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Uma maneira bastante eficiente de conectar-se rapidamente aos colegas de trabalho e parceiros de negócios! O Skype for Business reúne mensagens instantâneas, chamadas de telefone, chamadas de vídeo e compartilhamento e colaboração em um único pacote.

Quer conhecer um pouco mais ? Assista esse Jump Call onde Emerson Moraes, nosso especialista de Skype for Business, demonstra e explica um pouco mais como tornar o nosso dia a dia mais produtivo e interativo.

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  • ContConnecting people everywhere to achieve more, together.

    Skype for Business is a communications and collaboration platform that brings together the familiar experience and user love of Skype with the security, compliance, and control that you’ve come to expect from Microsoft. It has:

    All the capabilities of Lync, for users and administrators
    An improved UI that takes advantage of familiar Skype icons and colors to simplify adoption for people
    Multiple deployment options, including server, cloud, and combination of the two
    The security, compliance, and control features that enterprises require

    Our ambition is simple: to create the most loved and trusted communications platform for doing things together.
  • The screenshots show the similarity between Skype and Skype for Business. Skype for Business takes advantage of people’s familiarity and comfort with Skype to make adoption faster and easier within the enterprise.

    Skype for Business makes it possible to connect to anyone else on Skype, using IM, audio, and video.

    And Skype for Business has the full set of capabilities that people have come to expect with Lync, usable from small screens to large screens.

    NOTE: The Skype for Business UI will be made available in both the Office 2013 Suite and the so-called Gemini-2 follow-on suite. This means that existing customers who use the Lync 2013 client need to prepare their users for migration to the new user interface. For click to run users on Office 365, the new interface will be enabled automatically. Admins will have the option to use a policy setting with the Wave 15 client to retain the vast majority of the Lync UI if desired.
  • With Skype for Business, we are offering Server, Online, and Hybrid deployment options, all based on the same underlying Lync and Skype technology, all interoperating with Office 365, Active Directory, and other foundational technology.

    We are releasing an updated server -- Skype for Business Server 2015 – which adds native interoperability with numerous Cisco Tandberg VTC models, a new “call via work” feature for leveraging existing PBX handsets, and support for SQL Always On resiliency on the back-end data base servers.

    We are enhancing our online service as part of Office 365, including the ability to host much larger meetings. Today the attendee limit in Office 365 meetings is 250; we will increase that into the thousands.

    Both Online and Server Customers will have the option to use the large online meetings – for server customers, this is an example of using our cloud to make their server deployment even better. Other “hybrid” options including connecting the Skype for Business Server to Exchange Online, and splitting users between Skype for Business Server and Skype for Business Online.
  • Note to presenters: use your own examples of how Lync and Skype for Business have made your work easier.

    From it’s launch, Lync has made it possible for people to easily work anywhere with an Internet connection – at home, on the road, around a business campus. It does this by providing encrypted communications without needing a VPN, and by using encoding and signaling technology that works on nearly any network.

    We allow people to reach others in the way that makes the most sense – with text messaging, with a call, with video, and with sharing content. We do this from within Outlook and other applications, to let people communicate with context to get things done quickly.

    HP provides a good example of a customer that benefits at enormous scale. HP has roughly 400,000 people that use Lync, and talks about how a single feature of Lync – easily joining a meeting – gives the company back 500,000 minutes of productivity every month. Read the case study for more good examples: http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=4AA5-1150ENW.

    Forrester talked about additional productivity gain areas, including faster decision making, reduced process costs, and improved efficiency in finding key information.

    Also see:
    Microsoft IT “Empowering Employee Mobility with New World of Work” -- https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/dn751910
    Forrester TEI of Lync -- http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/E/A/9EA9B0A5-929A-45C6-B09A-033DFBA5B30C/Lync%202013%20TEI%20Study.pdf
  • Lync has always supported Online meetings with audio, video, and content, and eliminated the need for separate services and costs. Skype for Business continues and improves this, with enormous benefit to customers.

    Microsoft’s internal experience is pretty dramatic:
    $8M saved per year by eliminating dial-in audio conferencing charges
    $10Ms saved per year by eliminating travel (we estimated 45K trips avoided per year)
    (See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/cc982178 for full details)

    Forrester’s TEI showed similar results for the composite company, with lower teleconferencing and travel costs, plus improved team efficiency and collaboration effectiveness.

    “We support more than 100,000 mobile devices including those running Windows Phone, iOS, and Android operating systems. With Lync 2013, supporting all those different platforms has gone very smoothly.” – Accenture

    “We have already reduced travel by 25 percent thanks to our Microsoft communications solution.” – Tieto

    “Lync Server 2013 is an important part of a solution that enables our workforce to work better together virtually anywhere they are.” – Sprint

  • We know that connecting with coworkers, customers, and partners is critical for your business. But too often communication is blocked by technology silos, competing platforms, distance, and security concerns.

