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An Example LEGEND MILESTONE DELIVERABLE Avoiding the 11th Hour Sh*storm at SxSW

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An Example LEGEND MILESTONE DELIVERABLE IDEA REVIEW CHECKPOINT Product / Software / Web Design Process Guide KEY MEETING INFORM PHASES concept discover definition refinement developmen conceptual MILESTONES start concept approval proposal approval and scheduling design review PRD approval UI design approval committed schedule Communicate business needs Communicate business needs Brand Positioning Review Promotional & Marketing Needs Business developm & brand identity & brand identity { Mockups to markeNote: In some companies these roles are business ownersencompassed by one person Collect team input Product Roadmap Promotion plan Describe problem or needs, Develop strategic rationale, business case, proposed solution, and benefits. financial analysis, policy considerations, implementation plans. Research: Solicit input from Business owners/ Point release plan product Gather information for and brands - contact other associated stakeholders (legal, customer support, international) manager create the Concept Document Gather supporting market research, etc. Write Draft PRD and Review Gather information for and create the Deliverables: ROLES Proposal Document Project kickoff Product Requirements Document Review user feedback on previous product Refine design concepts (PRD) Wireframes and navigation maps UIs and analyze competitive products. (authored by a { ui/id/ia Develop navigation model and Product Manager) Product prototype, e.g. paper, HTML, director, or flash refine scenarios design Provide input for level of effort UI Design Approvalor two people. i.e. ui may do user research or visual designers may do ia, etc. and Idea Deliverable: Deliverable: Deliverable: Define personas, usage scenarios, user Proposal Templates Concept goals, and perform task analysis I T E R AT I O N S I T E R AT I O Document Document Concept Design Review & Develop usage scenarios this step Navigation and/or design concepts Concept and / or may be (authored byNote: In some companies these roles are blended into one optional Design UI / ID / IA Design) Provide input for level of effort Visual design explorations Refined Visual design explorations Art direction Materials Leads brainstorming Concept (authored by visual Prototype blended design design team) Provide input for level of effort UCD research contd. (i.e. paper prototyping, Competitive usability testing Prototype usability test Prototype testing participatory design, field studies, surveys, etc. Define personas, usage scenarios, user user goals, and perform task analysis. research production Provide input for level of effort credits Design based on earlier maps created by various UI design teams at America Online Incorporated. Revised and edited by Erin Malone, September 2003 for the AIfIA. 13

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