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Optimizing The Consumer Purchase Path - SMX 2015

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Expanding the view on CRO from onsite optimization to the entire purchase path. Understanding how channels and messaging effect moving people along the path to purchase.

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Optimizing The Consumer Purchase Path - SMX 2015

  1. 1. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid Optimal Channel Sequencing CRO – Optimizing The Entire Purchase Path
  2. 2. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid Justin Freid, VP SEM & Emerging Media, CMI Conversion Rate Optimization: Optimizing The Purchase Entire Path
  3. 3. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid CRO – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
  4. 4. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid We Need To Expand Our View
  5. 5. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid Each User Has Their Own Path
  6. 6. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  7. 7. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Mobile surpassed desktop in 2014  Is a mobile user worth the same to you as a desk top user?  What can a mobile user get from you? It’s No Secret Your Audience Uses Mobile Phones
  8. 8. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  9. 9. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  10. 10. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  11. 11. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  12. 12. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  13. 13. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  14. 14. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  15. 15. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid
  16. 16. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Users research and gather information differently  Your media and messaging should adapt Optimizing The Path Is Paramount
  17. 17. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Whether it’s search, display or social, creative messaging should the user to the next step in the path Messaging: Moving Users To The Step
  18. 18. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Singular vs. Plural  Buying signals  Product specific  Long tailed terms Intent Means Everything
  19. 19. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Common messaging from search query to landing page can help direct users to what they are looking for. Pull Users Through To Conversion Search Query Ad Text Landing PageTarget Keyword Aa
  20. 20. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Intent and their place within the purchase path should dictate what you are willing to pay Each Customer Has A Unique Value
  21. 21. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid  Intent and traffic source can be utilized to customize a user’s experience when they reach your site. Customize A User Experience By Traffic Source
  22. 22. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid Finding Your Optimal Path
  23. 23. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid Creating Your Optimal Path Optimized Channel Sequencing Onsite CRO Optimal Results
  24. 24. #SMX #32C @Justin_Freid THANK YOU! SEE YOU @SMX WEST SAN JOSE, CA MARCH 1-3, 2016