    Lync unified communications by removing most of these barriers by streamlining a single solution for all the different ways we communicate and share. But the benefit is mostly inside of the individual organization—it doesn’t extend to your external partners and customers who aren’t on the same network.

    Now Skype for Business can connect you with anyone. Even people who are outside of your business can get the same amazing capabilities. Doctors can communicate with patients. Employers can interview candidates. Use your imagination—the opportunities for business growth are limitless.

    “Skype and the federation with other public IM platforms is enabling easier communication between financial advisors and their clients.” - UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

    “With the Lync Web App we can have rich communications with our customers in a way that is easy for them. They can join a meeting from their PC or Apple Mac and participate in the meetings using video, voice, and desktop sharing from their browser.” - UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

  • Sprint’s experience with Lync is a great example of this. They eliminated 500 separate PBX systems, and instead use Lync for communications for all 39,000 employees. They estimate annual savings of $13M as a result – hard savings, not soft productivity improvements. See this 3rd party blog for more information:

    Additional examples:

    “Lync has even eliminated the need to use expensive third-party conferencing solutions for meetings with external clients.” - Diamond Bank

    “For our headquarters alone, we’ll be able to save more than $2.5 million in PBX modernization and desk switch port elimination, thanks to our implementation of Lync Enterprise Voice,.” - Aruba Networks

    “By replacing multiple communications systems with Lync 2013, the IT department has been able to avoid significant growth in full-time staff numbers. Our unified communications team has only three people who support email, Lync, audio and web conferencing, and various telephony-integrated solutions for 7,100 employees” - Tampa General Hospital

  • The talking points on this are important.

    Our leadership in Gartner and Forrester reports is fairly self explanatory. Each of the reports is available to customers at the link noted.

    The other numbers make most sense once you really understand them:

    First.  The sales leadership number is within enterprise segment, defined as >400 seats in the company.  This segment represents 25% of the total telephony market, and we only sell in this market.  Avaya and Cisco sell in the <400 seat segment, and thus their total sales numbers are bigger than ours.  So be it – the point is that customers are choosing to buy us, and, while it is helped by our suite selling motion, the Plus CAL and E4 are specific to voice.  And that is what we count.
    Second.  The 79% deploying or planning to deploy number comes from the T3i survey.  Read it and you’ll find a chart that shows % for enterprises deploying, and separate % planning to deploy.  Add those and you get 79%.  This is a count of companies, of course, and deployment takes time – so no one expects us to have 79% of installed base immediately.
    Third.  The Gartner number actually supports our momentum if you know how to interpret it.  Let me explain in rough numbers.  The whole telephony market is 400MM installed seats worldwide.  Gartner says we have 5% of that, or 20MM seats.  Now go back to my point earlier – we only compete in enterprise, which is 25% of the total market.  That means that all 20MM of our seats are in an enterprise market of 100MM seats total.  Which means that we ALREADY have 20% of the installed base in enterprise.  Pretty amazing given how slowly the installed base turns over.
    It’s important to avoid getting into a deep argument on precise numbers, but instead to focus on the uber point – enterprises are increasingly buying and deploying us, so much so that even Gartner shows it, especially if you understand how to interpret their 5% number.

  • This slide shows a high level timeline of our investments in order to help customers plan.

    First: we will deliver the Skype for Business clients, new server, and updated service in Office 365 during the 1st half of calendar year 2015.

    Our next enhancements come in the 2nd half of CY 2015:
    Large meetings support in Office 365, with the ability for Skype for Business Server customers to use this as a “Hybrid” option.
    The beginning of our rollout of enterprise voice in the cloud, starting with PSTN calling in the US.

    We will expand to the larger markets in Western Europe in CY 16. Exact timing depends on a variety of factors including local regulations and local partners, of course.

    Our aspiration is to be “Cloud First” by the middle of CY 16 (the beginning of our FY17). By this time, our intention is to give our worldwide customers the option to use our Online service without sacrificing enterprise voice or other key scenarios. Note that this does not mean that every feature will be exactly the same, but instead, that we will enable the full set of scenarios
  • The key next step for customers is to plan how to adopt. This slide shows the recommended path depending on which Lync technology the customer uses now.

    For customers on Lync Server, the best approach is to upgrade to the new Skype for Business Server. We’ve invested to make this easy. By moving to the new server, customers can take advantage of new features including native Cisco Tandberg interop, and can connect to Office 365 for broadcast meetings support.

    For customers on Office 365, but not Lync Server, and for new customers, we recommend starting with Office 365 and Skype for Business Online. Adopting Skype for Business for all meetings provides an immediate ROI – both in terms of eliminating separate conferencing charges, and improving productivity via a great collaborative meeting experience. Customers on Office 365 should build a plan for migrating their users to Enterprise Voice in Office 365.

    Our deployment guidance and partner motion will be based on this migration approach.
  • Jump Call - Skype for Business

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