obvious, start again The brand The piece The audience The publication
  50. 50. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency
  51. 51. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Pepsi failed The brand The piece The audience The publication Found it insensitive Link between activism and soft drinks? Was culturally inappropriate Scrutinised the advert to the tiniest detail
  52. 52. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency A black hat wearer protects their clients’ brand identity at all costs
  53. 53. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency Forget putting people into ‘boxes’
  54. 54. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency You’re most likely already a unicorn
  55. 55. @katherynrwatson@kaizen_agency To summarise, a PR unicorn: Offers a creative solution Can pivot a campaign Protects brand identity Uses data for storytelling Trusts their gut instinct Asks all the right questions
  56. 56. kaizen.co.uk@kaizen_agency THANK YOU www.kaizen.co.uk Get in touch with us! katheryn.watson@kaizen.co.uk @katherynrwatson