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The Wonder Years with answers

  1. The Wonder Years When we didn’t know what corruption means
  2. • O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O __________, That has such people in‘ t. • The following is an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Tempest. The lines have immensely contributed to popular culture with the references ranging from a modern literary masterpiece to an album by a British heavy metal band. What has been blanked out.
  3. • Brave New World
  4. • Marks/Artifacts stolen for/during the Ocean’s Series
  5. • A smart guy who was once the owner of X tried to buy Y, a set of two different companies under a single conglomerate for a sum of $1.6 billion. The move was later rejected as the institutional shareholders of X protested that the move would render the company penniless, in fact $400 million in debt. Y , not surprisingly, is an anagram of X. Y has ceased to exist and X has now undergone a radical transformation. X and Y please.
  6. • X – Satyam, Y-Maytas
  7. • This rugby playing sportsperson was voted the 11th greatest South African of all time in 2004 by SABC3. Who ?
  8. • Hansje Cronje
  9. • Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (born April 4, 1957) nicknamed "El Chapo"for his 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) stature worked in an organization named after the Mexican Pacific coast state of Sinaloa where it was initially formed. He became Mexico's top ranked in something in 2003 after dethroning Osiel Cárdenas. In November 2010, Joaquín Guzmán was regarded as the 60th of 68 most powerful people in the world by Forbes Magazine He was also listed by Forbes as the world's 937th richest man. • • Much like Osiel, he became the top of a list after May 2nd,2011 which has kept him in the news. Why?
  10. • No.1 on FBI’s Most Wanted List. Osama Bin Laden’s successor for that post
  11. • On January 8, 1991, _______ Delle Wade, a 15-year-old sophomore who had recently transferred to the school, killed himself with a .357 revolver in front of his second-period English class. He was described by schoolmates as "acting sad". After coming into class late that morning, he was told to get an attendance slip from the school office. He left and returned with a revolver. He walked to the front of the class and announced, "Miss, I got what I really went for." Delle then put the gun into his mouth and pulled the trigger. The question is what did Delle inspire ?
  12. • Jeremy Dell Wade inspired Pearl Jam to write Jeremy
  13. • If you are acquainted with his work, you would remember him as No.9 • Who is this gentleman who is politely staring at you ?
  14. • Dr Who
  15. Simple Equation. Two word answer please.
  16. • Serbia and Montenegro(Coat of Arms)
  17. • These are some landmarks that Wikipedia provided me with when I searched for the city of Chongqing in China. However, despite it’s beauty approximately 1.5 million of the people living in the city had to be relocated. What marvel was the reason for this relocation ?
  18. • Construction of The Three Gorges Dam
  19. • The Indroda National Park in Gandhinagar claims to be the first of it’s kind in India. One who takes a trip may se artifacts from the neighboring towns of Kheda, Panchmahal and Vadodara. What would one find here ?
  20. • Dinosaur fossils
  21. • “Cheeka and Jayaram made an excellent duo” said Mahesh V. and Rajeev Rao, Senior Creative Directors at Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai. After all it was Mahesh’s brainchild to put them together in the lush greens of Goa and create what can be described as the one of the few things that all of us remember. An unknown Rupert Fernandez from Borivali set score for this work taking inspiration from Louis Armstrong. What work ?
  22. • “ You and I in this beautiful world”
  23. • Bhavna Thakur is the Founder and artistic director of Alter Ego Productions, which staged David Freeman's play "A First Class Man" in New York. It is based on the relationship between an Indian and a British guy. Whose famous fame and fortune story?
  24. • Srinivas Ramanujan and GH Hardy
  25. • For many years, Roy Glauber Jr. used to clean the stage during the Ig Nobel Awards. However, he missed doing so in 2005. Why ?
  26. • Roy Glauber won the Nobel Prize in 2005 for Optics
  27. Connect • And taught it thus anew to greet: 'I hate' she alter'd with an end, That follow'd it as gentle day Doth follow night, who like a fiend From heaven to hell is flown away; 'I hate' from hate away she threw, And saved my life, saying 'not you.'
  28. • Anne Hathaway. • Shakespeare’s sonnet on Anne Hathaway(his wife) on the left and on the right is a picture of Fantine from Les Miserables
  29. A rich businessman who constantly amuses himself by making fun of his wife and picking on his younger son by always belittling his poetry. He always sides with his daughter-in-law in disagreements between her and his wife, which always turn out to be one of the sources of humor. He often drags his son in law into the arguments. He does not listen to his wife, which often includes not following the health and diet regimen she draws up for him. He is gregarious by nature. He is mischievous and still a child at heart. He likes playing pranks. Who ?
  30. • INDRAVADHAN !!
  31. • This is Zaki al-Arsuzi.He was one of the prime founders of an atypical form of “renaissance” that garnered worldwide attention in the century that we’re living in. What am I talking about ?
  32. • Ba’ath
  33. Not a cow. Did not love the Americans or the Aussies. Who is the “apni gali ka sher” ?
  34. • Gustavo Kuerten
  35. • Clyde here would have been really sad for something that transpired in August 2006.What really happened ?
  36. • Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. Rest is self explanatory
  37. • X is a humorous term used mainly in the aerospace industry. It describes a material that is perfect for an application, but does not exist, is extremely expensive, or violates the laws of physics. It is also a general concept term used by sci-fi enthusiasts for any fictional substance that is needed to build a certain device that is crucial to the plot of a sci-fi story. “X" is also an anti- gravity element in the online multi-player video game "Skyrates."
  38. • Unobtainium
  39. • That’s the pic of the Raffles Hotel in Perth and the Canning highway leading up to it. Because the Hotel is at the bottom of a steep hill, the intersection there has had many accidents and crashes. This served as the inspiration for?
  40. • Highway to Hell
  41. • Captain Vikram Batra. From Palampur, Abhishek Bachchan played him in LoC Kargil and Yeh Dil Maange More
  42. • “Naam toh suna hi hoga” Ab likh do 
  43. • Raichu
  44. John Emil List (September 17, 1925 - March 21, 2008) was an American murderer. On November 9, 1971, he murdered his wife, mother, and three children in Westfield, New Jersey, and then disappeared. He had planned everything so meticulously that nearly a month passed before anyone noticed that anything was amiss. A fugitive from justice for nearly 18 years, he was finally apprehended on June 1, 1989 after the story of his murders was broadcast on America's Most Wanted. List was found guilty and sentenced to five consecutive terms of life imprisonment, dying in prison custody in 2008 at age 82. • What famous fictional character did he inspire?
  45. Keyzer Soze. A tribute to Pete Postelwaithe 