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Jumpin jack game

Jumpin Jack is Addictive, Simple to Understand & Play, Yet Very Challenging Puzzle Game. Get into the journey with Jack who is your Jump Master. Solve puzzles by simply jumping and matching the pattern on 3D squares. But wait!! It is not that easy!! Jack’s life depends on how fast you jump and how quickly you can react to the randomly opening sinkholes.

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Jumpin jack game

  1. 1. Jumpin Jack 3D Puzzle Game 3D PUZZLE GAME FOR Android and iPhone, iPad Our Website: www.jumpinjack.us © Copyright 2013 Morpheous all rights reserve
  2. 2. Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game BY www.morpheous.in Morpheous Morpheous Designs, Develops and Promotes - Software, Game, Apps and Website For Worldwide Clientele. We are team of youngsters who are bit gadget crazy and are mainly technology f reaks with some amount of civilization DNA still left. Here Are a Few Jumpin Jack Highlights: Do not misread this as an only for kids game! Jumpin Jack is an Ultimate Brain Booster Puzzle Game For All Ages! We Guarantee you will love it! :)  Very Simple to Play & Understand, yet very challenging with hours of game play.  You can choose from 9 different 3D Jacks and change it whenever you want during different levels  A staggering 120 levels and many more levels in development  Replay any level - beat your last score and increase your overall score  Unique Arcade Console style game layout  LIVE Ranking. Create Your Profile, Check your Jack Meter & Compete with rest of the World  View the 100 fastest and smartest of all Jumpin Jacks worldwide & beat their scores  Take your picture, give your Jack a name and share your Jack Meter on Social Media ➤ Play Jumpin Jack today For Free!
  3. 3. What's New...??  We love suggestions. After receiving many of them which had one common point, we have implemented “Swipe” :) …. Go Swipe Swipe!! Hope you all will love it :)  Changed place for pattern image to make it easily viewable during game play. Free Download for all, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.themorpheous.jumpinjack https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpin-jack-puzzle-game/id664995210?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpin-jack-puzzle-game-hd/id730843382?mt=8 US Office Morpheous, LLC 5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320, Las Vegas – 89149. Phone: +1.702.430.9310 Email Us: inquiry@morpheous.in Thank You! http://jumpinjack.us