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Formato sena ingles 2013

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Formato sena ingles 2013

  1. 1. NATIONAL SERVICE OF LEARNING FORM FORMATION`S PROJECT Name: katherin GonzálezOrtiz Grade: 9e Direction General Dirección de Formación Profesional 1.1 Educational Institution: Direction Web: www.scatter-boot.blogspot.com Tel: 3128368754 Institución educativa técnico industrial SimonaDuque 1.2 MUNICIPALITY: Marinilla Scatter-boot 1.2 Name of the project: 1.3 Training Program that responds to This project plans to do after writing work is the played two months 1.4 Estimated time of execution of the project (months): the institution is to help as create the project 1.5Companies or institutions that take part in his formulation or financing : (if exist) 1.7 Key words of search Solar energy ,panel solar
  2. 2. 2. Structure of the Project 2.1 Approaching the Problem how we can make a car that works with solar energy and serving to theirritate crop models 2.2 Justification of the Project the scatter-boot will do made for irrigation of crops can does the scatter –boot on crops wateringthe plants to make in causer to plan rove 2.3 General objective Developtheresearchproject and to work will solar energy 2.4 Specific objective: . bard solar mechanics .de velatheprojecthousing .bail motion system of the device 2.5 scope 2.5.1 Beneficiaries of the Rower and farmers project Social 2.5.2 Impact Economic Environmental Technological 2.5.3 Restrictions or associated risks: There is no restrictionsorrasssociatedrinsks 2.5.4. Products or results of the project the result would be that farmers will benefitfrom this Project
  3. 3. 2.6:Innovation/ Technological management Yes, if it irrigate crops The project addresses a need of the productive sector yes/no Not , because it would be the end product The project improves the process / product / service exists? yes/no Yes, if sac circuits and solar energy The project involves the use of new techniques and process technologies yes/no Yes , if the of theenergy solar The end products are susceptible to industrial protection and / or copyright yes/no Yes, because serving to farmer The products obtained in the project can be positioned in the market? yes/no 2.7 Productive assessment Yes, because satiation of the need of on farmer With the development of the project can meet the need for a potential customer. yes/no Feasibility of project business plan yes/no 3. Planning
  4. 4. 3.1 PROCESS STAGES Fase 1: Fundamentación PHASE 2:formulación PHASE 3:DIAGNOSTIC 3.2 ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT Formulation of tout 3.4 ASSOCIATE COMPETITIO N Learned to improve the formulation of trout Cooperation wit oar friends Work in team Learned to in the class work in team Collection of data 4 PHASE:ANALYSIS AND Construction CONSTRUCTION OF THE of theartifact PROPOSAL 5 PHASE: 3.3. RESULTS OF LEARNING(a patriot the program of formation) Ambition of theartifact Theother student Learned wit theotherstud recollect data ent and present DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY the job was very good wit in teacher because trained wit formulation ideas We formulation the question and objective wit thehelp of teacher Buelltondynasticwill my friends and teacherhelping TEACHERSTHA HOURS T TAKE PART EVIDENCES January Work in the class Februar y Work in the class June of Written a boat 2013 thediagnosis Learned wit built theotherartifa Builttheartifactwith our friends ct thebuilt of theartifact was easy August a Octobe r Learned wit exhibition theotherexhib Work a bout the exhibition all ition day Octobe r 2013 8am to 4 pm theartifact made in wood an can un wit solar energy Photos of theambition