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Eva & Paul Pitch - Fall 2013

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Eva & Paul Pitch - Fall 2013

  1. 1. September 2013
  2. 2. OUR BRAND Look good, feel good jeans for women 35+ WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: "They've got the style and quality of a modern jean with the flattering fit of the jeans I haven’t found in years!” - Michelle High, Mother of two “Organic, fair trade, luxurious AND the fit is perfect - on every woman I saw try them on!" - Talia Corren, Special Events Associate, Signature Theater "Eva & Paul jeans are so comfortable! I didn’t want to change back into my other jeans!" - Anita Venkiteswaran, VP, Focus Financial Partners
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM We’re not all young and impossibly skinny 56% of women can’t find jeans that fit 8% seek professional shopping help
  4. 4. THE OPPORTUNITY 1.  $19B DENIM MARKET - Premium $4.2B, growing 44% - 5.7M women aged 35-55 with annual incomes $150K+ 2. SUCCESS OF NICHE & LIFESTYLE FITS 3. EMERGENCE OF RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERISM
  5. 5. THE SOLUTION Fit-focused flattering premium organic jeans for women 35+ LOOK GOOD -  Innovative approach to fit, adjusting proportions & details for different sizes -  Sophisticated minimal style, international details FEEL GOOD -  Premium quality for comfort, no gap in the back -  Socially responsible: •  Organic and Fair Trade materials •  Sewn in the USA
  6. 6. COMPETITION Unique combination of fit & premium quality for our demographic Fit Talbots Jones NY GAP Lees, etc Levi’s Ralph Lauren Banana Republic Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Eva & Paul AG, J brand – “jeggings” JCrew Seven for all Mankind Lucky Premium quality Rag & Bone Citizens of Humanity
  7. 7. OUR TEAM Julia Kastner CEO/FOUNDER Harvard Business School, CafeMom.com (marketing) Kiva.org, NYC Government under Mayor Bloomberg Christine Rucci DENIM DESIGN 30+ years denim experience Launched own line Consultant for C Wonder, RRL, Tommy Hilfiger William Murcia Pather Yang DENIM PRODUCTION OPERATIONS 10+ years at Jones Apparel Group, Hannibal Apparel, TAL Group in Columbia, Thailand, & Malaysia Patternmaker and Operations Manager at Mandy Coon designs Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology
  8. 8. SOCIAL MISSION Socially responsible & eco production for premium branding ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE SEWN IN THE USA Certified organic denim from Arvind Ltd, India Sample shops in NYC garment district Fair trade fabrics from Moral Fibre, India Final production at US factory – Texas, NC, or LA PREMIUM JEANS Premium, ethical lifestyle branding
  9. 9. GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY Gain traction through events & online, then expand channels TRACTION 2013 Q3,4 250 pairs Trunk shows and limited boutiques, Kickstarter 2-3 online retailers signed up for dropship consignment Article in WWD, brand ambassador Alysia Rainer from Orange is the New Black DISTRIBUTION 2014 1.3K pairs Ecommerce & Boutiques GROWTH 2015 3.4K pairs Department stores & ecommerce
  10. 10. FINANCIAL MODEL Costs fall significantly with scale, driving higher margins YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 $195 Retail Price $195 Retail Price $195 Retail Price $85 Wholesale $85 Wholesale $85 Wholesale 29% margin 47% margin 53% margin $60 Cost $45 Cost $40 Cost Gain traction 250 pairs Build distribution 1,300 pairs Grow sales 3,400 pairs
  11. 11. FINANCIAL PLAN Pairs of jeans: 250 1.3K 3.4K 14K 86K 200K Net Revenues $17MM $7.6MM Operating Profit $8MM $1.3MM $28K 2013  Q3,4   $118K Year  1   Gross Profit $13MM $300K Year  2   Year  3   Year  4   Year  5  
  12. 12. LONG TERM VISION To become a multi-product lifestyle fashion brand 2006 Revenue, $38MM 2009 Revenue, $4.9MM 2008 Revenue, $80MM 2012 Revenue, $20MM 2-year growth, 210% 3-year growth, 410% 2004 Revenue, $41MM 2008 Revenue, $950K 2012 Revenue, $1.1B 2011 Revenue, $16.6 MM 8-year growth, 2500% 3-year growth, 1,750%
  13. 13. OUR ASK Raising $250-400K convertible note, then $1.25-2M for growth 1.  Driving traction through events & ecommerce: –  –  –  Design & inventory for limited jeans styles Marketing & PR 3 full-time salaries 2.  Launching full ecommerce & wholesale: –  –  –  –  Inventory for full jean line Enhanced website, sales & marketing Additional jean design 4 full-time salaries